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Emails Show USDA Staff Told to 'Avoid' Term 'Climate Change' Under Trump


Emails Show USDA Staff Told to 'Avoid' Term 'Climate Change' Under Trump

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) service responsible for helping American farmers with conservation efforts were instructed by top officials to avoid the term "climate change" shortly after President Donald Trump took office, according to emails (pdf) obtained by the Guardian.


Goebbels is applauding the demonic drumpfian march to Haedes with all his and his administration’s orders to widely distribute the vilest propaganda the demented human brain can manufacture. Keep the masses fearful and ignorant while holding campaign-like rallies to rile up the base and give the emperor his needed adulation fix to calm his nerves and temporarily relieve his eruptive anger for a short time.


Odd that this report has had so few responses/views.
Among the anti-science stuff the Don’s mafia are pushing through are regulations being chucked out or watered-down to do with water pollution, air pollution, control of nuclear materials and dangerous escapes when things go wrong at nuclear sites.
These are important - remember Flint? Lead and mercury in drinking water are hardly a sign of progress!
As for climate change, I understand the Don himself has claimed one of more of his, too many, golf clubs is at risk from rising sea levels. I think he got Federal money to help with a sea-wall to protect his valuable and vulnerable business assets!
Clearly his policy is being determined by industry - not the public interest.
But that’s hardly new for a US government.


To Hell with DJT. To Hell.


Is it time for the revolution yet? Or should we wait until???
This guy (Trump) has no brains, no heart, no courage - kinda like the wizard of Oz (or oooze) -
How did such an ugly American become POTUS - the Russians? we’ll soon find out.

Bob Mueller - We hope that you find a mountain of evidence that Trump was in collusion with the Russians, that it did affect the outcome, and the Pence, Sessions, Ryan, McConnell and all those who took $ from Russian connections are tarred, feathered and run out of America for good. These are disgusting excuses for human beings and deserve to rot in hell for eternity. Funny how a guy like Pence sees himself as a “good Christian”.

What do you think Jesus would say to Trump, Pence, Ryan and McConnell?


I forgive you???


It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?


Dumbfuck ostrich doesn’t realize that the sand holds the heat.


I think “Jesus” who was a commie … would be saying that we should act non-violently ONLY …
and that we should stop cooperating with Elites and their primary tools: Capitalism and Christianity.

One of the first things we must understand is that we are all united physically and mentally by the
reality that we are all LABOR. We do not need government’s permission, nor a corporation’s
permission to unite and act in our own interests together.

We should also understand that our Founders actually created an Elite Patriarchy and pretty much
turned all assets of government and the nation over to the wealthy.

Also understand the harm done by Christianity in awarding to Elites the license to exploit Nature,
Natural Resources which we call: “Manifest Destiny” or "Man’s Dominion Over Nature."
Stop supporting these organized patriarchal religions which underpin Elite Patriarchy and which
are simply male-supremacist religions which teach FEAR of “Satan” and “Devil” and “Hell” in
order to create FEAR as Mind Control.

Capitalism is a system intended to move the wealth and natural resources of every nation from the
many to the few – and it has done that successfully all over the world.
And it is a system which is suicidal for Nature/Planet, all animal-life and humanity.

MIC – we must acknowledge and proclaim that our MIC/Intelligence is being run by the insane.

ENERGY – there are probably a few hundred or more people in the US alone who know how to
convert gasoline driven automobiles to electric/solar.
To remain dependent upon OIL is also suicidal. 80% of our oil is used by the military for war.
And rather than continuing to rely on grids which create monopoly control for people like ENRON,
we need to begin to come together within our communities to create local energy.
Evidently, energy is easy enough to store.

There has also been since at least the late 1960’s, a very intense effort to not only create for TV
viewers the image of a very violent US society, but to actually create such a society here.
The DRUG WAR has served that role well here and has also been used by the US to manipulate
policies of other nations. Plus, in government-drug trafficking and the laundering of drug money
by US banks which amounts to half a TRILLION every year.
Many of us recognize the violence and pornography which is being introduced into our MSM
Americans want National Health Care for All which is still being denied to us.
Perhaps the answer is a trade off with pulling the plug on cable TV which at the least is trying to
introduce violence, torture, pornography into MSM viewing which encourages the demeaning of
women and violence against them?

Further, we have an industry based in violence against animals here and which is doing great
harm to those consuming these animals. We can help ourselves and our cause to by stopping
this practice and ending the eating of animals.

There are many other ways –
but eventually, if we delay much longer, these evil forces will have such a firm control on our
government and its agencies that they will no longer need Capitalism nor Christianity.


Ironically, the reason they used the term “climate change” is that
denialist officials appointed by Dubya told them to use that term
instead of “global warming”.


I’ve decided to say “global heating” – nothing less does justice
to the effects we can expect.


I don’t understand why more Americans don’t seem to get that all of this is at a point simply a continuation of what Reagan initiated. It’'s as if many progressives did not get it then-Reagan set out to utterly change the value of language in American politics, and he mostly succeeded, via nightmares like Lee Atwater. He drove the discussion into meaninglessness, the gutter basically.
“Ketchup is a vegetable” stands out but there were many more. The word salad world he existed in, which was evident when he was governor, stuck and dictated what would be permissible. AVOID THE TERM CLIMATE CHANGE and call it something else. It is that easy for this crowd. They have been doing it for over three decades. And most Americans frankly, until now, rolled over. For some reason otherwise sensible people now get titillated by marketing crap. Now we are being ordered to submit to being marketed away from any ideas about ''Climate Change." They need time to think up a “brand” to call the decimation of Glacier National Park. Glossy brochures, etc.