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Embracing Bold Platforms, Progressives Working to Unseat Corporate Dems Nationwide


The sockpuppets are out in force.


Ironically enough, it was Harry Truman. If memory serves, the actual quote was, “If you give people a choice between a real Republican and a fake one, they’ll pick the real one every time.”


I have one question for those who demean third-party activists: what have you done to make election laws the same for all comers?

You’re the kind of person who preaches “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps!” to people who can’t afford boots. :rage:


Because progressives are grassroots and the tea party is astroturf (follow the money, honey).


The Tea Party was bankrolled by billionaires. Whatever sincere grassroots conservative politics existed in the Tea Party movement just became cover for extreme austerity, regressive tax schemes, neoliberalism and deregulation. In other words, everything billionaires wanted all along. The Republican Party plays the same role on the Right that the Democratic Party plays on the Left - which is to funnel genuine populist energy into support for what ruling class elites want.

“The trick never ages; the illusion never wears off. Vote to stop abortion; receive a rollback in capital gains taxes. Vote to make our country strong again; receive deindustrialization. Vote to screw those politically correct college professors; receive electricity deregulation. Vote to get government off our backs; receive conglomeration and monopoly everywhere from media to meatpacking. Vote to stand tall against terrorists; receive Social Security privatization. Vote to strike a blow against elitism; receive a social order in which wealth is more concentrated than ever before in our lifetimes, in which workers have been stripped of power and CEOs are rewarded in a manner beyond imagining.”

  • Thomas Frank, What’s The Matter With Kansas


“Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows that the war is over
Everybody knows that the good guys lost…”
—Leonard Cohen


Thanks for that. I was never sure where the quote came from. Yes, it is ironic, which is a good word to describe so much of that these sellouts of both parties really are.


Well, let’s see, the tea party had a lovely helping hand from Koch, Inc., lots of money money money for oodles of astroturf. And then the righty-thinky tanks, again, along with Koch leadership nd even more money, formed ALEC, the corp=o=rat driven boilerplate legislation stamp farm.
The oligarchy has been playing the long game, the Dems, not so much it seems, although methinks they find common cause with the richy-richy status quo due to campaign, erm, contributions…

Seriously, I wish I had a real answer to your thoughtful query.


This Ideology of Idiots is so successful that the people of Kansas re-elected the governor who led the Rethug measures to essentially bankrupt their state. Brownback has been a disaster for Kansas and there are many other governors who are copying his loathsome agenda.


Your memory doesn’t serve you.


part of the answer you already have. but the other half is this: the party didn’t move further right. rhetorically, yes, but policy? no.

look at their legislative agenda. it’s the same as it always is. tax breaks for the rich. deregulation. corporate favors. further, the reactionary foreign policy stuff and the surveillance state is also old AND bipartisan.

the problem with party propaganda–for BOTH parties–is that it treats rhetoric as synonymous with policy. And that’s just simply not true.


Don Henley’s version is great:


What I’ve been saying, everybody! The Democratic Party has to change, beginning with reform of the Democratic National Committee - the most un-Democratic organization in America. It showed its true colors when it elected Tom Perez over Cory Booker as Chair. If The Party of the People doesn’t starting living up to its title, it will go down along with the Republican Party and we will be left with a string of Donald Trump look-alikes in the Oval Office, and the United States of America will disappear in a corporate miasma.


“Citizens United” is the source of the problem. With no “limits” on the amount of money that can be donated to a political candidate, the 1% and the corporations effectively now control the political process. Any “progressive” candidate will simply be “out spent” by those who are now effectively “own” our political system. Then consider the “net worth” of the members of Congress. The average is well over the million dollar range for members of the House of Representatives. Over five million (average) for our Senators. Also look at who gets the most donations from the big corporations and the “special interests”… And is the Supreme Court “impartial” today? What about President Trump, billionaire? Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House got a half million dollar check from Koch Industries for his “good work” at cutting the tax rate for corporations from 35% to 21%. No doubt about it. The Rich Rule!


Right On! The only salvation America has is to really make America great again by moving our country to the left, not the right. The right is a dead end of fascism and totalitarian phony Christian oligarchy that will destroy our democratic republic. We must move forward, clean up and stop pollution, move off fossil fuels, have non profit single payer health care for all and majority rule again. We must care for one another. No more all for me and nothing for everyone else. No more greed and selfishness. We must encourage all for one and one for all thinking. If everyone is better off, than so will I be better off because I am a part of we. If everyone is only for themselves than we fail because united we win divided we fall. Pope Francis is right. Our diversity is our strength, not a weakness. Together, we can create a cleaner, safer, healthier country for everyone. We have been going the wrong way on the path to hell and we need to turn this ship around and make things better. God stands for truth, love, unselfishness, caring and sharing. The devil stands for lies, bigotry, hate, greed, and selfishness. There is nothing Christian about hating anyone, not even gays. The Bible says nothing about birth control or fertilized eggs. Abortion was legal and practiced in the Old and New Testament and Jesus never spoke against it. The unborn had no rights in Bible times. That isn’t to say that all the unnecessary abortions are good. We must reduce this. But the best way to reduce and hopefully eliminate unnecessary abortions is responsible sexuality and the use of birth control. No unwanted pregnancies will result in much fewer need for abortion. That is the best way to solve this. Our abortion laws are OK the way they are but we must do better getting young women access to sex education and birth control. Young men also must be more responsible to make sure to prevent pregnancy and take more responsibility. This is not saying anything against abstinence. Abstinence is good, if people can do it. It is just not practical to depend on only abstinence as a way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Anyway, people have been lied to and misled for purely political reasons and to help wealthy oliogharchs take over America, not to increase morality in this country. Right wing morality is a lie. People need to see the truth. Democrats have given in too much to fossil fuels and the right wing agenda. It is time to push back. We have right on our side. Truth and love is the way. Climate change and toxic pollution is real. We don’t need nuclear weapons or mini nukes, either. Caring for everyone is really pro life, not what republicans want to do which is really pro death and starvation and misery for millions to feed the already too wealthy. Our eyes have been opened. Time to fight back to make America the clean and caring country that it should be.


Bad guys would use the Revolution to declare martial law and seize power. We must find a way to make democracy work. I think that some of the newer democrats might do it. I’m hoping that Bernie runs again with Liz Warren as Vice President. Perhaps I’m too optimistic, but I think that we can do it. We must keep trying. Anyway democrats are better than these republican scumbags. No democrat would have passed the tax scam or even tried to pass this abomination of a budget. No democrat would cut Social Security or Medicare. More things were done to fight climate change under Obama than will ever happen under any republican administration. I say keep voting for democrats. The greens should join the democrats and help push the party to the left. People like Liz Warren don’t take corporate money. There is more hope than you think. Also, we can get better candidates and vote better in the primaries. If people don’t vote for good candidates in the primaries what can we do? More people need to vote in the primaries, not enough do. Democracy only works if we work it and everyone needs to participate and educate themselves. It’s up to us to make our government work for us. We must demand that it does. We can protest, write letters and contact our elected officials and we can vote them out if they don’t listen. We must fight harder, but it takes everyone to fight. We must get more people involved. Cynical thinking doesn’t help, it just discourages everyone. Never give up, the bad guys don’t give up. Keep up the fight for what is right with all of our might!


That loathsome agenda is being copied because the biggest donor to the repblcan party are the evil Koch brothers. Read Democracy in Chains. The Koc brothers, especially Charles Koch want only theme military, law enforcement and for profit prisons, that’s all. No public schools, no Social Security, no disability, No Medicare, no Medicaid, no food stamps, no meals on wheels, no housing assistance, no DHS, no EPA, no CDC, no NIH, no nothing. If you are homeless and hungry too bad. No health insurance for poor people at all no ability to go to the hospital. The Koch brothers make Scrooge look like Santa Claus. They want only government that serves the ultra wealthy and no more. They want next to no federal government and no income taxes. The Kochs give $400 milliom to $900 million per election year to the republicans, more if needed. They practically ow the Republican Party. Right now republicans have seventeen times the campagn monies that democrats do. The only reason democrats win is because money can only do so much. The Kochs are getting tired of spending this money so their big plan is to rewrite the Constitutiin and make all of their horrible ideas permanent. They only need two more republican governors to do this and they will call a Constitutional Convention and permanently change our Constitution. They have already held mock conventions. This would create a fascist oliogharchic totalitarian dictatorship and we would have minority rule by the rich for the rich instead of our democratic republic with majority rule. To me this is sedition and treason, at the very least it is tyranny! We must not allow this! Democrats vehemently oppose this as do any real patriotic Americans. The Kochs and their allies always wave the flag and the cross and say how patriotic and Christian they are as they betrayeverythimg that democracy and Christianity stands for. This is how they fool people. They scream USA USA! while they really want to destroy the USA, etc. it is all hypocracy and phony lies. They want to con us all and bait and switch and before we know it we have lost our freedom and our democracy. They are using fake Christianity to do this also. Simple naive people are easily taken in by this and they demonize the left and democrats because we don’t pander to empty patriotism and superficial Christianity so much. They say we don’t care when we really do, we are not so loud about it, that’s all. Don’t let them fool you. But this is why the same agenda keeps coming up for republicans, because they are following the ALEC and Koch brothers playbook. Look into the Koch brothers it will open your eyes!


Yes, Citizen’s United and corporate personhood is destroying our democracy! Some laws go back years giving corporations too much power. They all must be repealed. This is why we must keep electing democrats because republicans are putting far right judges on the Supreme Court and federal bench with little fetime appointments. All they need are 51 votes in the Senate. I wish it were a 2/3 majority instead, because judges are not supposed to be partisan. Republicans are evil and using every dirty trick they can to give themselves unlimited power without any concern for democracy. They want dictatorship!


Your comments are appreciated if somewhat naive. In fact, Democrats HAVE
talked about reducing Social Security. Bill Clinton was in discussions with
the loathsome Newt Gingrich about reducing Social Security before he was
involved in his sex scandal and impeachment. Barack Obama was in
discussions with John Boehner for the purpose of doing much the same thing.
You really need to check out the Gilens and Page study about how
unresponsive BOTH parties are in the Congress to the wishes of the American
people. The dysfunction and corruption of our federal government is worse
than you seem willing to accept. As for me being “cynical” I have a quote
from the great playwright, George Bernard Shaw, to share with you - "The
power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have
not got it."
Of course, the Democrats are “better” than these appalling Republicans. I
DO vote for Democrats but I am also aware that they are a shell of the
party that they could have been. Remember what Gore Vidal once said about
our political system - "It is composed of two wings of the “Property
Party”. Be careful about how much of your “bleeding heart” you devote to
the Democrats.


The only likely ways is to vote only for those that are willing to swear a blood oath that they will not court lobbyists or except any corporate donations.
The other is to storm the capital with pitchforks and signs. And I mean as many thousands as it would take for them all to pack their bags and leave. We would then hopefully have a (special election) process to elect replacements. I know, dream on. Got a better idea? G