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Embracing the Saudi War on Yemen


Embracing the Saudi War on Yemen

Robert Parry

As the humanitarian crisis in Yemen worsens, the Obama administration seems less concerned about the plight of the desperate Yemeni people than the feelings of the Saudi royals who have spent the last month indiscriminately bombing a nearly defenseless Yemen, using high-tech U.S. jets and bombs to reportedly kill hundreds of civilians and damage its ancient cities.


How can we believe what we are told when we reflect on past assurances.

CHENEY: The Middle East expert, Professor Fouad Ajami, predicts that after liberation, the streets in Basra and Baghdad are sure to erupt in joy…
RUSSERT: Do you think the American people are prepared for a long, costly and bloody battle with significant American casualties?

VICE PRESIDENT CHENEY: I don’t think it’s likely to unfold that way, Tim, because I really do believe we will be greeted as liberators.

WOLFOWITZ: These are Arabs, 23 million of the most educated people in the Arab world, who are going to welcome us as liberators.


“So, to demonstrate that the Americans are comforting the Saudi royals with “an arm around their shoulders,” the U.S. government is embracing the Saudi bombardment of a largely defenseless country and is turning back ships carrying relief supplies.”

The statement should be amended to specify that it’s American ELITES that are comforting the Saudi Royals.

The following statement serves as a striking metaphor for the framing that tells the (official) story, increasingly:

“Power primarily blamed the Houthis, who “have intensified their military campaign, bombed Aden, and extended their offensive to Yemen’s south.”

Indeed, it is POWER that is defining the storyline and inverting truth to serve its own diabolical ends.


The US economic system is completely dependent on the Saudis, not simply because of their vast oil reserves but because of a longstanding agreement whereby the Saudis sell their oil for US dollars. Were they to switch to the Euro, the yuan or a basket of currencies, the value of the US dollar would plummet, causing a virtual collapse of an American economy dependent on imports. If the Saudis choose to back Al Queda or ISIS the U.S. must comply. They choose to bomb the Houthis out of fear that a heavily populated and independent Yemen will begin to carve off pieces of their largely empty desert kingdom. And Obama meekly goes along, as any US president must when the Saudis make a demand.