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Embodied by Sanders and Corbyn, Resistance to Neoliberalism Won't Melt Away


Embodied by Sanders and Corbyn, Resistance to Neoliberalism Won't Melt Away

Diane Abbott

I spent last week at the Democratic national convention in Philadelphia. In the early hours of the first day of the convention, there was a spectacular thunderstorm with flashes of lightning and crashing thunder.


The Dems have to lose before they will even consider turning around. They have to lose the election and they have to lose party members.

If they don't lose both it will be business as usual.

If business as usual, the usual increasing economic inequality and war in place of diplomacy, is good enough for you, vote Clinton and stay in the party.

Or do something about it.


Stein 2016.


Yes Diane, "it was God herself making clear Her displeasure"!

There are millions of Bernie's supporters that now will now do the same - who do "despise Clinton (and Trump), whom they see as everything that is corporate and compromised about the party establishment. They suspected that the primary process had been rigged. Leaked emails - confirm this"

The tragedy is the People's Political Revolution was gaining such momentum - a great threat to the business-as-usual of the DLC wing of the Dem Party establishment - that momentum is now itself threatened and the millions must keep what we gained and build on that momentum - every mind and heart changed can never go back........


Kind'a reminds me of the kind words spoken by observers when a community is blown down by a tornado.

"Well, at least you escaped with your life. And look! Isn't that a towel still hanging on a rack in your (destroyed) bathroom"?

Alas, the spirit of optimism...


"Sanders can only dream of a US version of the NHS" ? Not true, Diane.

The US Veterans Administration (USVA) medical system is structured identical to the NHS, the difference being that NHS serves all UK subjects while the USVA serves only veterans.

Lets hope "the gentle persistence the US left will have to show in the coming months" will manifest itself in the POTUS Green Party candidate breaking records for third party support in November.


Ms. Abbott with all due respect, I think you are incorrectly judging US political winds.


In MHO, this was a time lost, the most propitious moment for a takeover of the Democratic Party in generations, because, among other factors, President Obama is a lame duck, making it open, theoretically, to all comers. Bernie came close. In four years, Hillary will be an incumbent, chances are there won't be another Bernie. Throwing an incumbent out at the primary stage is unheard of in American politics, at least I've never heard of it happening in the past. Sadly, it seems most are buying into the fear tactic of Trump as Dr. Strangelove/Simon Legree, and will vote for Clinton. Clinton, no doubt, will preside over this country's continuing, slow, but ineluctable, drift toward total oligarchy, with more and more wealth finding its way to the top, and as Thoreau pointed out, the mass of men will continue "to lead lives of quiet desperation."


God showed Her pleasure in the Democrat Party's decision to have a POTA rather than a POTUS: she clapped her hands in approval, and Lo! it thundered. Meanwhile, Her less conservative male consort and a disappointed Sanders supporter, after yet another family argument, went back to fishing at the farthest end of the universe from planet Earth.

Here endeth the parable.



The situation in the US is more complex than some are willing to admit. Here, there is no "1% vs. the 99%." We're rich vs. middle class vs. poor. We don't see resistance to neoliberalism in the US. We're 20 years into a hell of a war on the poor, the result of policies demanded or applauded by the middle class. Bill Clinton's policies tore apart a huge number of families while stripping our very poor of the most basic human rights (per the UN's UDHR) of food and shelter. Even those who identify as "progressives" have been fine with neoliberalism since the 1990s.


Disagree, but I accept that we see things from different perspectives. Clinton is unlikely to become an incumbent because she is unlikely to be elected. Opposition to Clinton by much of the Dem voting base is so deep. Many Democrats opposed the Clinton agenda part way through Bill Clinton's administration. They opposed it in 2000, opposed it again in 2008, and even more oppose it in 2016. Once again, these masses will vote third party or withhold their votes.


I find it bizarre that Diane Abbott thinks the Bernie supporters will bend and vote for Clinton. The tide has turned, and many will now vote for Stein, whether that results in a 4-way split in the vote or not. Many Republicans will not vote for Trump, so really it will be very hard to predict what happens in November, but life as usual has probably ended....