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Ellen DeGeneres Roasted for Attending Football Game With 'Absolute F*cking Scum' George W. Bush

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/07/ellen-degeneres-roasted-attending-football-game-absolute-fcking-scum-george-w-bush

Michelle Obama does it too. Creepy.


The ultra-rich love each other’s company, taking turns showing off their cars and yachts, partying by the swimming pool, showing off their top-dollar seats at basketball, baseball, and football games, yada yada. She’s probably joking about poor people having to work for a living. That’s fine I guess, but why commiserate with the evil chimp? Not watching her show again.


Everything we’ve been saying about Bill Maher goes for Ellen DeGeneres. Once these people get money, they change and they betray what they once (may have) stood for. Then, chillin’ with a war criminal (Bush), watchin’ a football team owned by a racist (Jones), aired by a media company owned and operated by an oligarch (Murdoch), becomes de rigeur. Ellen is defined by the company she keeps. She’s one of “them.”


Ellen is no hero. She’s a gay version of Oprah, reinforcing the corporate consumerist lifestyle, entertaining her shallow audiences with drivel, spectacle, and identity politics.
For hanging out with a war criminal, she should be permanently shunned by all good people.


It was sweet though, seeing the “socialist” team slap Jerry Jones’ Boys around…


Yes, the Packers are truly America’s Team. And, beating The Cowgirls in Dallas yesterday was a very beautiful thing to watch. Only the referees made it look and feel closer than it actually was.
Please remember that Trump, Gov. Christie, Jerry " Bob " Jones and all that bunch are business partners, in some way or another. Scary, isn’t it.
Ellie May Clampett-DeGeneres, sitting next to Bushytail the Younger at Jerry’s house, proves the old saying, " crud is thicker than water " to be true.
Maybe it’s all innocent fun and they were just in Dallas to figure out how to get Biden nominated, now that their plot failed to take out Bernie.
[ snark ] [ joking ]

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Hey, rich people like to hang out. What do they have in common with the rest of us Great Unwashed? The best we can hope for is that they don’t cheat death somehow.


When the Climate attacks become daily, they will escape to safer ground together and laugh and laugh and laugh that they made million$ off selling the oil to the advertising public to release the carbon.

Excess money corrupts more thoroughly than love and hate.

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Wow, Ellen. Hey, I was wondering. How many innocent civilians do you have to kill to be friends with you? I’m asking for the El Paso shooter. He found out you’re hanging with someone directly responsible for the deaths of 500,000 Iraqis. He’s worried he might not make the cut. I would like to suggest others with this kind of criminal record for your friendship. But most Nazis are dead. Maybe we could dig up Hitler’s corpse? He was a bad painter, too.


It is worse then sitting next to Charles Manson, W killed a lot more innocent civilian Iraqis in his Shock & Awe massacre.

Shame on you Ellen.


Priceless! Many likes!


Meanwhile, in the NBA, China limits freedom of speech.


More people watch the NBA in China than here. The rights to broadcast in China net the NBA a cool $1.5 billion/year. They get a cut of the merch sales there, too.

So how much do free speech and free assembly principles cost? I’d say right around $1.5 billion.

I’ll be interested in seeing what NBA players show some spine.


Well I’m not surprised. Ellen has always been a 1/2 funny clown for the elites, with the added bonus of cute gayness so the snobs can say I like Ellen therefore I’m not homophobic. Being gay myself I have always loathed her for that and for her “forgiveness” of Penny’s, way back, after they insulted all decent people by pulling their ads from her show when she came out. She’s just a suck. Piss on her teeth.

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Watching how many of them do " the flop ", to get charging and other positioning fouls, it appears having a spinal core in the NBA is very rare.
Don’t hold your breath on that taking a position thing, that’s just soooo… pre- Michael & Tiger.

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Related item.

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Actually, NBA players are not shy about speaking out as my link attests.

That’s why their reticence on this China issue – so far – is so troubling. It’s all about the $$$, I guess.

This is why Trump saying things like “it’s easy to win a trade war” underscores what an idiot he is.

China’s repression and unfair trade practices are terrible. But countries with huge economic muscle don’t get pushed around. They do the pushing. In 15 years, at current growth rates, China will have the largest GDP in the world. By then, the US petro$ will probably have been replaced as the world’s reserve currency. And with Chinese purchasing power up, and ours down, the NBA will be China-dependent.

Let’s be real. They already are.

Also, that response from Trey Parker and Matt Stone in your link is funny as hell!


This is encouraging: