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'Embarrassing' for US, Trump Defense of Neo-Nazi Rally Stuns People Worldwide


'Embarrassing' for US, Trump Defense of Neo-Nazi Rally Stuns People Worldwide

Julia Conley, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) charged President Donald Trump with "embarrassing" his own country during a press conference on Tuesday—and the overnight evidence suggests he's exactly right.

President Donald Trump's defense of last weekend's violent neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia was met with shock across the country and around the world on Wednesday, with some of the strongest criticism coming from his hometown of New York City.


Hells bells, I am outraged. Embarrassed doesn’t cut it at all.
And I am sick to death of ‘whataboutism’ as well.


I am not only embarrassed, but also outraged and ashamed of our current white supreme leader in-chief. And folks, I believe we have not seen anything yet!


Let’s hope that all the global criticism penetrates his thick skull. Of course, it would only bounce around in there and come out garbled…


You know you’re a racist when the New York Post calls you on it.


It looks as the only base Der Fuehrer Trump has left are the Neo Nazis. Sieg Heil, Der Dipshit!


No amount of criticism will change this putrid excuse for a man. His narcissism and egomania are completely in control. Instead, he will do what these loathsome Rethug traitors usually do - double down on the stupid. Trump is a national disgrace and he is very dangerous.


Don’t be so sure. I think that a lot of what Nixon called his “silent majority” still support Trumpo the Klown despite his latest hideous outrage and they would also still vote for him if he ran in 2020.


White supremacism is not free speech or free assembly. These folks believe they’re genetically superior (of European descent), that they built this country, and, therefore, are entitled to be here to the exclusion of non-whites and Jews who must either leave or face violence. (Of course, they conveniently forget the long history of whites enslaving or indenturing non-whites “to build this country,” and the colonial histories of wealth and power likewise built on the enslaved or indentured backs of foreigners. Genetic testing, I’m sure, would also disillusion many from imagined pure white European descent. Perhaps the most incorrect assertion of theirs, lately, is that they’re simply defending white history by protesting the removal of the Lee statue in Emancipation Park, but failing to acknowledge that the statue is explicitly a historical referent to white subjugation of blacks, commissioned in 1917, I believe, in a formerly whites-only park, Jim Crow segregation. So that statue, if it’s about white heritage, is the heritage of white violence and discrimination against blacks. Ergo, protesting it’s removal is incitement to violence). This common advocacy of violent removal of non-whites and Jews is incitement to violence, and it’s common and repeated. This is not free speech or free assembly. Stop permitting their rallies, and fight them in court with the evidence of their incitement to violence, simply by playing back to the court the statements of the organizers, the organizations, and they’re followers. The evidence is extremely easy to find and widely available online, so it should be easy to present in court. So, I stridently disagree with people, lawyers, and judges, who defend white supremacists right to hold these rallies as 1st Amendment protected.


I “borrowed” this from a poster named “firewood” at startribune.com. It’s so good I had to share it. Thank you “firewood.”

"What’s wrong with Trump?

He’s a poor man’s idea of a rich man.
A stupid man’s idea of a smart man.
A weak man’s idea of a strong man."


OK so we elected him. How do we un-elect him? 10.6 million more people voted for somebody else. 3 million more for Hillary, 7 million for others. Most of the spoilers would have gone Hillary in a run off.


The Story of Charlottesville was Written in Blood in the Ukraine

“While I recognize the danger of the violent right-wing movement, I am more concerned with the right-wing policies that are being enacted into law and policy by both Democrats and Republicans.”


A terrific sampling of a mentality of the natural immune system kicking in. Share and share alike. ditto - thanks ‘firewood’.

Its hard to “trump” a hand when the game is not bridge but 'round-the-clock poker - always in a fixed house.

The environment seems to be more that of a mafia shake-down in slow motion. Destabilize in as many areas as possible to present ‘opportunities’ for the extended ‘family’.


I’m a poor man and he’s not my idea of a human being even.


gotti laugh seein da mooch mooching facetime whilst cousin Vinnie 'n da guys sling sacks a concrete 'case anybody gotta need for some high-fashion concrete booties fer a quick visit ta da bottom of da river bed.

Folks are catching on to the real meaning of the root of the word ‘exceptionalism’, which is of course, ‘except’. The US would never have the hyperbolic cycles of destabilization except for precisely all of the profit margin scraped out of the marginalization of “externalized costs” like those inherent in being “…built on slavery, genocide, violence, and white male supremacy that exploited others for profit and power for centuries, and still do to this day.”


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- The KKK has committed countless acts of terrorism for over a century. Any member of the KKK is guilty of those acts through association. As such, they should all be arrested. That would be a start. Our so-called anti-terrorist security agencies need to get on with it! The presence of the KKK has been tolerated for far too long!


C’mon Bernie, for fucks sake! “embarrassing”? You may have to be “politic” but I do not! - there are many terms more descriptive for this ugly scum bag and his actions/words, and treasonous is one of them!
The “greatest generation” didn’t spill their blood fighting fascism all over the wold for this rotten ignorant POS (who never served) to dishonor their legacy and sacrifice, and that of all the others who put their lives on the line fighting racism, fascism, bigotry worldwide, to laud neo-nazi, fascist, racist, low-life scum!!


Drumpf supporting his storm troopers.
“Good people.”

I don’t think he will have quite enough black shirts to enact full fascism.
But we’d better make sure.


Right on.

If supporting nazis isn’t treason, what is?


Wasn’t there a “terrorism” case a few years ago, where the only act of terrorism was a guy online writing pro-al-Qaeda sentiments? If that was a crime then, it is a crime now. It is a bigger crime, in fact, because these people, being Confederates are trying to bring back a cause of destroying the country, and are not only terrorists, but directly committing treason. Why no mention of impeachment on this basis?