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Embracing Need for 'WWII Style Mobilization,' California Set to Go Big on Climate


Embracing Need for 'WWII Style Mobilization,' California Set to Go Big on Climate

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Following news that legislation aiming to power California solely with renewable energy by 2045 passed the state Senate, bestselling author Naomi Klein joined Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz and community leaders on Wednesday in calling for a "World War II-scale mobilization" to combat climate change and lead the way in developing environmentally safe technology.


Los Angeles - a city more associated with mandatory private car ownership and use than any other place on earth - will be one of the toughest places to convert to a green infrastructure.


Start with electric driverless autos available like calling a cab.


Bravo California, get Oregon and Washington onboard with you. We are progressive, environmentally friendly states who cherish our air and water which is effected so heavily by all the deregulation of Trump and republicons. Never say it is only Trump, it is a republicon mantra.


But yet they are going to try. leftist defeatist attitude which does not solve problems, however, their is truth to your statement but things can change.


With few other locations having a comparable combination of favorable economy of scale, moderate climate and established transportation corridors, LA has a better chance of succeeding in this battle than most other cities would. Winning hearts and minds of the electorate will be key.

Note that in addition to working with China, Governor Brown recently hosted the German environmental minister to work together on renewable energy, etc.


Los Angeles is not going to be carbon neutral in 8 years. Not even close. Their mass transit system was destroyed many years ago by GM and the city became the blueprint for sprawl pattern development that was copied in many areas of the country. But LA and the state are leading the way in setting goals for carbon emissions reductions and implementing programs like cap and trade to accomplish the goals. So far California is not doing any better than a number of other states in reducing emissions despite the effort probably because such a large percentage of emissions in California are from the transportation sector. Much of the state looks like it was almost designed for energy inefficiency, too many multi-lane highways, too many single-familly houses, too little mass transit, too little compact urban development, etc.


Here’s the official site for the event: mobilize.la Best place to go online to get involved and stay up to date with followups!


Jerry Brown is considering the de-regulation of CA oil refineries.
CA is the third-largest oil producer in the U.S.


The states closest to producing over half of their electricity from renewables?

Iowa and Kansas.


We really need to get rid of cars altogether. This idea that we can replace public transit with driverless uber crap is absurd - the cars by necessity must drive at least a third of their miles “dead” and will create a worse traffic problem than the existing owned, single-occupant car. Uber driverless cabs are also a privatized solution and represent an enormous privatization grab of the infrastructure.

One bus, with 2 minute headways (frequency) on busier streets, 5-10 minutes on secondary streets, replaces at least 50 of those driverless uber cars. Battery electric buses that can run a typical route for an entire shift are now available.

We need to reclaim the streets for people, not cars.


White Los Angenanos’ aversion to riding the bus will be the biggest challenge…


Hydropower is also renewable. So Washington and Oregon are nearly 100 percent renewable.

Also, Ontario, and Quebec, Canada electric generation is practically CO2 free from a mix of hydro and nuclear.


Nice call. Thanks for the 411.


Absolutely right.


Bravo to all working hard to make a difference in CA. Too bad we don’t have a governor in NY with any integrity, empathy, or who gives a shite about anything but his own scheming political ambitions! That goes for the rest of the DINO swine as well…


Good luck California. A state that has twice the rate of blackouts and brownouts than the next runner up. Plus you’re bankrupt.


Dear Los Angeles,

If you’re serious about mobilizing, I have the deployable inventions that you need.

You need electricity at night. My first option is a hot air chimney that runs up the side of a tall mountain. It runs on the waste smokestack exhaust from other industries, from thermal cogeneration and from otherwise unusable low-temperature geothermal fields. Because it runs on existing heat (or on wildly inexpensive solar warm air stored as ground heat until nightfall) it’s cheap electricity. Yes it’s patented. Yes it avoids all sorts of engineering problems that everybody else has. Bonus: it pulls Inland Valley smog up and out so that everybody can breathe better, and this process drops the entire valley’s air conditioning costs too. What’s not to like?

Again, if you’re actually serious about having California energy and manufacturing jobs as opposed to refining Venezuelan oil, like WWII mobilization serious…

I have an extension where solar-heated seawater sends a mix of water vapor and air up the chimney. The water vapor condenses. I call it hurricane fuel because it drives the electric turbines harder. The side benefit is potable water, banked as snow on top of the mountain in winter. Yes, you can ski on it, and yes you now can power the ski lift.

You’re serious about climate, right?

Your city could have a wonderful transit solution if you could solve the “last mile” problem between your subway/rail stations and people’s garages. I have that too. It’s a set of horizontal elevator cars that can hang from cables. Solving the last mile problem means that your existing freeways can handle any leftover traffic. Yes, Teleport Transit uses very little electricity. It’s about 90% lifetime cheaper than your car and freeway system, and 99.9% safer per passenger-mile. It also displaces trucks.

I wish you good luck with your WWII climate mobilization.

I’m just getting started with what I already have.