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Emails Show TPP 'Collusion' Between Big Banks & Obama Administration



As the frog said to the scorpion, now that's a surprise!
Obama, ever since his first day in office dropped the "progressive" sheep's cloak, hired the odious Rahm Emanuel, and adopted his pro-corporate/banker service and agenda he has kept ever since, beginning with hiring the recycled Clinton (Bill) Rubinite economists and the ACA insurance/big-pharma give-away scam, and culminating with his Trojan Horse global corporate fascist TPP et al!
With "progressives" like Obama (and the Clintons) who needs RepubliCons?!


Sorry Andrew my error...


Since as the article states - "Goldman Sachs urging him (Froman) to push for "robust commitments" on Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provisions—which allow private corporations to sue governments for perceived loss of profits—to be included in the divisive (TPP) trade deal." and Hillary is obviously owned by G-S et al, the obvious take-away is if Hillary is elected/selected we will all be shackled to global corporate/banker fascism till the end of time - or until the revolution takes down all the parasite SOB's!


And thank you Clinton's and Obama. Nice team eh? They, together, have screwed the American people so badly they should all be in jail.
Thank you "Rootstrikers" I get your daily emails. Great group.
So disgusting to see what the Dems and Repugs have done to this country.


President Obama is sooooooooo into the pockets of the banksters! No wonder we are stuck with his protege, Mrs. Clinton, (or, perhaps not). Of the multi-national bankster ilk, he has certainly become! He will never, like Mrs. Clinton and her husband, Bill, be able to show his face on many occasions, without having to ignore smirks and snarky remarks from those of us who know how he side-stepped his right-wing, corporate, neoliberal "Trojan Horse" self into our now broken hearts.


i've always liked Demublicans and Repocrats, since they're formed by a simple transposition of the first three letters, plus the words sound like they would mean idiots and thieves.


All this, and you fail to give Hillary Clinton credit for all the work she did in 2015, prior to launching her campaign, to get the TPP through Congress. That's not a matter of unearthing secret documents, as her work was routinely noted on the evening network news.

There was no surprise, no big controversy, over this at the time. Since her husband had stuck us with NAFTA, this was entirely predictable, and felt like "business as usual." Controversy rose only as more of the public began paying attention to the TPP. After Clinton began being questioned about this by reporters, she went from "no comment" to "undecided," and has tried to avoid the issue ever since. Gee, maybe if we can get liberals to put all the blame on Obama...


An article telling me Froman was NOT collaborating with Goldman would have been a surprise.

Concurrent with Obama spending this week in Asia promoting TPP, Kunio Ishihari, a hocho at Keidanren Business development and Peter Robinson CEO of the US Council for International Business are barnstormiung the US and saturating newspapers with articles promoting TPP. A real tag team !


This matter is the latest that will not be mentioned in the mainstream corporate media. Unfortunately, many, if not a majority of Americans feel that we live in a democracy, which is a fallacy. The corporate oligarchy has firm control and will maintain this control with either Trump or Clinton.


Oh my! I'm so shocked! Thank you corporate overlords for letting us at least read about how you are going to be controlling us in the future. When do the forced labor camps for people who can't keep up with their health care payments start?


I am just an old retired guy, and not an attorney or Constitutional expert, but In that the TPP agreement clearly permits the global corporate elite to make moot our laws, and degrade the power of our Constitution shouldn't Obama be charged for his criminal attempt to destroy the sovereignty of the United States?


I am not so sure about Trump, who is so stupid as to be uncontrollable. Perhaps we'll start to hear Bill Maher style censorship beeps during his State of the Union addresses? And we will all die laughing ...


Remember Goldman Sachs. Hillary's Speeches. The facts about
TPP were deeply hidden until hacked. Europe as well falls prey to the loss of its freedoms to a economic royalist group that will override their governments. Already played out in Crete and Greece. It was the infamous Party that now fights Sanders tooth and nail that failed to do anything to foster the President's agenda after 2008, helped prepare the way for the decimation in 2007 during Bill Clintons reign, and has climbed into bed with the band of bankers that perpetuated our impoverishment. TTP exposed the fact that there is nothing having to do with trade in the trade deal. Everything to do with our surrendering all freedoms to an economic management group.


The word "treason" comes to mind. And not only in the USA.


Perhaps we could sue corporations for perceived loss of tax revenue for moving their head offices to tax-havens'

Perhaps we should sue corporations for perceived loss of local incomes for moving manufacturing to sweat-shop nations.

Perhaps we should sue corporations for the percieved environmental subsidies they keep receiving from taxpayers who have to clean up their mess, including adding CO2 to our atmosphere.

Perhaps that is just a start. How about crowd-funding a class action?


PhilDennany--Perfect! I love your how your mind works. It should be a Citizens Tribunal and it should be on the web, for maximum effect.


Patience, it won't be long.


Yea, verily yea!


If you think Obama or the banks give a single fuck about the American people you are sadly mistaken.