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Elliot Abrams Confirms to Senate Hearing That US Still 'Working Hard' to Overthrow Maduro in Venezuela

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/04/elliot-abrams-confirms-senate-hearing-us-still-working-hard-overthrow-maduro

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Good ol’ Elliot is enjoying himself.

This is one of the indicted Iran-Contra figures that Bill Barr, in his first stint as “AG,” pardoned.

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Eliot Abrams, a man for all treasons, without a doubt. Mr. Abrams is the poster boy of American " realpolitik " in foreign subversive activities, for enthusiastically carrying out the dirt bag work of The UniParty Consensus.
Abrams has worked for both sides of the aisle, starting with Senators " Scoop " Jackson and Moynihan and is now finishing up with Pompeo’s Insane Clown Posse of Pinheaded Pricks.
What a wasted and worthless life this man has lived. A perfect example of why America is now the most reviled and distrusted country on the planet. It’s chumps like this that make it an easy call, too.
Enjoy hell, Eliot.



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This is violence – aggression – by US/CIA where such power has gone
beyond “going to its head.”

And – no one notices that since the CIA was established it is only democractic/
left governments which are destroyed by the CIA?

Certainly the United Nations has no power to stop US/CIA violence and aggression.

Unfortunately Truman did not understand that FDR and Stalin had agreed to end colonialism while Chruchill’s concern was to maintain the British Empire. Our foriegn policy is evil.


The Venezuelan people have had their democracy hijacked by a narco trafficking murder kleptocracy staffed by Cubans.
May God forgive Maduro for his refusal to allow transparent, free, and open elections in Venezuela.
Any leader that needs a FOREIGN private army to protect him from his own people does not deserve to be in office.
He is the epitome of a coward.
¡Gloria gloria al bravo puebloooooooooooo!

If the current foreign policy for Venezuela is “violence” then what are Maduro’s domestic torture centers then? A Toys R Us?!?
Ever heard of La Tumba in Caracas and who they have in there?
Doubt it :wink:
Maduro is illegitimate. His fraudulent, Cuban-style one party “election” was caught red-handed by the company that built his own voting machines.
Google “Smartmatic Maduro 2018” and read up.
Smartmatic has a public statement denouncing the Chavista/Cuban regime and their denying of democratic elections to the Venezuelan people.

He’ll be in hell right next to Maduro, Chavez, Stalin, and many other democracy killing dictators.

It is important to note that Eliot Abrams and Joe Biden agree on the overthrow of the legitimate government of Venezuela as well as supporting proposed American-supported puppet Juan Guaido.


From Chavez to Stalin? Quite a stretch, imo.
Try, from Abrams to Pinochet to Kissinger. Then, on to Hades.

American media is right along with Abrams and el trumpo in demonizing Maduro in order for American huge monopolies to get ahold of their resources and exploit the people and the land. The right wing in Venz is working with the American Empire so they can become more wealthy off the people.


Billy Bob Clinton and Obama’s “We have to look forward and not backward” is why we continue to see criminals recycled in rePuknican administrations instead of being jailed and publicly disgraced like they should. President Uncle Joe can go to hell unless he either establishes a ‘truth and reconciliation committee’ or turns his AG loose on the tRump Maladministration criminals.

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Duck –
Truman was being heavily “mentored” by John McCloy – quite a chilling
reputation/record even on paper. And it was likely McCloy who pushed
for dropping atomic weapons on Japan –

Truman was the key to turning our government towards fascism –
Later he claimed that he was misinformed re the CIA which turned into a Gestapo.
Just like the FBI.

45 days before the death of FDR, Henry Wallace was removed and replaced by Truman –
and FDR tells us he was by that time too weak to save that situation.

Keep in mind FDR was only 63 years old – though they heavily played up his “disability”
to explain his early demise. If you read the reports, you might also come away with the
opinion that he was murdered. Stalin certainly believed that was true – and blamed the
“Churchill gang in the White House.” Somehow – and don’t really understand how it was
done, but Churchill DELAYED D-DAY BY TWO YEARS!!!

When you consider that his death was 4/12/45, it makes it even more ominous as planning
to save Hitler’s fascism had begun in 1943 after Stalingrad – and by then higher up’s in
Hitler’s military were visiting our Pentagon and “making deals.” Investigations more recently
going deeper than ever before seem to be making clear that Hitler was actually let go … with
a good deal of the money/gold. If Russians knew this, likely they were unable to reveal it.

If any part of this is true, Elites are a murderous lot – shockingly more so than I’ve ever dreamed.

Brian –

Why do you not suspect the CIA which has been knocking out democracies even
before the end of WWII?

And then, of course, there is VENEZUELA’S OIL … cat nip for our MIC which uses 80%
of our oil – and for Elites/oil companies who want to ensure control over all of it - no
matter who’s land it’s under.

I’m not claiming to be an authority on Venezuela or Maduro – but the US has been
claiming his presidency was illegitimate … though Chavez picked him to succeed.

The presidency of Nicolás Maduro The death of Chávez elevated Vice Pres . Nicolás Maduro to the presidency. A special election to choose a president to serve out the remainder of Chávez’s six-year term was held on April 14 between Maduro, who Chávez had indicated was his preferred successor, and Capriles.

Do you realize we have had hackable electronic voting computers here for more than 50 years …
controlled by ONE party – the GOP – and refusing to give their codes which remain secret to
the US government?

And certainly the CIA was responsible for Chavez’s death – and how many more assassiantions
around the world?

Believing the CIA is kind of like believing Trump –

Thanks. Do you have some sources for me to read?

Oddly, enough at the time I became suspicious of FDR’s death I was only aware
of old newspaper reports which might be re-printed suggesting something askance,
but no specifics. Pretty much you’ll find what I think is available on the internet.
Just put in a suspicious question re FDR’s death –
You’ll find a woman in Bloomingdale’s that morning saying the loudspeaker there
announced the death as a suicide. And many other strange reports.
A young AA boy sitting outside the area where FDR was posing for a portrait and crying
and he or others suggesting they heard gun shots.

Clearly, if you look at the pictures of FDR when he was robust – again he was only
63 when he died (!) – he was robust and lived a fairly active life of dinners with friends
and “cocktails” regularly, etc. He seemed to love people and love being with them.
The OPENING I see for his whatever it was that happened to him was ELEANOR having
left the White House. She’d had enough and wanted her own life. If I recall correctly she
was in Hyde Park on grounds where FDR had built her a home for herself there. May
have been other locations, as well.

THIS left an opening where evidently FDR began to lean on his daughter, ANNA, more –
It looks like whomever was responsible convinced Anna that they were working in FDR’s
own interests – warning that he was very ill with HBP and whatever – and they changed
his doctor – and they screwed up his entire life – based in the fear they instilled in Anna.
You can see the pictures by the time he gets to Yalta he is already under attack.
ELEANOR would have recognized what was going on immediately – Anna didn’t and
needless to say, was a help to the plotters using her.

Definitely read something about John McCloy and his negative moves on behalf of creating
Fascism here for Elites he obviously worked for. In fact, John McCloy goes all the way to
the meeting by the plotters to assassinate JFK – Masternind-ed by LBJ and Allen Dulles …
there was a meeting the evening before at Clint Murchinson’s home in Texas – probably
20-25 of the higher level supporting players there that night. See: Madelaine Duncan Brown
on YouTube – she does a number of interviews and – all valuable to watch/highly recommend.
And in one of them she lists the people who came for the private meeting later in the evening.
LBJ was the last to arrive. Madelaine was one of LBJ’s mistresses and had a son by him.
Actually, Helen Thomas/Journalist was also there at the time and the day after the assassination
she allegedly filed an Affidavit in regard to the men who arrived at Murchinson’s home that night.

When I found Henry Wallace in my readings, I immediately fell in love with him. Of course,
everyone would and did – Except Elites. By '43 they knew that Hitler/Nazis were finished and
they began to plan to move fascism out of Germany and around the world – most especially to
our democracy to destroy it. If you keep searching you’ll find most of what I’m saying … but at
times it’s like finding out that Lilith – as demeaned and demonized as Mary Magdalaine – was
actually a loving mother to her children and a friend to Eve because she is so buried under so
many vile assaults on her. Lilith was Adam’s first wife … who understood she was his equal
and created as his equal. Divorce in the Bible.

But creation of the CIA was an absolute necessity for the plotters – pushed by Council on
Foreign Relations to replace OSS after the war. Planning of operations were being drafted
by 1943 by Cord Meyer/later CIA … and would play out under Director Allen Dulles who
also headed up Warren Commission for LBJ.

You’ll also find Stalin’s comments to Eleanor on the internet and to Elliot.
Churchill holding up D-Day by two years is something I’ve more recently heard – and
from more than one source.

The fact that there was only a 45 day lapse between Wallace’s removal and FDR’s death
immediately makes it highly suspicious. I’m sure you know there were previous plots to
remove FDR?

That Hitler’s military were visiting Pentagon and “making deals” has always been not even
a rumor – just an accepted truth – that’s long been out there.

Of course libraries are closed – but I never thought to search for the subject of FDR’s death –
may be a lot my own library has on it and I never knew that?

FOR THE MORE CURRENT INFORMATION – and it’s NOT being picked up by MSM but
what difference does that make? … Go to History/Discovery channel where quite regularly
they repeat their series on Investigating Hitler’s death – and Investigating the end of WWII…
where there was a lot going on. For one, Fletcher Prouty/Intelligence and very knowledgeable
about JFK’s death and the post WWII stuff going on. But History/Discovery Channel has done
a great deal – courageously – on JFK and now Hitler, and where the Funds went – and can’t
remember exactly but there’s info out there also on the last days of the war where TWO and
maybe THREE Nazi-made Atomic Bombs are made knon. Supposedly turned over to US
government – and they think that at least one of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima or Nagasaki
was one of those bombs. Just as an aside, there’s also an interesting movie called “Red Joan”
where the question is posed re what would have happened if the US had remained the ONLY
nation with the A-bomb? Keep in mind US (until now) never again used it because in all likelihood
there would have been immediate retaliation from USSR – China. As for nuclear use, recall that
back at least to “W” Bush, and Obama, they have been trying to develop smaller “more useable”
NUKES!! Things they can use in ordinary warfare!!! And evidently it happened on Trump’s watch!!

Looking at the new evidence reported from the teams working on these questions, I’d also be
quite certain that Hitler was allowed to go … with the money. NOT all of it – but a good bit of it.
So look for the History/Discovery programs which report it – plus there’s a book called “Grey Wolf”
on Hitler which I believe also reports these things.

Meanwhile, also look at Wiki for Operation Mockingbird, Operation Paperclip and Operation Gladio…
Keep in mind WIKI is being totally harassed – and you might note all of the “edits” since Trump took
office – they don’t even want a website around which will confirm dates and facts.

I’ll repeat these three companion programs for you below –
Good luck if you do take up research on all of these questions.

See: Operation Mockingbird — scroll down to “History” — which was being drafted two years before the end of WWII.

Intended to take our free press, they recruited Phil Graham/Washington Post for his social contacts with other wealthy owners of media. Phil and Kathryn were members of the Council on Foreign Relations, however which pushed for the creation of the CIA. No one is sure whether violence was used in the beginning or threats – but Phil Graham did end up a suicide – or was “suicide-d.”

See: Operation Paperclip — Wiki’s figures are low — more likely 200,000 according to Kay Griggs/YouTube.

They were used to found the CIA, funneled into the FBI and into other government agencies, and to “hot” spots around the world for eventual rise of the Fourth Reich. Not until 1976 did Carl Bernstein write an article for Rolling Stone reporting on Paperclip and CIA “journalists.” You can read it on the internet – “CIA & MEDIA”

See: Operation Gladio — US/CIA program to keep right wing governments in place in the countries over which they had control after WWII — Germany, Japan, Italy. In Italy, US actually resurrected the MAFIA in order to ensure the plan would be carried out. CIA also immediately began to run drugs and guns there, laundering the money via the Vatican and using the money to create “insurrections” in Italy to be blamed on Italian government. Note also that immediately our former enemies – Japan and Germany – both rose as world economic powers.

These are the long secret programs which have delivered FASCISM to US. Plus 50 years of Americans voting on hackable electronic voting computers which came in about 1967 and immediately began reporting odd and unbelievable right wing wins. Same for the large computers which came in about 1965 used by MSM and which were allowed to report “winners” based on 1% or even 0% of the computer estimated vote. Actually, prior to the computers, MSM was only permitted to call “winners” based on ACTUAL VOTES TALLIED.

Well - I think you have enough to get started –

One more – look for George Seldes, Journalist – “All Roads Lead to Rome” where he
discusses the allowed “Civil War” in Spain which is a lie. The nation of Spain had
declared itself a Republic - a democracy with Separation of Church & State – because
they had had 75 years and more of peasants rising up against the Catholic Church there
which as “Christianity” does they supported Elites and their interests, especially in regard
to LAND. Spain stopped funding the Catholic Church there. Soon, Hitler was sending
bombers and Mussolini was sending 200,000 troops to Spain to support Franco. It was
basically a war by the Vatican on Spain and its people.

Keep in mind that the Vatican was highly involved in helping to move funding for Hitler/Nazis
into Germany. Bush, Harriman and Allen Dulles were very involved in running front companies
to raise funds from Elites here and internationally for Hitler. At the time US $'s could be redeemed
for GOLD and Vatican helped with those shipments. I’m sure you seen film of the immense amounts of GOLD found in Germany after the war. Vatican was also involved in moving the gold and funds
out again and in moving ex-Nazis around the world thru their “rat holes.” They also provided
passports for former Nazis using fake birth certificates.

Actually, we’d have a better record of history if AGATHA CHRISTIE had written it – or
Mae Brussel. Both of those women – one creating fiction – the other writing non-fiction –
are great for opening your mind.

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Thanks. I’ll be busy and get back to you if I have reason.