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Elizabeth Warren Unveils Legislation to Hold Wall Street Executives Criminally Accountable


Elizabeth Warren Unveils Legislation to Hold Wall Street Executives Criminally Accountable

Russell Mokhiber

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) has introduced legislation — The Ending Too Big to Jail Act — that would hold big bank executives accountable when the banks they lead break the law.


Time to leave the cesspool in Washington. You are a member of a dying political party.
Time to end the charade.


All well and good—IF it ever becomes law. Better yet would be to once again separate commercial banking from investment banking, as Glass-Steagall successfully did for nearly 70 years.

Best of all, of course, would be to have a national bank like the Bank of North Dakota, with branches in every post office across the land.


Gless-Stegall and FDR’s other New Deal regulations did indeed keep corporate crooks at bay for decades.
The first cracks in the wall occured with 1978 deregulation that enabled securitization of mortgages (sans any controls), wiith the savings and loan scandal occuring a few years later, and the first “panic” (as they were called prior to the New Deal) occuring in October 1987.

The sub headline of thios article refers to the “2018 crisis”. Do the authors know something that we don’t ?

The corporate money addicted Dimcritters will disdain Warren more than ever for introducing this legislation. Perhaps she should just start a 12 step program to help Dimcritters shake corporate money addiction ?


I saw that too; I think it’s a typo, should be “2008 crisis.”


More self-promoting fluff from Warren, for her probable run for the White House next time around.

When so many of her own party just voted in support of yet more deregulation, she knows this latest charade is nothing but just that . . . another sound-bite, photo-opp bit of early campaigning.


I greatly respect Elizabeth Warren, and hope this effort is successful, but my bet is her “esteemed colleagues” will not allow this bill to become law.


I was going to write that the only good that will come from the bill is to give us a comprehensive list of Democrats we should refuse to vote for (good luck with that). But that won’t be the case if it doesn’t even get to, let alone “through”, committee.


Liz seems to be the only legislator taking on the money-power. For that alone, she deserves respect.