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Embracing Grassroots Feminism


Embracing Grassroots Feminism

Salena Tramel

Women’s rights are at a tipping point. Rural and urban women workers on the frontlines of climate chaos experience the most acute violations of their rights to land, food, and territory at this time of escalating hunger and malnutrition, and steady erosion of democracies.

Around the world, these women are taking the patriarchy to task, while healing the environment – all the time building the movement for grassroots feminism. Today, International Women’s Day, is a time for protest, organizing, and celebration.



Class YES! We do need a liberatory feminism, not a bourgeois feminism that just replaces male ruling class hacks and war criminals with female ruling class hacks and war criminals (like Pelosi and HRC).



Yes, women’s rights and everybody’s whose not a wealthy white male, are at tipping points. But not yet over the top: see these stellar contrasting notes on such things ringing in our ears right now:

  1. For what was arguably massive electoral treason as well as massive lying, massive money-laundering, massive theft, & massive fraud on many other points, Manafort gets 47 months. Meanwhile, Chelsea Manning is still being massively harassed after being imprisoned in isolation much longer by the US Government for outing the US Government’s own massive treasonous fraud against us all.

  2. Ilhan Omar gets endlessly harrangued by bigots from both parties for calling out US chronic, massive, treasonous funding of Israeli Apartheid against Palestinians. Meadows doesn’t even get called out for making a career of his racism, his sexism, his uncounted other bigotries. Ditto Trump, King, and the entire GOP host.

  3. As if proving it is also privileged white wealthy women fighting against all other women’s rights, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sneers at AOC’s genius strokes inspiring millions more women and others to join the historically & economically & socially racist Democratic Party, as does Senator Dianne Feinstein condescending to young women speaking blunt, obvious, scientifically proven truth to her clinging to power representing only the wealthy white men who prop her up there.

Go figure. Figure out how we will get democracy welcomed into, instead of chronically fought against, by the US Democratic Party!



The goddess has risen, but as usual, faces extreme backlash from the patriarchal culture.

I am presently reading Anne Baring’s book: “The Dream of the Cosmos–a Quest for the Soul.” It speaks of a previous “lunar” or feminine based belief system in which masculine and feminine were in balance–this was long before the “Christian” era. Then the hordes came from the North and revamped the landscape and the culture with their “solar” gods, took over. Patriarchy was born, and has stayed in power over the millennia. But now, once again, the Divine Feminine rises and threatens the Patriarchy. But this time…people are more awake and aware of the need for balance.

What we have lost in this long horrible process is our “Soul” as part of the Cosmos. We are all made of the same stuff–every single cell and particle is made of the same stuff–in the entire Cosmos. Time to realize that.



Two children are given one candy bar to be split between them. How that candy bar gets divided tells us so much about how we will turn out as adults.

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You are so right gandolf.



If replying to myself is allowed, then please consider this addendum taken from James Risen at The Intercept today: “While Manafort was sentenced to 47 months for bank fraud and tax crimes, Winner last year got 63 months for leaking a classified document about Russian hacking attempts. And that should bother anyone who cares about equality under the law and press freedom in the United States.”

Reality Winner was treated as if she were a black man by today’s rotten racist, sexist, corrupt judiciary.



And I kept telling people that if Trump were elected and he had the house and senate too, there would be hell to pay. Not enough listened I guess. I didn’t think about a Manafort and all the other misfit toys Trump has animated.