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Embracing Bold Platforms, Progressives Working to Unseat Corporate Dems Nationwide


Embracing Bold Platforms, Progressives Working to Unseat Corporate Dems Nationwide

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Driven by the conviction that the Democratic Party must undergo a fundamental transformation if it is to vanquish both the immediate threats posed by President Donald Trump and deep-seated societal ills that were present long before Trump arrived on the scene, progressive insurgents throughout the country are


If I had a nickel for every time I’ve read this story over the last 4 decades.

It’s the system, dude, not the individuals.

You’re not electing “progressives”. You’re always electing Democrats. And the result—as it has been for nearly a half a century–will be exactly the same. Some day you’ll prove you’re actually smarter than the right wing trogs you look down on!


I agree. As long as you keep voting in a political system that runs on money, you will, sooner or later, be right back where we are, now. New faces can bring new ideas, but when faced with the cost of being re-elected for another term, the temptation to opt for the big money will be hard to resist. Never underestimate the power of big money to control this political system. There’s a reason the party is so obsessed with a candidate’s ability to raise money rather than a candidate’s ideas.


The substance of this article could have been written fifty years ago. The Democratic Party is just as opposed to Left politics now as it was then. It’s sad to see people repeat the same mistakes instead of learning from what others have done - or more specifically, failed to do, before.

“This is a remarkably aware, awakened, active new generation looking at politics as not an option anymore but an obligation. I looked around and I saw a Democratic Party not doing much at all to welcome that group to the fold,”

This isn’t about a “failure to welcome” or simple neglect by party leadership. It is committed and powerful opposition that has been extremely successful for decades at squashing and co-opting progressive insurgency. If you aren’t realistic or informed about the nature of the task at hand, please stop wasting your time and energy. It could be better spent building movements that aren’t dependent upon or tied to a political party.



They are going to have to work pretty hard, because I ain’t holding my breath.

It’s only rearraigning deck chairs on the Titanic. The whole system is corrupted.


The Intercept does some good work. But beware:


I personally don’t think it will work as I believe it’s already too late. Although, I fully support them trying as this may well be the last chance to save the US from total fascism.


While I applaud their desire for change, they are doomed to inevitable failure. The system is rigged for a reason. It is designed for exactly this occasion. The fascists own the system now…they own the ballot boxes.,count the votes, write the laws, own the courts, have more money then God, completely control the media…no you will not vote your way out.

Real change will only come by challenging the very system itself. Until the people rise up for real actual change, you will get what you always have…sham elections and Corporate control. Sorry to burst the bubble but the truth is the truth.


Exactly right Drone 1066.


Which system(s)? The white supremacist gerrymandered South? The corruption of SCOTUS appointments? The overt discriminatory nature of criminal justice, and PIC racist legal outcomes?
Would another system(s) change the trajectory of Predestination, Manifest Destiny and American Exceptionalism; the goal of all Empires?
Can this White Privilege, a real human stain of inherited white wealth and class, be changed by some ism?
I think not. Just by creating another vehicle to carry the poison forward? Really?


Why do they not unite around the the reversal of Citizens United?


Because it brings in a lot of money from the donor class to buy them off. I see from your comments that you don’t really understand that the Democrats are the other face of the same coin. Both Parties serve the wealthy.


Try at least 70 years since the mucky mucks of the DNC conspired to keep the VP nomination away from progressive Henry Wallace at the 1944 convention. FDR was strongly in favor of Wallace as his VP but they made sure that a mediocrity named Harry Truman received the nomination. Truman ended up succeeding FDR when he died the next year. He approved the use of atomic bombs on Japan and he signed the National Security Act into law in 1947 which was the beginning of the gigantic surveillance state that we currently live under, our version of “Big Brother”. Wallace would never have sanctioned either of these.
More details can be seen in Oliver Stone’s “The Untold History of the United States”, available on Netflix.


Gore Vidal correctly pointed out that the two party system in this country is simply two wings of the “Property Party”. Also, someone once said something that these entrenched establishment Democrats refuse to take seriously - “When you have a political campaign with a Republican and a Democrat posing as a Republican, the voters usually choose the real one.” That might account for the fact that about 100 million people who could have voted in Nov. 2016 decided not to. The Demo party will remain essentially the same as long as it responds to big money donors more than the people and as long as it has dinosaurs like Feinstein, Schumer and Pelosi in its ranks. Feinstein is 85 years old and intends to run for yet anther 6 year term. If she is the best that the Demos in one of the most progressive states in the country can come up with, that is pathetic.


Does this mean the dimcritters found a 12 step program to shake corporate money addiction ?


2 cheeks of the same backside!


I’ll believe it when I see it. Until we get money out of politics, which some candidates in California have already pledged to do and are doing it, nothing will change, especially the damn dems.


I agree, but you offer nothing of how we go about changing that system.


Great! What are your ideas to challenge the system.


In my view, this just more of the same ol same ol. I am sure many progressives are well meaning about “unseating Corporate Dems Nationwide” but if the last election should have taught them anything it is that Bernie proved the DNC is so corrupt that it cannot be reformed. The DNC used Bernie to fool many, many well meaning albeit politically naive, people and they are very good at being the fake opposition party and so it will not be changed until the corruption is rooted out.