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Elliott Abrams Melts Down As Muslim Congresswoman Questions Role In Crimes Against Humanity


Elliott Abrams Melts Down As Muslim Congresswoman Questions Role In Crimes Against Humanity

Kevin Gosztola

Elliott Abrams, the special envoy to Venezuela for President Donald Trump’s administration, had a meltdown when Representative Ilhan Omar highlighted his criminal conduct in the Iran-Contra scandal.

The meltdown occurred during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing, “Venezuela at the Crossroads.”

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Abrams considerable Contempt of Congress cannot approach the stratospheric level of contempt for which I hold for him. He cannot enter the dustbin of history soon enough for my satisfaction. The egg timer’s ding has already reached distant galaxies on what should have been that bit of justice.



This is what you find at the bottom of a swamp when you drain it.



Just as the Corporation was formed to shelter the investors from liability and any wrongful actions that Corporation might commit and is now deemed a person by the US State, the Abrams types feel they entitled to the same types of protections.

In Venezuela Chiquita and Dole were arming and paying death squads to kill peasants to make room to grow more Bananas. They paid a pittance of a fine for this and none of the executives or shareholders were charged with those murders. Mr Abrams feels he entitled to the same privilege.

Elliot Abrams is a sociopath who has risen to a position of power because he helped enrich his fellow sociopaths. He is the perfect example of how contemptible these people are and the perfect example of all that is wrong with a socio-economic system that rewards sociopaths.



I’ve written my senator requesting that Elliot Abrams be removed from any contact whatsoever with Venezuela and that he be removed from and prevented from holding any position in our government and to please speak out with this message. The documented war crimes and impunity granted by Bush, himself implicit in the travesties, cannot be allowed to be part of our government.

Contact your reps and demand this war criminal be removed and prevented from ever holding a government position.



Abrams is a convicted liar who couldn’t care less about the trail of blood he leaves wherever he goes.

In the name of fighting communism, there is no murder he doesn’t see as worthwhile.



Two years ago trump said he was going to drain the swamp, is it any surprise that those critters are still swimming around in it?
He not only hasn’t drained it, he makes sure it is kept filled with the lowest forms of life he can find.




We had someone question the veracity of the claim that the Government of Venezuela intercepted an arms shipment coming in on an aircraft from the USA. In this article the executives of the Airline in question acknowledged this in fact occurred but put the blame on a third party.

The report also points out the links between this airline and the CIA as the CIA had chartered it to do those renditions of “suspect terrorists”.

The company in question increased the number of flights to Venezuela several times over commencing in January of this year. These guys are already hard at work arming the next death squads.



He meant that he was going to grain the swamp. He can’t type, because he’s the type that can’t. Type.

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Standard CIA MO. Thanks for the heads up



Check out the pundits on NPR and other US mainstream media. Even ‘liberal’ Democrats are trashing Ilhan Omar for her questioning of Abrams.

So, while the Republican Party has gone from the right to fascist, the Democrats are filling the void on the right by declaring that Russia is evil and wicked and must be destroyed for its social media campaign in the US. Of course, when the US government seeks to overthrow a democratically elected President, it is a reflection of sublime Goodness of the US government. And, because the US stands for freedom, anybody who is a critic of US policy is, by definition, a Russian Bot, and must be silenced.



Omar questioned whether or not we could believe Abrams’ testimony given his history of being a damn liar. Then, right on cue, Abrams lied about Duarte being elected in El Salvador in a free process. Duarte came to power in a coup!



He got off light, I can guarantee he would much rather face Omar and others in Congress, than me in a sound-proof room.



I’ve heard a lot of critique of Ilhan Omar. The latest I heard was folk criticizing her as hypocritical for not acknowledging that the US must take action because Maduro is using death squads

The critique gives me the sense of a coordinated effort.



Once again the young and newly elected Ilhan Omar does her job. The irony is that the majority of the elected officials do not and have not seemed to be able to question those who are brought before them in hearings. They over and over give inappropriate choices for various positions a pass by not asking the hard questions. Perhaps Congresswoman Omar should teach them a mandatory workshop.

‘Rome’ is burning while most of the elected officials and msm play their political games and the people most affected continue to sleep.



Elliot Abrams deserves to have his mutilated corpse found in an ally with his dick cut off and stuffed in his mouth perimortem, like many of his victims in El Salvador and Nicaragua did. F#$%ity, F#$k, F#$k him! If he shows up in Venezuela he needs to be captured by the Maduro government as an “enemy combatant” and executed by firing squad.



D’ Aubisson’s nickname was " The Machete ". He cut off limbs and heads with great enthusiasm and bravery. Of course, all his victims were zip-tied and shackled. So, there’s that, too.



Great job on this, Kevin. Didn’t know about the earlier ??s by Con. Castro and Espillat. Thanks.
Elliot Abrams is beneath contempt. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of following his black bag dirty work since 1983. I’ve seen its horrifying results.
I really hope someone mistakes Abrams for the vulture he is and quickly dispatches him.