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Email Dump Reveals EPA Chief Pruitt's Cozy Ties With Fossil Fuels Industry


Email Dump Reveals EPA Chief Pruitt's Cozy Ties With Fossil Fuels Industry

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Thousands of pages of emails between newly confirmed EPA administrator Scott Pruitt and fossil fuel companies during his time as Oklahoma attorney general—released per court order on Tuesday night—confirm "a close and friendly relationship" between the man now charged with protecting the U.S. environment and entities seeking to hamper those efforts.


Pruitt will be complicit in many deaths in his role not enforcing and ending environmental and climate change regulations.


If those e-mails had come through the servers of HRC, then the GOP blowhards would be combing through each and everyone in efforts to find malfeasance, complicity, graft, and any other "crimes" they could dig up. No justice, no concern for the health and well-being of the people, the planet and all life...focus on how much wealth they can accumulate while still in office marching in lockstep to push their disastrous agenda.

They, too are not immune to the disastrous consequences of confirming an anti-environment, pro-industry/mining/oil/coal/fracking wingnut climate denier. Their complacency and complicity will do them in...but not soon enough.


Gee, maybe he'll recuse himself on every environmental thing!!


Never happen...one has to have integrity and Pruitt is devoid of self-respect, integrity, and concern for justice.


How is poisoning our water and air going to make America great again?


All I can say is let's not let this issue be swept under the rug. We need to keep up the pressure against Pruitt, whether it's protest marches and/or calls to your congresspeople, and let him know that he doesn't belong in that job.


It won't make our country great. If anything we need to work harder to protect our environment. The other thing that we need to change is the free give away of our public lands to the mining & ranching industries.


Move on. Nothing to see here. Move on. Round up the usual suspects...eco-terroists, water protectors, Sierra Club,....


The State of Texas basically doesn’t even look for oil-and-gas problems:

Inspection/enforcement field staff for the Railroad Commission of Texas (the O&G “regulator”) is virtually nonexistent.


The tobacco industry was successfully sued for causing sickness and smoking deaths. Why can't the fossil fuel industries and their lackeys like Pruitt, be sued for causing sickness, pollution, and the premature deaths of millions?