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Embracing Bold Platforms, Progressives Working to Unseat Corporate Dems Nationwide


I am not sold yet on the progressive wave. In 2016 progressives lost important primary races to establishment Democrats in Maryland and Pennsylvania and I believe all of the primary candidates back by Sanders lost. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz easily defeated a progressive challenger despite all the bad publicity she received. And with so many registered Democrats being African-Americans and Latinos it is critical for Democrats running in primary to address their specific issues. Of course in any race traits like personality and experience matters and so do more local issues in many cases. It is unlikely that just supporting Sander’s position on several issues such as healthcare, tuition, and the minimum wage will get very many people elected in primary contests.


What you believe is really the basis of all your problems. Just sayin’. Try the truth.


So, nothing has changed in 40-50 years with/by the Democratic iniatives? Since you read the same articles, over and over, and they always sound the same, but produce little. Well, I suggest reading a different article. After almost 1/2 a century that one could use a rest.
How many things have changed since 1974-75? I’d say tons and under Democrats more good things, than bad. But, keep blaming them for Republican follies and corrosive policy. It’s easier, right?
With some folks it’s always the Democrats fault.


"According to a Harvard-Harris poll conducted last October, 52 percent of Democrats think “movements within the Democratic Party to take it even further to the left and oppose the current Democratic leaders.”

Unfortunately, the further left Democrats go, the less political bribes they receive, the more elections they lose. The oligarchy rigged the system.

Direct Democracy


Oh I concur. At times like these when we question our efforts and what they accomplish, I am always reminded of the White Rose movement in Germany. They were a bunch of students in Germany , opposed to Facism and war and Racism and trying to reveal the truth of the Fascist regime by distributing leaflets. All were rounded up and murdered by the State.

One might argue that they accomplished nothing , but I suggest they kept that light of truth shining in on all of the lies and were in fact of the light.

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.

Leonard Cohen. Anthem.


Breaking the social programming and outright brainwashing that has the masses enslaved. We must educate…until people realize the nature of their enslavement, they will not be able to effectively resist it. That starts with understanding that only system change that can accomplish anything. We cannot win confined to the very system that enslaves us.

You get the majority of people to actually understand that message…understand who their enemy really is…understand the depth of control that has been used on them…and free their minds to a whole new way, then you will be 90 percent on your way to accomplishing the goal.


Yes all true, but until we get information like this into history books kids use in school, we are destined to continue chasing our tails.


Ohhhh, I love that!


I hope supporters of the more progressive candidate still vote for the Democratic opponent in the general election if their candidate loses in the primary, Defeating the Republicans as they move toward authoritarianism is the most important objective of the election later this year.


The same delusional crap: “make it seem as though progressives are getting somewhere so that the Democratic Party can divert the proposals towards safe, status quo friendly farces”. Like Obama Care instead of single-payer healthcare for all, or the faux Paris Climate “Accords”, a non-binding diversion, or perpetual war.

Just how many times will progressives permit themselves to be fooled with false aspirations about change from within? If they were honest, competent and ethical, admittedly a rare combination, they’d finely start their own bloody party. How many times will we permit faux progressives waving DNC banners to fool us?

Vote only independents or third parties and finally start making a real difference.


ann, you’re making this too hard. And too wrong.

And my position about Democrats has been the same for years. It’s fine to disagree with it, but at least understand it first.

I think Democrats are the bigger danger of the two parties. But not in terms of their policies being worse than the GOPs, although the distinction between them is pretty damned thin.

The danger of Democrats is that they are an institutional/structural impediment to effective opposition to corporate/oligarchic rule. You’re a practical person, so you’ll get this.

We’re stuck with two parties. It’s the system, right (there’s that word again! Eek!). The GOP has always been the go-to party for the rich. So they’re, well, occupied. By using the social trog base for their votes, they’re doubly occupied. So two of the worst sectors in politics have their home in the same party, yes? Okay, so let’s write off the GOP. I suspect we agree on that.

So that leaves Democrats as the only structural opposition possible OR, if not them, another party that supplants them. In short, the rich get one slot. The rest of us get another. And it’s that slot that’s underperforming. Wildly. And that’s the danger. They eat up any possibility of political opposition to power because they serve the same power as the GOP.

Got it?

So any solution attempting to make change formally has to go through the slot we’re allotted. The Democrats have failed miserably. SO you can either change them internally or replace them. That’s the only interesting question in american politics for any radical (I realize that’s not you, but it is me).

To answer your very first question, whether anything has changed in 40-50 years with Democrats, my answer is, not really, no. And in some important respects, we’ve gone backwards. Especially economically and in civil rights. We are in need of far, far more change than merely queer rights to shoot people or get married or for white women to become CEOs. They’re legitimate struggles, certainly, but do you think they rate that highly on the overall to-do list?


The big danger with the transforming-from-inside strategy is that if the transformation by election time is incremental and less than hoped for, which it almost certainly will be, there will still be great psychological momentum towards standing behind whatever the state of the Democratic party is at that time - almost nobody is willing to assess their organizing work and call it “not good enough”, so there will be all the usual claims that perfection is the enemy of the good, that the current state of the party is better than it was before, that people are woke now and there’s always next time, etc. etc. etc. We’ve heard it all many times before, about a party that has been controlled by oligarchs for a long time.

Start clean and fight like hell.


There were 7 or 8 choices for President on the Oregon ballot in the presidential general election of 2016. It’s more than Pepsi, Coke, RC Cola and what have you. 10% of the voters cast ballots for " another, please ". Vanilla Creme Soda?
So, would 16 make a better and more level playing field? My original point is white privilege and white supremacists in the general U.S. adult population ( about 50-60% ) makes " system x " just as lousy as capitalist/oligarchic rule.
Do you really think meaningful climate change options ( Hedges #1 ) will be accepted by minorities without first addressing white privilege? White laws? White justice? White wealth? White hording and conspicuous consumption? 25% of the earth now is for them.
If you do, please tell us what your smoking, because white people need to start using it, pronto. As in, 4 decades ago.:wink::wink::wink:


Best of luck, folks.

It will be of some interest to see what the Democratic apparat does or does not allow at a local level what it has not at a national level. Frankly, I think the low-hanging fruit is elsewhere, given the large fortunes and potential criminal cases involved. Were the local offices free of the central guilt and honest in some roughhewn, elementary way, some movement would have sprung from within the party to right the ills of the 2016 election and the events leading up to that within the party. The fact that there has been almost none and that people like Sanders and Ellison stick so closely to party mantra gives me the impression that this effort is lost from the outset, and that the energy were best placed elsewhere.

But I know good people who feel differently. If you-all can slip a real candidate past the DNC, I can make it to the polls. But meanwhile, I am more confident working on a Plan B.


The DSA does not run candidates for office but instead endorses other parties’ candidates. Thus they have endorsed John Kerry and Barak Obama.

The real heir of Eugene V. Deb’s party, which actually is a real political party and runs candidates is the Socialist Party USA. Unfortunately it is so small it hardly ever gets ballot access in most of the country.


I think you need a recount. We seem to agree about Republicans, but the results of Democratic presidencies have been similar.

Fifty years takes us back to '68, so this is post-LBJ, post-JFK, almost completely post-RFK and MLK. So you cannot be talking about civil rights or the domestic social net, right?

Since 1980, production has increased, prices have increased, wages have kept level or dropped. Certain the so-called “Reagan revolution” has a lot to do with that. But it has carried through just as steadily while Bill Clinton sacrificed labor to balance the budget and while Barack Obama awarded an extra $US 800bn to CEOs and banks as “bailout” while sacrificing the boomer’s long-paid retirement accounts and insisting that GM and others renege on contractual obligations to unions in order to receive “bailout” funds for high-level executives.

The wars in the Middle East continued through the Clinton and Obama years as well as through the Reagan, Bush, and Cheney years.

The violent interventions in Central and South America reduced while the major push in the Middle East started with Bush II, but largely because mercenaries were hiring gorilas from South America to violate new countries and agreements in the Middle East. Coups in Honduras and the Ukraine as well as violent groups operating in Syria came with US funding under Obama and funding from 5 nations that also contributed to the H Clinton campaign.

When Obama entered office, he expanded the military and spending, expanded the drone strikes, expanded the persecution of the press at home and abroad, particularly by persecution of whistleblowers.

The TPP was an Obama project, as NAFTA was a B Clinton project.

There really was a time when the Democrats were a lesser evil compared to the Republicans because they had dropped the “Solid Democratic South” but retained something of the Roosevelt New Deal and labor spirit.

But I think that when you say “fifty years,” you are not taking the case back far enough. The Democrats were the lesser of evils between maybe 1932 and 1980, more or less, though we might stretch that a bit by giving credit to Democrats who lost to Republican opponents and therefore were not tested in office.

No, the Republicans are bad enough that it’s always worth looking for someone or something better. But there’s no sense kidding ourselves. There are plenty of good, authentically progressive and liberal Democratic voters. But the Democrats who hold office abandoned the ship a couple generations ago. It just has not been profitable for them to admit it.


For the past 40 years Republicans in disguise have been infiltrating the Democratic Party. Democrats do things a little bit differently than Republicans, but not mush.The D&R’s both serve the same people, and it ain’t us. I think the Conservative Democrats in the last election were happier seeing Trump get elected, than they would have been if a Socialist Democrat like Bernie Sanders were elected. After the most unpopular president in history, and his ass kissing Congress, a new and progressive democratic challenge could clean house, across the board. If the same old leadership in the Democratic Party manages to hold power in the next election, the Democrats, and the Nation are finished. We can all sit and watch Trump destroy America.


Check out the newly elected Virginia Legislature/Assembly. I believe a DSA candidate won a seat, helped by Sandernistas.


Before Clinton how many foreign auto companies ( Beemer, Honda, VW, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, M-Benz ) were building cars in the U.S./Canada?
Or, are Americans not allowed a choice in autos?
I’m not interested in doing tit-for-tat without white people at CD getting off their talking points and addressing their huge white privilege bonus. It’s disingenuous and deep denial, gone off the rails. It’s a real tell, as well. Roughly 92% of blacks and 67% of Hispanic-Americans, 50%+ Asian-Americans, et al voted Democratic. And, you want to tell them the Ds are the real evil. U R 2 FUNNY!!!


If the tea baggers could pull the Republicans to the extreme right, why can’t Progressives pull the Dim Party to the left?