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Embracing Extreme 'Go-It-Alone' Agenda, Anti-Science Trump to Skip Climate Portion of G7 Summit


Embracing Extreme 'Go-It-Alone' Agenda, Anti-Science Trump to Skip Climate Portion of G7 Summit

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Once again demonstrating his utter contempt for the environment, science, and America's closest allies, the White House announced on Thursday that President Donald Trump will duck out of the G7 summit in Canada this weekend just in time to miss key sessions on the climate crisis and the health of the world's oceans.


From the article:

“The American president may not mind being isolated, but neither do we mind signing a six-country agreement if need be.”
–Emmanuel Macron

If that’s the beginning of a campaign to BDS the US, I say bring it on.

Indispensible? NOT.


Am I correct in saying Trump has already skipped an international summit meeting of first world countries on the issue of the environment, global warming, etc… He skipped the meeting and took a vacation in the United Kingdom, and then got really bad press in the U.K. when he harshly criticizing the London mayor. Trump is the worst president I have seen in my lifetime. I can think of Nixon in comparison but Nixon was simply incompetent. Trump is corrupt to the hard core and fixated on the three concepts I, me and mine. He fits the official psychiatric definition of narcissistic sociopath.

So what are we going to do differently in the next presidential election to remove Trump from the White House? The Democrats lost their chance of running the number one contender against Trump, Bernie Sanders. The polls showed Sanders as the much stronger candidate against Trump. The Democrats ran the consummate insider Democrat, Hillary Clinton. The result was the worst voter turn out in 70 years. Is anything going to be different in 2020 elections?


This Trump Administration has “no” great accomplishments.

Only great embarrassments.


I found this interview from last night most informative and humorous:



It’s the end of America as we know it!


what a surprise…


Hopefully… I think we need to go Progressive, like it or not. I personally would like it, but I know that there are a lot already programmed against Progressives. We need to think of the climate, seriously ending the mis-named Citizens United, since it just allows a lot more corporate influence…and all they’re interested in is legislation favorable to their profits (aka the people be damned). Frankly, I’m sick and tired of being asked to donate, donate, donate in order to keep up with their obscene amount of wealth. None or us little guys are in a position to do that while nonetheless craving a leader who understands the meaning of a government being for, of and by the people. We’re going to need to organize en masse to elect someone who really understand and believes in what this country should be standing for…and it’s not more wars, relaxed environmental laws and gross income inequality…wishing us luck and a great candidate for President next time around,


And the rest of the world feels fine!


Democrats show their utter contempt for science… not a single one lives as if “climate” is an issue and continues to use 12 times the energy of the common man. If it were such a big deal you think at least ONE would change their lifestyle.


The next time around is Trump being re-elected as president or a Democratic candidate insider like Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden are the one and only alternatives. My concern is a repeat of 2016 when polls demonstrated clearly that Bernie Sanders would have won over Trump. Democrats went with the insider Hillary Clinton, and did not win.

Progressive? Yes.


It’s not at all that Trump just doesn’t get it. He is doing Big Polluter’s bidding, that’s all. He’s doing what he chooses to do.


Actually the 2016 election was 3rd best in numbers of people voting since 1968. Not even close to being the worse.
Not that the total is anything to be proud of when less than 60% vote in any election. But it wasn’t the worse at all.


Jake Johnson. Please say it like it is. Trump doesn’t “fail to grasp” the crisis of climate. He is WORKING FOR BIG OIL and that’s why he is skipping the climate portion of G7. That’s also why he’s delisted most of the animals on the endangered species list. That’s why he’s shrunk national monuments land… SAY THE WORDS, JAKE!