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Emboldened by Trump, Israel Moves to 'Legalize' West Bank Settlements

Emboldened by Trump, Israel Moves to 'Legalize' West Bank Settlements

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

On the morning after Donald Trump's election victory, Israeli education minister Naftali Bennett declared: "The era of a Palestinian state is over."

Moves this week by "emboldened" right-wing Israeli politicians offer evidence to support that statement.

When Mussolini embraced Hitler, that brought WW-II much closer. I wonder who will be the third member of the Axis this time? Probably the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization.


You are a bizarrely ignorant human being. So much ignorance in so few sentences.

Talk about strange bedfellows. So we have 99% of the lot of anti-semites, white supremasists behind strump, and that inspires Israel?


Yeah, Obama and Bibi are best buds. Likud is really going to miss the Democrats, who failed to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran as McCain sang. But you probably just mean the democrats have more Jews, right?

There is nothing new in that. The Christian Right has long contained many anti Semites who see the battleground of Israel as a fulfillment of prophecy. I don’t think that Brannon is of that mind. Just your garden variety racist.

It would really be good for you to name the two Jewish people who were human enough to
speak up … especially when one of them was my candidate, BERNIE SANDERS.


It’s time to reveal Israel’s 9/11 role, and end them.

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Let me know when the Trump government emerges as defenders of a Palestinian State in the West Bank. I guess I have to rely on your pipeline to Trump.

End them. And so the progressives find common cause with the vilest of the Right.

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I was trying to tell you guys. Something doesn’t add up here. There’s no evidence at all that Steve Bannon is anti-Semitic. He ran a pro-Israel publication that has Jews working for it in Jerusalem. Only an off-the cuff remark claimed by his divorced wife, was all I could find.

However, both right-wing states are aiming at apartite (sp?) Both want to get rid of their poor people. This is not strictly racism. It’s a brutal class and culture war, imho.


One Nation, that stole their land from the original inhabitants, emboldened by the leader of another Nation that did the same.

Can’t higher thinking, and actual spirituality, somehow, ever prevail?


Israeli extremists never miss an opportunity to destabilize world peace, create conflict, or subvert American sovereignty, corrupting those who are supposed to represent our interests, not further those of a foreign power. The influence over a Trump/RepubliCon administration will no doubt be extreme as well, with the usual consequences for Palestinians, and likely Iran.
The arrogance and defiance/contempt for International Law is shown by countless racist discriminatory actions in Israel and the Occupied Territories - this linked piece is representative of that contempt and arrogant exceptionalism.


All Israeli lap-dogs in Congress and positions of power are a clear and present danger to all people…


Can’t get this kind of info from MSM.

With “friends” like Israel, we don’t NEED enemies!

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HOW TRUE! about the United Shithole of Amerika and Israel. “Higher thinking” will NEVER prevail, as our “days are numbered” as a species.

An off the cuff remark you say? Is that what you think of testimony under oath and transcibed for the record? Your off the cuff comment about “apartite” and poor people is just a muddle.

The next Great Fascist Axis will consist of Trump-Putin-LePen-Farage-NPD (Germany) - plus Al-Sisi-Netanyahu, and with the help of Putin in wiping out half of Syria’s population, Assad and oh, I almost forgot, Duterte…

But hey, there will be peace (a long as you don’t cause trouble), and those annoying Jewish neoliberal bankers and technocrats won’t be running things - and no more of their global warming hoax too! No more meddlesome labor unions or racial/religious minorities either - especially Musliims… hooray!

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Spirituality, and imagining that a creator designated a minor portion of its creations as the “chosen people,” are not compatible. Until the three great morally bankrupt faiths pass, conflict is baked in.

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And the condemnation of this action from Democratic Party leaders/Members of Congress???

Or of any of the other illegal, inhumane acts of the Israeli government against Palestinians???

Still waiting

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