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Embassy Closures, New Protests as Yemen Falls Into 'State of Chaos'


Embassy Closures, New Protests as Yemen Falls Into 'State of Chaos'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Several Western nations have closed their embassies in Yemen this week and thousands took part in protests amid continuing unrest in the impoverished country.

The developments follow the announcement last week by Houthi rebels that they had assumed control and last month's resignation of President Abed Mansour Hadi and his cabinet.


Another Mid-East success.


No wonder the Obama Administration and the EU doesn’t like them: “In the short term, they oppose Hadi’s plan to divide Yemen ­­­into six federal states. They have repeatedly rejected a full restoration of the historical Zaidi imamate, the Shia political institution that dominated the country for nine centuries. Instead, the Houthis are seeking a new constitution that guarantees them a representative political voice and guards against the kind of persecution their community has endured since 1962,” he continued.

They want democracy. And that is intolerable to the fascists insurgents now ruling the US and the EU, all, of course, on Wall Street’s behalf.


After terrorizing the Yemeni population with drone strikes (one of which was an extrajudicial execution of an American citizen and his son, no trial) since he took office, Obama and his EU lapdogs are upset that the group they didn’t want (whom they see as being too friendly with Iran) has assumed power. Now the embassy closings happen, we’ll start supporting the anti-Houthi protests, and probably step up our drone strikes. All war, all the time.