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Elizabeth Warren Warns Exxon: 'You Picked A Fight with the Wrong State'


Elizabeth Warren Warns Exxon: 'You Picked A Fight with the Wrong State'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) turned up the heat on ExxonMobil and its congressional accomplices on Wednesday, publicly and passionately coming to the defense of her state's attorney general, Maura Healey, in her ongoing fight to hold Big Oil accountable for climate crimes.


There go your VP chances with Hillary, Liz. Bernie/Liz was a no brainer.


I thought the right wing was for "states rights." Apparently only when it is convenient for their neoliberal cause.


Yup, the GOP cries out for "limited government" and "states rights!" when they serve their purposes yet they persist in exercising federal powers in violation of the Tenth (and Ninth) Amendments. This situation concerning Exxon Mobil and Massachusetts is a prime example of such overreaching hubris. It is Exxon Mobil that is having a problem, after all and it is no surprise to see a Republican U S House member from Texas (Lamar Smith) from stepping in and crying "foul." Go figure....


Go LIz!


Gotta love the venom-spitting hate-fest here directed at Sen. Warren that is no doubt on the way.

Sen Warren is one of the few politicians at the federal level that left activists working outside of electoral politics could even consider an ally. But instead, we seen this incredible infantile reaction over an unimportant presidential candidate non-endorsement that was immaterial to the far more important work she is doing in her job as a US Senator.

As William Shatner said to the trekkies on his famous SNL skit: "Get a life!" Bernie-bots really really need to "get a life", stop their presidential candidate obsessing, step out of the quadrennial loony-fest, join a local activist organization, and do some effective work at creating change.


Clinton better pick a progressive VP like senator Warren or it's over. We are going to defect. In an election this close, we still have power over her (as 2008 demonstrated.)

I'm not a Trump Supporter. The man is a loon. But, I am more petrified of Clinton becoming president. She's evil incarnate. She's the bloodiest war-monger this century. I'll vote for Stein if she can match Hillary's polling closer to November. But if she can't break ten percent, you can't see her in the White House no matter what rose-colored glasses you put on.

It's pretty simple math. Stein got zero states in 2012. I predict she will win zero states in 2016. We've got two crisis: World War and TPP Corporate Treason to deal with. Trump is against both. Clinton dishonestly says she's against TPP when at the same tirme, she ordered her reps to vote for it in the democratic platform.

Clinton's TPP will kill EPA laws and US Labor Laws. Clinton's Pivot to Asia and Kagen/NuLand invasion and buildup of missiles and war machines on the Russian border could cause WW-III.

I vote to stay alive.



Warren hacked Trump for Clinton.....perhaps she will get a secure email from Clinton who I would guess receives large amounts from the oil and gas industry. With Wall street Chuck set to be the new leader Lis will be going goine...


You might be right about that.

But remember Jeb Bush? He Backfired in public. Certainly old Jeb didn't see that coming. So these One Percenters aren't infallible. We converted old Sanders into a megaphone of truth. I intend to turn Donald Trump into a Clinton Doomsday Weapon.

If she won't bend Left, we'll just take our chance with the non War-Hawk candidate.


The Dems are the neo liberal republicans, the same policies from the other side is just the other side.


I agree, but the Dems don't use "states rights" as one of their talking points.