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Emboldened by New Proof of Asthma Link, Activists Plan 'Massive' Anti-Fracking March at DNC


Emboldened by New Proof of Asthma Link, Activists Plan 'Massive' Anti-Fracking March at DNC

Nika Knight, staff writer

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University have conclusively shown that living close to fracking operations significantly increases asthma sufferers' risks of attacks, adding urgency to the battle against fracking within the Democratic Party as it prepares to convene in Philadelphia next week.


There are some things in life I absolutely do not understand. Greed is one of them. I do not understand the desire for so much wealth by so many people that they would jeapordize our air to the point that cases of asthma have grown and continue to climb. Poor kids around here sometimes die from poor health care and lack of access to good medication because of uncontrolled asthma; I have adult onset asthma from living in one of the most polluted cities in the south. The fracking thing is just plain stupid. If the sludge is THAT difficult and tedious to extract, perhaps that is an indication that we shouldn't. Plus it just rapes the land. My biggest concern aside from the toxicity is the earthquakes caused by fracking. That is a logical outcome. Doing that in California seems particularly foolish. And for what? More money, more and more money.


What is really scary is the latest EPA Executive Assessment, better known as a whitewash of frackers, which proves that this country has the finest system of government that money can buy.

With the police departments standing ready to do the bidding of their corporate masters, we the people need a series of strategies to return this country to a democracy.


The fascism that has so many of us born into a chemicalized world, inhaling and swallowing massive varieties of known toxics, made legal by corporate-state collusion at the expense of the little people, continues to reign unimpeded.
Truth never impedes fascists or raw capitalists, even when they attend church.They are free to undermine democracy, lie, poison and sicken people to make profit.
Wakey wakey.
Excuse me, I need to go use my inhaler so i can breathe.


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