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'Embodiment of Greed': Sanders, Warren Rally Against Trump's SEC Pick


'Embodiment of Greed': Sanders, Warren Rally Against Trump's SEC Pick

Nika Knight, staff writer

Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) rallied against President Donald Trump's nominee to head the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Wall Street lawyer Jay Clayton, alongside other progressive leaders late Wednesday.


RESIST! "To the Dawn of Day" - Chuck Berry - Bernie Rocks! - People. Planet. Peace. "Mni Wiconi" - Water is Life. Life ROCKS! Time to purge the ranks of the free-loading corporatists.from Dem Party.


GO Bernie! You are the conscience of the "opposition" party to the ginger-pig and his regime of destruction, greed and usury - a person of integrity and understanding who should have been president - and would have been if not for the HRC corporate-right DP establishment complicit sell-out swine!


Schumer announced Dems are filibustering Gorsuch. And Manchin was great on the CNN clip I saw on Nunes and Trump last night. He's in a precarious position electorally, but laid out pretty clearly how crazy Nunes's stunt was. I don't see eye-to-eye with Manchin on environmental issues, but right now he's battling McConnell on protecting miners' pentions.

Anyway, credit where it's due.


Boy oh boy have we latched on to the name >>> 'The Resistance'.

Join the Resistance we are told. Let's go!

Go where? Follow who? Do what exactly?

What's in a name? Maybe too much!

Somehow we or the media or the leftish punditry have anointed a spontaneous spirit of resistance among the citizenry and offer it back to us as an 'organization' repleat with leaders in waiting! Leftish pundits scramble for position within the forefront and assume leadership viewpoints. Be prepared for a constant barrage of references to the sixties and comparisons to the Revo mentality of that era. In the process, we are hearkened back to the 60's revolution that never was but which still managed to accomplish a helluva lot even as disorganized that it was.

A lesson that our leftish punditry seems unable to remember. It was a spontaneous and unorganized (read unofficial) mood in the country and in the world that was in opposition to the stifling status quo. We need to ask just who were 'The 60's Revolution'. Everybody knows who! Black Power and a courageous dream achieved/created the Civil Rights Movement. Women burned a bra and donned a hardhat achieved the Women's Liberation Movement. The AntiWar
Movement stopped an unjust war.

There was no central authority nor official leadership of the Sixties despite the efforts of reactionary forces to create chaos through assassinations and police riots and arrests. There were trials and famous cases that punished civil disobedience but others took the places of those arrested and did so voluntarily. Sure we had leaders but it was up to us as to who we believed in. Some agreed with Martin and some agreed with Malcom. Some marched with flowers in their hair and some carried protest signs and some went to Canada and so forth.

The 'Revolution' of the 60's was solely in the mind of the participants. It was a fundamental change in the way people thought about things that created the changes. Anybody could join anything, any 'movement' or any 'group' or any 'ism' or none. The Sixties Revo was strictly a mental thing.

What is the Resistance? It seems to be creating leaders almost as if there were 'leaders in waiting' ready to go! Who knows? In any case, There is a worry or there should be that attempts to organize things will result in stifling them instead. Many have come to believe that Occupy Wall Street needed leadership and suffered because it didn't have any. But from what I could see Occupy succeeded admirably up until it attempted to organize itself into something official. Prior to these organizational efforts Occupy went from New York to spread across the country and the world (to some extent). It was actually that spontaneous spirit of resistance that created Occupy. People heard about Occupy and that was enough. The concept was what spoke to them. Large numbers of people came and went (there was soon no room left in the tiny park) but along with them came thousands of people who came out of solidarity. A symbolic joining as opposed to pitching a tent. It was those crowds (including celebrities) who spoke Occupanese. They wanted Occupy to be more and as we all saw, dozens of Occupy sites popped up in towns and cities all over. It was a spirit that moved people. A belief in what Occupy symbolized.

Damn the Pundits - full speed ahead? Well yeah! Occupy was not the result of pundits influence. Nor that of the media although it and the internet played their parts. Occupy occupied people's hearts and minds. We wanted Occupy to exist. It mattered to us. Perhaps a case could even be made that Occupy saved us.

After Occupy ... that Old Time Revo talk was in the air again. After Occupy people 'opposed openly' once again. They found their voices and could say NO once again.

My point is that I keep reading our leftishy punditry telling us with a note of polite desperation that we must become organized and to join up/sign up!!! Sign up? Sign up to join the Resistance? Hmm? The Sixties this isn't!

Maybe that is the way to go in the Twentytwenties that lie ahead? If it works ... show me where to sign!

But there is that sense that pundits and leaders sap the spontaneity that fuels a movement. We really didn't have an official 60's punditry back in the 60's you know. We had sympathetic reporters who sometimes paid a price more than we had pundits. Now we have a leftishy pundits industry. Times change and we didn't have the internet either back then. However it seems like our pundits seem to be trying to rein back a little. To direct and lead where none is needed. They seem almost afraid on one hand that the Resistance will peter out and fade away into lethargic minimal numbers. On the other hand, they also seem afraid that the Resistance will somehow go wrong or go 'out of control' without their leadership to take charge of things. I mean it almost feels like the Dems will assume leadership of the Resistance and my fear is that then it will go no where. Who knows?

All I am saying is give climate a chance. Real soon climate chaos will overtake our world and once that happens our society will seriously become destabilized. It is no joke nor an exaggeration. Maybe our leftishy punditry might take courage from the 60's that they so often cite and teach rather than attempt to take charge or lead? Pundits in charge won't cut it.

Teach nonviolent civil disobedience while yet ye may! Show why nonviolence is effective and then you will shield people from the batons and tear gas. If our leftishy leaders and pundits attempt to take charge of this spirit of resistance, I think that it will not be able to hold back the chaos when the you know what hits the fan in another decade. It will not be like the 60's no how. In fact people will be going crazy all around the world. Trump is literally the worst thing for the climate that could have been imagined. In fact it is a bizarre fate and horribly bad luck for the planet that he got in.

Nevertheless, as climate conditions worsen, people will start going crazy and that will be because a pundit led safe as always official Resitance will not be enough to give desperate people hope. Instead the Resistance of today needs to teach people a stronger form of Resistance for then. Examples of powerful civil disobedience do inspire people and give others hope. Marches are very important, of course. They show the powerful our numbers and variety. However something other than marches will needs be available to people as things go haywire amidst the climate change chaos. Otherwise it will happen anyway and chaos worsens with random civil unrest.

Yes, this will not be the 60's and all good people should face facts, there is no easy way out of the climate mess that Trump and all denialists will have allowed to worsen. Why this sudden and rapid push towards authoritarian proto fascism at this time anyway?

We head into chaos and much to no ones surprise, billionaires and corporate conservatives want to make sure that they can make money and keep their status in the craziness to come. That's why! Short and sweet >>> they know what is coming and like all autocratic elites and domineering types, they want more military and more heavily equipped police, more prisons and camps, more surveillance and the 'whatever is necessary' means to control the masses.

With the advent of Trump... imagine what the planet will be like in twenty years? Scary huh?

With the advent of Trump... imagine what our country will be like in five or ten years?

Maybe our pundits should think about teaching the how to of non violent civil disobedience rather than 'leading' like usual. Trump has compressed the time to avert chaos that will be available to us. That is definitely scary.

Good luck kiddies.


Watching yet another tantrum against the flatulent filled blimp Trump and crew is beginning to resemble an annoying and pointless ritual.
How much did President Hopey-Changey's the sock puppet AG, Eric Holder, do in the wake of the economic meltdown of 2007-2008? Same with the SEC appointees of the beige Bush.
Now we see the blonde lady and Bernie getting all worked up as if their preferred candidate, Queen Hillary, the lady of privilege, would have done any better or different. Let the billionaires and their minions reign! The alternative is no better, just different!


Bernie Sanders is now a failed candidate in a party which betrayed him and voters in every way possible this
past Spring and Summer and which Bernie has failed to walk away from. Have we stopped asking "WHY" ?
Why would anyone continue to look to this party for an answer of any kind?
It's a party which has been cooperating with the GOP/right wing for more than 30-40 years as it was sold to the Koch Bros./John Birch
Society Family which has been working on knocking out democracy for more than 100 years.
We have a government largely being run by pedophiles who are betraying the public in every way possible.


Exactly right.


Had the Democratic party been honest Senator Sanders would be our president. Had the Clinton's not equivocated on the economy and insisted that; "those jobs were not coming back" she would have been elected president. Jill Stein's votes alone would have put her over the top. Popular vote: Trump-62,984,825, Clinton-65,853,516, Johnson/Stein-7,522,020. It is time to undo the arcane electoral college. It has made us a global joke.


But look at the alternatives. They are not reality. Most Americans don't have a clue how government works. Those were, and are, just theories in their civics book. The few that do know how government works understand that is is just a massive kabuki geared to the very wealthy that can hire and give massive parties to senators, representatives and supreme court justices. When wives and children hang exclusively with the gated community you speak their "jingo" and believe they are the salvation. Sanders is correct we need a revolution and the kids will lead us. I'm eighty and when I say kids I mean those under thirty. I do have billionaire favorites Like Karen Stone, (Nueva Day School) and Tom Steyer (environmentalist). Those that use their massive wealth to better humanity. The people users I don't have a big use for. They don't invent polio vaccines or cure much except to fuel more greed and avarice.and add to the massive pollution that is killing us all.


Seriously. You are going to come on here and refer to a Senator as "the blonde lady" as if she had no name, or at the least no respect from you. She has a name. Queen Hillary was wrong for the country then, is wrong for it now. But that does not mean that T-Rump is a better alternative. Had more of us voted for Hillary in the actual election, we wouldn't be dealing with some of these extremes that are crippling families and lives right now. Yes, there would have been issues, and some of them would have been horrible to cope with, such as Syria, etc. But we are facing a crippled future as a result of ignorance now and I think we all deserve a real discussion about that - based upon reality, not ignorance.


This nomination is just another factoid going into my activist toolkit for replacing the Republicans in 2020 (if not sooner). Make it big, make it brutal . . . many Americans cannot understand real atrocity until it's caricatured into a reality show. Well, folks, we're all going to be part of the big Reality Show for a little while longer.


lerenarde --
Americans are liberals as are populations all over the world. We are against war/MIC/Empire.
We are all for National Health Care systems for all.
We are for reproductive freedom by huge numbers and for the support of Planned Parenthood.
This is a liberal nation which couldn't be clearer than the reaction to Bernie Sanders' campaign.
And that has always been true and other countries are not much different from ours.
The public wants peace, justice -- and attention to Global Warming which is the Wild Card
which, imo, is making Elites/wealthy behave with such driven greed and insanity at this time.

Americans don't know how "government works" because of the corruption of government and
elected officials doing all they can to keep the public confused. The Vietnam Era and lies about
that war are just one example of extent of the corruption beginning with "Gulf of Tonkin" lie.

Today we have two NJ Congressmen turning away from GOP legislation because voters have
made clear that they not only know what these members of Congress are doing but where
their local offices are.

And, yes, voters know the full corruption of our government -- all the way to the Supreme Court
featuring Clarence Thomas, a pervert, sitting there thanks to the work of then Sen. Joe Biden,
another pervert.

The public was speaking "revolution" long before Bernie Sanders openly spoke of it. But we
all understand that it must be non-violent revolution because this time around the Elites/wealthy
have controll of the MIC.

I wouldn't be so confident of what the polio vaccine or other vaccines have done for humankind.
There are many challenges and questions re vaccines -- including many of our diseases and what
I would call "warnings" about their dangers from colic to projectile spitting, from minor learning
disabilities to very complicated intestinal conditions/bowel dysfunction.
This also includes Sudden Death Syndrome and Tourette's Syndrome which are also questioned.
There are also similarities between Schizophrenia and Autism and the effects on the brain --
though opposites where in one case there is over-pruning of synapses and in the other there
is under-pruning, these similarities must be studied and challenges made to vaccines and their
ingredients. Yes, vaccines came after Schizophrenia but men have long been involved in mining
of metals.

We also have to face the reality of attempts to block information which continues on via our CIA/
corporate media. And the harm done by more than 50 years of voting on hack-able electronic

And think of the lies told to children in our schools -- take another look at the Constitution and see
that it clearly creates an Elite Patriarchy while proclaiming "all are equal." The Founders were
ever more successful than even today's politicians at fooling and lying to the public.
They endowed elites with land grants, the right to vote, and gave them immense influence and
control over our people's government, the nation's wealth and natural resources.
The Founders made a compact with wealthy slave owners to preserve the system of Slavery for
a few hundred years and that succeeded even down to another 100 years of Segregation.
That compact also guaranteed the Civil War which split the nation, dividing us in half as enemies.
Who did that benefit?
What of this government and its genocide against the native peoples here which continues on
even today, even down to polluting water which is life.

The past is nothing but betrayal of the people and democracy as we see from Allen Dulles work
to protect Hitler and to arrange support for him from Elites here and all over the world, using the
founding of the CIA to move that evil back into the US and other hot spots around the world.
These ex-Nazis were used to found our CIA, funneled into the FBI and other government agencies.
Thus, this rise of the Fourth Reich and all of its evils.

Global Warming is the Wild Card and Trump is carrying out the most important work that Elites
require in denying Global Warming. And in overturning reproductive freedom/Choice and likely
all contraception as the pill is based in elimination of a fertilized egg.

Granted, there will always be people of all ages who are carried away by distractions put in their
way from what is real. Our cable TV is one excellent example of that with little now remaining
to enlighten the public. We all need to be ready to pull the plug on it -- all together.

See: Operation Mockingbird — scroll down to “History” — which was being written two years before the end of WWII.

See: Operation Paperclip — Wiki’s figures are low — at the minimum 64,000+ which included families but more likely 200,000 according to Kay Griggs/YouTube.

See: Operation Gladio — US program to keep right wing governments in place in the countries over which they had control after WWII — Germany, Japan, Italy. In Italy, US actually resurrected the Mafia in order to ensure the plan would be carried out.

Probably a few more links necessary, and I will try to add later. :slight_smile:


There was no good alternative in Hillary, except there would be no Trump.
And very distant from the alternatives offered by Sanders which are so far removed from the
reality of what GOP/DP Hillary/Trump are about as to be an oasis of good versus evil.
Pedo-gate is real and it is the current method whereby elected officials have been put in office
to do the bidding of those like the CIA/MKULTRA minded.
You cannot ignore the methods of the CIA in moving corrupted officials into power in the US
and all over the world.
Very likely the Clinton's have been involved with the CIA since much before the drug running
at Mena, Ark. Given the backgrounds of both the Rodham's and Clinton's with organized
crime - Mafia -- it's impossible not to say that both Hillary and Bill may have been taken over
and corrupted by CIA programs to do their bidding. That means not only drug-running, but
involvement in human and child trafficking and organ trafficking.

Read something about MKULTRA and Monarch -- though Monarch's records were ordered
destroyed by Richard Helms on his retirement.

The operation began in the early 1950s, was officially sanctioned in 1953, was reduced in scope in 1964, further curtailed in 1967,
and officially halted in 1973.[3] The program engaged in many illegal activities,[4][5][6] including the use of unwitting U.S. and Canadian
citizens as its test subjects, which led to controversy regarding its legitimacy.4[7][8][9] MKUltra used numerous methodologies to
manipulate people's mental states and alter brain functions, including the surreptitious administration of drugs (especially LSD) and other
chemicals, hypnosis,[10] sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as other forms of psychological torture.[11][12]

We should also note that like many other of the CIA programs -- Mockingbird, Paperclip, Gladio -- they were
international and indeed you can find references to CIA programs in UK, etc.
And there are no guarantees that any of these programs have ever been halted.

After 75 years of CIA control over our government the totality of this evil is being made clear with each passing day..

Additional Links:
See: Operation Mockingbird — scroll down to “History” — which was being written two years before the end of WWII.

See: Operation Paperclip — Wiki’s figures are low — at the minimum 64,000+ which included families but more likely 200,000 according to Kay Griggs/YouTube.

See: Operation Gladio — US program to keep right wing governments in place in the countries over which they had control after WWII — Germany, Japan, Italy. In Italy, US actually resurrected the Mafia in order to ensure the plan would be carried out.