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Elon Musk and the Corporate Controlled Media


Elon Musk and the Corporate Controlled Media

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Was Elon Musk just whining when he accused mainstream media outlets of tilting news coverage against Tesla to favor advertising giants from the incumbent automobile and oil industry?

Mainstream pundits rushed to scoff at Musk’s suggestion that a network’s corporate owner would censor news to please its sponsors. But corporate bias is an old malady with which I’m familiar from a long career as an environmental advocate.


Recently, I started seeing stories in the news as if Elon Musk was having problems and obviously ( in the eyes of those news writers ) someone else needed to be in charge.
Wow, not transparent at all soulless reporters…haven’t we all learned that when a company looks good------Wall St. et al does all they can to sink it----then take it over.
They did that once before when Buckminster Fuller’s brand new car idea automobile was killed off in a mysterious crash. : (


That’s why I don’t watch TV news or read the local newspaper at all any longer. Remember the WTVT story as that’s local. The news is just police blotter BS and mindless banter on all of the major networks. Nothing of substance whatsoever. Nauseating corporate non news.


Corporate Media isn’t journalism.

It’s script reading.


I fully agree with Elon Musk. We have lost the Fourth Estate to six fascist media conglomerates marching us in lockstep to our doom. Arbeit macht frei.

Direct Democracy


Great article. How soon I forgot most of this, though at the time, I followed these reporter’s case in Florida. " Dang me, they ought take a rope and hang me…". 24/7 is two decades old, too. Time, compression and slow heat works its magic. The pressure cooker, for sure.
Now I get why every morning my skin is slightly more wrinkled. The artful boiling of frogs, indeed.


when the deep state killed your uncle and your father and martin, protest was effectively shut down. The evil empire that has emerged will lock up or disembowel whistleblowers.


Nothing new here for people paying attention. The real issue/question should be, “How do we change this?”


pardon me but what do you by killed uncle, father, martin?


Nice hearing from you Bobby Kennedy and wish you well with your revival of looking into your father’s murder. You’ve been missed and missed on Ring of Fire.

Lamestreet media and loosening of regulations of ownership, false advertising, outright lying with no accountability, and no oversight is as big of a problem as is Citizens United. How many millions of free air time was given about Trump, Trump, Trump.

Get the money out of politics and bring back that free press that works in the interest of society.


President John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King all killed in 60’s and a cover up ensued to this day.


Akre and Wilson were guest speakers at a Friends of Animals conference in NYC when the FOX/Monsanto/BGH issue erupted. I had attended the conference as a supporter of FoA. Often enough, but unreported or arrogantly dismissed by the media and “progressives,” animal-rights issues, such as this one, connect to a wider community. I’ve been to animal-rights conferences that addressed social justice issues, like the United Farm Workers–but at that time labor leader, Cesar Chavez, suddenly died. He had been designated a keynote speaker. William Kunstler was also a keynote speaker at the conference. So was Dick Gregory.


thanks I see what you meant


Corporations are people too. Yeah, greedy warhawks who worship money and other peoples deaths.


Elon Musk is no hero. He treats his auto workers like slaves. He has fought their efforts to unionize just as hard as the swine who run GM and Ford do in the South. I really do no care about his dogfight with other capitalists , he is an enemy of the working class and we should give him NO quarter… His autodriving cars have killed one person and caused several accidents. His firings of workers at his auto factory is designed to prevent unionization. He needs his ass kicked and klicked good by the workers See www.plp.org


The count is 3 deaths now. Two others before the most recent one in Phoenix were blamed on the driver and the person driving the other car. All should be attributed to the self-driving car failing to prevent the accidents. All the testing is in controlled routes, not on complex routes with more interaction with other cars, pedestrians and bicyclists. Plus, every time test drivers must take control is recorded, but not reported as an accident prevented. That’s how bad the reporting is.

The basic flaws of self-driving cars are simple enough: The technological hurdles are plainly insurmountable, therefore they will never be completely safe. They won’t decrease traffic congestion, fuel/energy consumption nor emissions sufficient to prevent worst harm from climate change. They are most unlikely to reduce travel-related cost of living. They won’t take full advantage of the benefits EVs offer and the technology is supported for all the wrong reasons; to bust transit operator and teamster unions; to give freeway planners an excuse to predict worsening traffic can be managed with reckless tailgating; to maintain most profitable but least resilient regional utility grids which separate EV household systems are proven more complementary. The most telling aspect of self-driving car folly is eliminating ownership whereupon all cars are kept in central garage locations and dispatched on demand. Never mind that in a grid failure, every household with an EV in the garage gains a backup power supply. Never mind any emergency where a car is needed immediately, not one that may arrive too late. Self-driving car tech completely denies those safety features and pretends “mass tailgating” won’t produce horrific multi-car pileups. Self-driving tech in many ways puts safety dead last.

Elon Musk’s hyperloop and single-lane highway tunnel ideas are utterly pretentious nonsense. The Tesla as well is more of an energy hog than a practical and effective application of EV technology.