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Elizabeth Warren: Which Side Are You On?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/05/elizabeth-warren-which-side-are-you


Sorry Norm, but it appears you have overlooked a third option.
That Elizabeth Warren will endorse Joe Biden. She has, after all, always been a team player (at least since she became a democrat). I believe that she will indeed endorse Biden, in the name of party continuity and unity of course.
I hope I’m wrong, but let’s face it, the smart play by the DNC now is to offer Liz the VP slot in exchange for her testimonial.
It depends on Liz’s character. I’ll wager she has very little.


Well, lemme see, what can we do?
Contact her campaign and urge her to support Bernie?
I think it’s worth a shot.
For what it’s worth, I just do not see Liz wanting a VP slot, but ya know, I don’t have a magical political eight ball to consult…


People always want to put Warren in one of the camps. She is not a progressive like Bernie - she is a moderate. She is also not a conservative corporate democrat like Biden - again she is a moderate.

Her campaign staff has a large number of people who worked for Bernie in 2016 and also has a good number of people who worked for Clinton in 2016. Some people take the former as evidence that she is a progressive while others take the latter as evidence that she is just a conservative wolf in sheep’s clothing. Why not see that kind of evidence for what it really says. Again, she is a moderate.

She has a long history of calling Biden out on his codling of the financial industry. She also has a long history of not showing support for Bernie’s more class-oriented organizing. Is the former evidence that she is a progressive? Is the latter evidence tat she is a corporate stooge? How about seeing it for what it is. Again - she is a moderate.

So now she sees that her campaign for president was not successful. Will she endorse Biden? Will she endorse Bernie? I think it’s clearly most likely that she will not endorse anyone, but will advocate with both sides for her positions. Why? Because she is a moderate.


I live in Mass and have voted for Liz in past but if she can’t realize she needs to endorse Sanders NOW, I will vote for her opponent and push for her to be primaried by ed markety or Joe Kennedy.


Fighting corruption is Warren’s stated, primary goal. That goal would be much more achievable in a Sanders’ administration. Just more of the same with Biden.


I’ll bet it told you to “try again later”

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Question: Even if she doesn’t endorse anyone … will she stick around till the next debate… and play her preferred role as a me firster… professor know best?? That’s option #4. (She’s already damaged the progressive wing… Trump is correct on this count!!)


This is interesting because Solomon is one of the few progressive writers left who supports both Sanders and Warren, and even he is beginning to question Warren’s motives.

She is certainly not going to endorse Sanders. She could very well endorse Biden. But her purpose here is to hold a segment, however small, of Sanders-leaning voters away from him, and dropping out or endorsing Biden might free up those voters.

Which is, I think, why she is in such a bind. She truly intended to go all the way to the convention keeping a segment of the progressive vote away from Sanders, and then bargaining for her own career objectives. But her campaign is so lackluster that even that strategy is looking cynical to everyone. She’ll probably lose those voters anyway since she has fared so poorly even in her own state.

It’s telling that Amy and Pete dropped out in a moment, but she - arguably weaker than either of them -stayed in. Consolidate the conservative vote, but keep the Left vote split.

Whose side indeed.


I would recommend to all not to wager too much of your hard earned money on Liz doing the right thing.

We may need it for medical expenses this year.


That is a possibility. If she does, it will hurt Bernie a little in the delegate count for next week’s primaries. But I’ll bet it will hurt Biden badly at the debate itself. Anyways, I think she is going to drop out this week - if not she would be campaigning and continuing to ask for money for her campaign. She is doing neither.

I disagree with the premise of this article. You’re implying that if Warran does not fully endorse Sanders, then she’s not really a true progressive. I disagree. She’s very progressive, and fully and deeply believes in her policies, and wants to see them enacted - but also a pragmatist. If she thinks the best way to ADVANCE HER PROGRESSIVE AGENDA is to not endorse anyone, or even to endorse and join Biden, then she will do so. NOT because she’s a “sell out”. Quite the opposite. If she does so, it will be strategic, to help get her progressive policies embedded more in the centrist mainstream Dem platform and to have a voice in shaping policy going forward.


Her staying in at this point would prove her tacit support for Joe Biden.
There’s a lot of pressure on Liz right now. If she backs Bernie she will have to accept being second banana and marginalized by the DNC, probably leading to her being primaried by a Kennedy, and perhaps the end of her political career. If she backs Biden, she will be seen as a traitor to,the progressive cause, and perhaps cause enough dissolution that may kill the youth vote for the Dems, causing a big loss in 2020.
She needs to see that for her to have a political future her only option is to go all in on Bernie’s campaign and hope he wins.


Warren needs an off-ramp. Give her a way to save face personally with Sanders, and she may bow out. Threaten her with only humiliation, and she may very well remain just to spite Sanders.

      Good question Norm, but maybe they're both on the wrong side:

Mega-money and corporate state media, like electricity to the Frankenstein monster;
have brought a semblance of life to the otherwise political zombie dirty Joe Biden.
And that means serious delegate challenges for Bernie; so he’s got to show just how much
of a difference he is from the talking dead: “Assange is a high-tech terrorist.”
If differences are truly to “take the center stage” Bernie’s silence on Julian Assange’s
torture; for journalism and First Amendment citizenship and human rights has to end; draining
out all the pus of the plutocratic Establishment and inviting the rage of its sycophants. Better
to lacerate the wound and let fresh air and truth heal the divisions in our nation; than have the
wound continue to fester under a scab of corporate state lies. The moral differences in this campaign
are expressed in political choices between good and evil
And the good is for Bernie, in is resonant natural honesty, to publicly state that if he’s
elected President, Julian Assange will be immediately pardoned upon his extradition to the United States and be welcomed to America as a symbol and reality for democracy; authentic journalism and the fulfillment of First Amendment guarantees.* Truth revealed and evil denied, maybe Trump’s antichristian evangelicals will decide for the God of love instead of the embodiment of their hate filled fears. Bernie’s candidacy may not survive this election, but the Progressive movement in just beginning.


So, how’d progressive pragmatism do in the Clinton and Obama White House’s?
That’s right. They were DOA. Democrats have voted “pragmatically” since 1980. How’s that working out?


I’ll drink to that. If she sabotages the progressive wing of the party by not going whole heartedly with Bernie - note I said with not for-her allegedly progressive stands will be shown as empty; just like hopey changy Obama. In that case she deserves to have her career interrupted with a good primary challenge. She should realize she is at risk of going down in history as just another liberal fraud.


okay, but…What about staying in till just after the debate? She’s a much more effective speaker/ debater than Bernie imho?

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Don’t you remember the nauseating mantra: “Vote for them and then we can hold their feet to the fire!” That was absurd---- to put it mildly.

As I’ve said before and I’ll say it again—we will all be running from the literal fire as the planet burns due to “pragmatism” and voting for the lesser of two evils.


This is not well known but she supports sanctions on Venezuela and tacitly supported the Bolivian coup by asking for new elections rather than Morales’ restoration to his Presidency. Morales is not even being allowed run for the legislature in these wonderful elections run by the coup plotters.
She backed away from full Medicare for All and other positions; which may be why her electoral achievements tanked. I hope she realizes that if she wants to be a moderate she will make herself a mediocrity.
With the corporados concentrating around Biden it is absolutely essential that the progressive vote is concentrated around one candidate-Bernie. This was made flagrantly obvious on Tuesday. Biden’s success came from the others of his ilk dropping out and supporting him.
For Bernie to win he must have more than half of the delegates going into the convention. If there is a second ballot the superdelegates have stated they will sink him. There is no question about this.
She supports the “process”; the “process” is corrupt; it gives the choice to the party flunkies not the voters. Bernie is the only hope for reforming this. A Biden win will entrench the power of the corporatists.