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Embracing Sanders' Higher-Ed Call, Clinton Expands Debt-Free College Plan


Embracing Sanders' Higher-Ed Call, Clinton Expands Debt-Free College Plan

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Hillary Clinton's newly revised college affordability plan, unveiled Wednesday, clearly bears the stamp of Bernie Sanders and his youth-powered movement—so much so that the senator from Vermont publicly praised it as "very bold initiative" that will "revolutionize the funding of higher education in America."

With the addition of three new proposals, Clinton's higher education plan now calls for:


This is nothing more than an attempt by the Clinton campaign to divert media attention away from the email scandal. Once elected the Clinton’s promises to fight for progressive legislation will disappear faster than that comfortable pair of shoes Obama promised to put on during his campaign in order to “walk the picket line and fight for worker’s rights to organize”.


What about the issue of Universal Health Care as a right, no ifs, ands, or buts? Is Sanders still pushing for it, he hasn’t mentioned it lately. Platforms, still, are not worth the paper they are printed on.


I hear the sound of a bone hitting the cement floor of an empty large room in a defunct abandoned building.

The sound reverberates as it fades.

That’s the sound of the bone being tossed by Clinton to those already betrayed by her utter power lust and greed.

It is sickening to witness all of this. Truly.

Meanwhile, the messaging to the masses ramps up. Ah the age of demented trickery, by the vested ruling lords of our time, festooned with electronic glittering fantasy and farce.


Why would anyone believe any progressive promise from the Bait and Switch Party?

From Jill Stein’s platform:

•Guarantee tuition-free, world-class public education from pre-school through university.
•Abolish student debt to free a generation of Americans from debt servitude.
•Protect our public school systems from privatization.
•Use restorative justice to address conflicts before they occur, and involve students in the process.
•Evaluate teacher performance through assessment by fellow professionals. Do not rely on high stakes tests that reflect economic status of the community, and punish teachers working in low income communities of color.
•Replace Common Core with curriculum developed by educators, not corporations, with input from parents and communities.
•Stop denying students diplomas based on high stakes tests.
•Stop using merit pay to punish teachers who work with the most challenging student populations.
•Restore arts, music and recreation to school curriculums.
•Ensure racially inclusive, sensitive and relevant curriculums.
•Use Department of Education powers to offer grants and funding to encourage metropolitan desegregation plans based on socioeconomically balanced schools.
•Recognize poverty as the key obstacle to learning. Ensure that kids come to school ready to learn: healthy, nourished, secure and free from violence.
•Increase federal funding of public schools to equalize public school funding.


Sanders ramping down expectations has begun. There is only so much time for this project, the ramping down. The convention looms.


Why would Bernie have waited this long to back off? This is at least a bone, and if Philly is as far as Bernie goes, he’ll be back in the middle of the aisle in the Senate, holding Hillary’s feet to the fire.


Do not be in any way surprised, under a Clinton presidency, to see a complex convoluted “debt-free” college tuition plan that upholds the interests of the looting class. Just like her “managed care” health insurance plan did. (And by the time “$15 Now” is finally instituted under a Clinton presidency, many years after the call first went up, the real worth to those at the bottom rung of the working class will be diminished to almost zero. We need “$20 Now” and indexed to real price inflation.)

Sorry Mr. Sanders, sincerely. But to bloody freaking hell with “moving Clinton to the left.” The spots on that war-mongering corporate sell-out leopard will not change.

We don’t have “debt-free” middle school or high school, and we don’t need “debt-free” college, We need PARASITE-FREE college. We need a PARASITE-FREE economy. We need a PARASITE-FREE White House. We’re not gonna get one with Hillary “Looting Class” Clinton in the oval office.


And what about bailouts for those drowning in student loan debt, and changing legislation allowing garnishment of Social Security wages?


The all-year Pell grants and 3-month moratorium make sense. But until she says how she will pay for all this free tuition this must be put in the category of a feel good plan. More details are needed before this should be accepted as a plan with a chance to become law. Clinton is usually good at saying how she would pay for everything but so far not in this case. To keep this for the general election she needs to identify the source of the money. It should be kept in mind that she has pledged not not to raise taxes on families making less than $250,000 a year.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could be happy about this? If it was a typical Dem candidate maybe we could, but not this one. She lies like a dog and hasn’t the slightest intention of doing these things. Maybe other Dems will try for them but she will not instigate these and doubtful she would sign off on them.
I love Bernie and his big inclusive heart. A man for all seasons. He was the candidate chosen by the people, not above the law Clinton.
Never Hillary


Not sure what you are asking me here.

I’m simply stating the FACT that Sanders IS backing off. I mean, he still has a huge following does he not?

This pretense, that this is somehow significant is ridiculous. Not that you are the one pretending here, but rather Hillary and indeed Bernie Sanders. He knows damn well Clinton doesn’t in reality champion such a position.

Conversely I ask, why didn’t she ramp up sooner?

It is as if Clinton’s insults against those very same people she is now tossing a bone at never happened. This bone that is being tossed, will never even land at the feet of those youth for closer inspection. To pick it up, and see it was always a dry, meatless bone to begin with.

I’m not trying to persuade you personally of anything.

This is how I see it, as it stands now.

Bernie is absolutely ramping down expectations among his followers, instead of ramping up the demands before the convention which in my opinion would be the right thing to do.

The ramping down must occur, in order for that cohesive Democratic Party brand to be intact. Sanders, I believe has decided to align himself with that deliverable.

I’m holding Bernie’s feet to the fire in this tiny little comment that doesn’t mean a damn thing to anyone in power. Nada.

It will have zero political impact.


It’s faster than a locomotive, a Flash Gordon Rocket, a speeding bullet fired by our ubiquitous police state as law and order, faster than the Speed of Darkness … Also a bird? A plane?

No. I mean H i LIE LIE a r y pandering to Us Rabble!

Silly Hillary Girl. Don’t you know we are not Rabbits and you are just a Cereal Box full Of Dirty Tricks!

Long Live We, The Rabble
Our Political Revolution,
2016 and Beyond.

Long live Justice,
Indict Them! Indict Them!
Indict Them! Indict Them!

Is EVERYBODY happy? Relax and welcome to our latest installments of Truth, Justice, Democracy Mockery and The American Way! Boop, Boop, Boop Dee Dee!


Of course we will. When the putrid swamps of Washington Politics freeze over!!!


I am with her! No you useful Democratic Party idiots and hacks … NOT HER!!! I am with JILL STEIN!!!


I love watching him make her dance! I swear that is fantastic. You know she cries at her vanity mirror trying to figure out why god is punishing her. "I had it all figured out and then this guy, the ‘Jewish, baby boomer, hippy, socialist from Vermont, wearing a cheap polyester suit, with hobo hair’, is actually making me dance! I’m worth 25 million a year, most money for running the race, and that guy is making me dance!

Lmao :joy:


Also, watch, he’s not gonna give her an endorsement. After she bends over back wards. Watch he won’t do it!


They may have tried to make it appear that Bernie was “…fawning over it.”, but the quotes were merely statements, by Bernie, of facts.

All he did was to factually describe the “plan” as

“…some of the strongest ideas She fought for during the campaign
with Some of the principles that I fought for,
the final work is the product of both campaigns.”

He has not issued a Personal Opinion on the merits of this plan, as of yet.

Before, at his Pre Convention Rally, or at the Convention itself, we will be able hear exactly where he stands and for what and whom he does or doesn’t support.

And we will be in a better position, then, to know our next move.


Where to begin? Corporations that have been buying ‘their’ science is already evident in the educational, social and ecological sphere, not to mention the predominant economic theory in that department that has pushed society out onto a cracking limb.

None of this would have happened without masses of students and teachers calling the bluff of bought and paid for administrators coddling endowment donors and the demonstrably-failing-across-the-board privatization movement.

Education is not an isolated societal common good. It is fully integrated with all aspects of life, regardless of what finance bean counters claim. The predatory profit motive is still in need of some serious ethical and structural critique and ongoing public pressure to put an end to its military and arms juggernaut.

Can you imagine if the armaments and ‘security’ budget were applied to meeting the needs of humanity and the planet rather than destroying for the now patently insane extractive, ever expanding “development” model? You know the one, where the greatest “externalized cost” is creation of “enemies” of those subjected to the plundering? The potential inherent in sustainability is astounding and paths to that need to be part of all considerations, in my humble opinion.


She’d never push this if elected.

And more flip flopping from Hillary, she really doesn’t get that adults with MA’s in their 30s work at Starbucks.

Who cares if some very wealthy family has a kid that wants to go to state university tuition free. This 17 percent is a divide up ruse. She needs to drop this crap.