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Embracing Ecological Realism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/10/embracing-ecological-realism


Spot on, Mr. Koehler. I heard John Kerry say that dealing with climate change will not require sacrifice. He also mentioned that there is “money” to be made by switching to renewable energy sources. How long is “growing up” going to take?


We must just simply agree on not killing each other .

Is that so difficult …? All evolving species get to that point . Its moving from a primitive conciousness on the 6th yard line of evolution to a little bit up the field .


I’d add the cynical manipulative hubris of propaganda that sneered “Yeah, the system is not perfect, but its the best we’ve got and better than all the others.”
Voila! Temporal orientation sliced, diced and packaged for corporate usurpation. What a self-serving crock of $#!!. You have no past, you have no future so bend over and smile.

We have a profoundly ethically and morally destructive neo-feudal $#!! show traipsing about claiming to be a federal government.


I would like to start embracing ‘ecological realism’ by recommending a couple of ideas.
I think calling ourselves Earth-Be-ings (or Earthlings) is a good place to start.

Then, I would like to fully embrace the MIC (military-industrial-complex).
[Hear me out]

Considering the idea of ‘political realism’ we understand that Earth (some cultures more than others) has an under-educated population. Most Earth-Be-ings are still concerned with small group protection of resource survival instincts. We need to increase the size of the group, expand and enhance education.

We need to have a common goal and a common enemy to create an Earth group. Using the prevalent low-level evolutionary thought patterns we will redefine the group as the Earth group by defining the enemy as a potential future unknown non-Earth group(s) (aliens, extra-terrestrials, space entities, galactic civilizations).

[Transitional period details: To be identified and defined]
• Planet survival
• Food production
• Education / Training
• Manufacturing
• Additional
• Future unknowns


Ultimately the philosophical and educational aspirations of the group evolve out the need for militaristic purposes beyond a defensive strategy for self-preservation.
An example would be the use of Aiki.

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Unfortunately, even for Noam Chomsky and Robert Polin, “realism” about climate change means embracing the notion that private capitalist, for-profit institutions, and the government politicians that serve them, will lead these efforts.

I would like to overcome capitalism, but it’s not in the relevant time scale. Global warming basically has to be taken care of within the framework of existing institutions, modifying them as necessary. - Noam Chomsky

As Noam said, we don’t have time to totally overturn capitalism. We have to get to net zero emissions in no less than 30 years, and capitalism is still going to be around then. So we have to think about ways through which we can incentivize this transition that will also be egalitarian, in the sense that it will open up opportunities for small-scale enterprises.- Robert Pollin


The result will, inevitably, lead to environmental racism, imperialist extraction, atrocities against indigenous peoples, and an even greater ballooning of inequality.


Yes thank you!
I feel he is in touch with reality, so if the scientists can just tell him *exactly how radical he has got to be, and why; I think he will listen when he realises what is at-stake. Unlike his Dunce Predecessor, he has a mind that respects and operates in reality and a heart that cares!


If you referring are referring to President Biden, the question is 'care about whom"? I know he has always cared about the rich and powerful.

And, with respect to science, the US STEM community - the community in which I work - is extremely technologically advanced, but socially the community is in a very sorry state. I encourage you, and others, to read The Tradegy of American Science(_https://www.haymarketbooks.org/books/1467-the-tragedy-of-american-science). It outlines the degree to which the US STEM community has allowed itself to be a tool of corporate capitalism and the military. To wit: consider how Jonas Salk insisted that the “public owns the Patent” to the Polio vaccine. Now, listen to the lack of demand, among the US STEM community, for COVID-19 vaccine patents to be owned by the public.

With respect to the climate crisis, the “Biden Plan” for energy policy is a very top-down, profit-driven, approach led be business leaders and powerful politicians. It is certain to promote environmental racism, oppression of indigenous peoples, and an expansion of the chasm between the wealth few and the rest of humanity.

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It’s not difficult, the precautionary principle and law of cause and effect is pretty easy to understand.

We simply observe and put in principles that work for the highest good of all

One for All and All for One.

No more enemies please! With nearly every congressional district in the country having a sizable portion of it’s workforce locked into the military industry (explaining why two senate democrats sided to sell more f-35s). We simply need to overturn those weapons factories into renewable energy facilities. There is no doubt in my mind that those workers would rather build something constructive. It is essential that we move from hate and fear to love for our mother Earth.
My the force of love be with you!


You are right to mention “sanity” as a goal in our struggle to continue to exist. It has never been more clear that we are ruled by psychopaths, not just misguided, uninformed or willfully, proudly ignorant people–psychopaths, deranged, malevolent entities, who get off on degrading and killing others, whilst making money big-time of course. Our Third Reich has come, complete with our Nazis willing to follow any orders whatsoever. Heil!

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the solution to the environmental crises will require many changes, obviously in energy production, but also in stopping our runaway population growth still adding another billion in about 12 years, then another billion… this cannot be sustainable on a finite planet, yet some are going backwards in encouraging even faster population growth and many others choose to ignore this reality

Hi Elcil:
I like this. It will be easy for the Earth Be-ings to recognize each other from the aliens.
The Earth Be-ings are gardening and producing foor—and the aliens are counting money. The money counters will learn quickly that those who work EAT. : )

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Well, that’s what Humans means. Human has the same etymological root as the words humble, lowly - and humus, dirt - we are low creatures, creatures of dirt, creatures of Earth - Earth-lings = Hum-ans.


I am trying to remove the white euro male homo sapien dominance of the planetary conversation, as much as I can, using said language.
Earth BE-ings = Beings of Earth. Humans may join the group too.

(I also joke with the term BE-ing as an existential play on the word from some thought journey, from a time so far back it has just become a feeling of knowledge and no longer an actually memory. It is “that time when it happened and it changed my state of mind”. It has become a part of me - to simply “BE”.)

I believe the term is politically correct.
Thank you for the smile.

Well, I will wait to observe: Some of my climate activist colleagues are slightly optimistic, esp after the appointment of Deb Halland.
‘Cares about’? He cares about people - to those who know him well; and reality. You fix him as a classic + stuck neo-liberal; I will wait to see!