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Embracing 'the Sort of Bold Thinking We Need,' Sanders to Unveil Plan to Guarantee Every American a Job


Embracing 'the Sort of Bold Thinking We Need,' Sanders to Unveil Plan to Guarantee Every American a Job

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With the goal of eliminating "working poverty and involuntary unemployment," driving up wages, and curtailing income inequality, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is reportedly planning to introduce a federal jobs guarantee that would provide decent-paying employment and good benefits to every American "who wants or needs" it.


This isn’t radical, except for the fact that politics keeps shifting to the right so every thing seems so. I think a jobs program is great, but my wife and I keep wondering when the middle class is going to be helped. For instance, we make too much for any help, but we can barely afford child care, pay our debt etc. I’m concerned about the poor and working poor, but what about the middle class working pay check to pay check, a group vulnerable to a wide arrange of disasters.


Though this is in the draft stages, overall it’s a hopeful sign because of its livable wage/insurance guarantees.

The break point will be whether it would work out as a true public works program - designed, administered and executed by the federal government - like the WPA, CCC and and many other New Deal programs.

If it devolves into a wasteful “public/private partnership,” it will be Romney/Obamacare all over agains with the public subsidizing private profit while the government takes hits for the high costs, bureaucracy, partial coverage and inaccessibility.

We don’t just need bold thinking, we need bold action. In terms of public works, socialism works and “partnerships” with capitalists don’t.

The fact that Corey Booker and Karen Giilebrand have jumped on is not a good sign. They are “progressive public relations ‘Democrats’” who are mouthpiece for their neoliberal, capitalist, oligarch owners and handlers.


Hopefully this will be passed before the robots put us all out of work. Shouldn’t we be thinking about what to do when Silicon Valley replaces us. Bernie has been busy writing so much legislation that has no hope of passing that he might need to get up to speed on the what is happening in the world when it comes to jobs.

  1. We have few details on what “this” is.
  2. The robotics argument is a red-herring. The vast majority of work is and always will be labor-intensive. The vast majority of high-tech is extremely capitalist-intensive and highly inefficient in that it uses massive amounts of resources and produces massive amounts of wastes.


Some additional details.Booker wants to do a pilot project. Gillebrand is vague. Sanders’ plan is to be administered through states and localities, which is IMO highly problematic on any number of levels. As it stands, this is not very much like the New Deal and is very much like PR.



The poor, working poor and ‘middle class’ are all in the same boat. We are all working class (we work hard for a living) and are the vast majority of the 99%. So look at this, if correctly done, as a way for the 99% to survive a little better until we can win/create something fundamentally better.

TPTB have been historically successful at keeping the working class divided by ethnicity/race, gender and income. Whatever we think of each other, for whatever reasons, we are all in the same political-economic boat and will either row together to some kind of political and economic freedom – or we will continue to beat each other with our oars and drown in the sewer of advanced financial capitalism and global imperialism that we live in.

Your Choice. Our Choice.


Tom Johnson
Columbus, OH USA


The closer the work is to the neighborhood and commmunity, the better it is for lots of reasons. The transportation system benefits, the small businesses in the neighborhood stay open and the chicken coop is closer to the watchdogs, so to speak. Small is beautiful and more beneficial to the community and region, almost always.:grinning:


“Sanders’ proposal would also require that Americans employed by the federal program be paid at least $15 an hour…” So would I be able to negotiate a voluntary and private employment contract with someone that paid me less than $15 per hour? Also, why is that nobody including Sander’s has the guts to take on the root cause of wage inflation, namely the federal reserve and fractional reserve banking practices? It seems like most people want to treat the symptoms and not the disease itself. It’s obvious that Sander’s doesn’t understand how the economy works or how money is brought into existence. The biggest cause of wage inequality is the fact that every dollar is created through the issuance of debt.


Time for the middle class or perhaps you mean middle income to make common cause with the poor then watch things change. No one should have less than what they need. No one should have more than what they need.


Theoretically you’re correct, but the states and localities are some of the most corrupt and inefficient governmental agencies on Earth. This is largely due the “guvment” is the enemy ideology deeply embedded in in both popular culture, the media and political elites.

The more layers that are added to any program, government or private, the greater the chance is for graft, corruption, skimming, nepotism, shoddy contractor work, etc.

For a recent example I refer you the the Clinton/Gore “reimagining government” based on corporate self-regulation under state guidance. Last time I looked, Texas has one employee to look over OSHA regs in that state with thousands of workplaces.

Or look at the locally-managed CETA and CAP programs of the 1970s-1980s. Both were bureaucratic monstrosities. However, Socially Security, Medicare, Food Stamps/Snap and Head Start were all hugely successful until they became underfunded and privatized.


More Bernie Sanders “progressive” (not socialist!) rubbish to try and fix the capitalist economy and unable to think about ending the failed capitalist economy.

Merely giving unemployed and impoverished workers a job until the next capitalist will hopefully employ these workers is not solution.

The kind of economy needed is one that provides a universal minimum standard of living for all people regardless of their ability to hold down a job. Capitalist employers will only employ enough workers, at the lowest rate possible, with minimal or no benefits (such as health, retirement, vacation, overtime, etc.).

The capitalist employer is concerned only about maximizing profit and does everything possible to achieve this. (Move overseas (with minimal taxes and regulation or to corrupt every level of government possible to
turn the U.S into a third world nation. Capitalism must be replaced by a socialist economy.

A genuine socialist candidate should make specific and immediate demands to really answer the dire conditions of working people. Proposals pro-capitalist CIA controlled Democratic Party will never make.

  • Demand that all capitalist owned enterprises that lay off, lock out, shut-down or otherwise un-employ and impoverish workers be seized under local public domain laws, and be transitioned to social ownership, democratic control, and workers’ management.

  • Demand that the nine banker/capitalist controllers of the US central bank, the “FED”, be replaced with pro-working class administrators to guide the economy towards a universal minimum standard of living for all, not to maximize the wealth of capitalists.

  • Demand the creation of non-profit State banks across the nation to provide low-interest loans to local governments and low-interest credit cards to consumers. End parasitic for-profit capitalist banking.

  • Demand that State mandated driver and vehicle insurance be included in annual license registration fees to end capitalist profiteering private auto insurance.

The principle involved in these socialist demands is to provide a living socialist alternative to “pseudo-left” and “progressive” demands which attempt to reform, tax, micro-manage capitalist enterprises, not decisively end them.

The goal of a socialist economy is to provide an universal minimum, ecologically sound, standard of living for allpeople. No single party or it’s “leaders” can realistically manage an entire socialist economy, which requires daily the critical thinking involvement and solidarity of tens of millions of workers.


Bernie seems awfully busy writing bills that will never see the light of day.


After this legislation is finished I would suggest that he write a bill to give everyone guaranteed housing. That would immediately solve the homeless problem. Then Bernie could get busy on the 2018 election and get some Democrats elected so his bills would at least make it to committee.


He has done this for decades. He did write a bill for veterans that got passed 9after many compromises) and two bills for renaming post offices that made it all the way through. What he excels in is writing amendments to bills. Perhaps he should just stick to that since that seems to be his forte.


The National Jobs for All Coalition, njfac.org, has advocated for direct job creation for close to two decades. The group Demos published in 2011 a plan by Phillip Harvey, Back to Work, describing the costs, goals and problems of this plan. It states: “A direct public jobs program is cost effective. $100 billion spent to directly hire American workers would create 2.6 million fulltime jobs over two years, compared to just 136,000 jobs for $100 billion in tax cuts or 714,000 jobs for $100 billion in benefit increases” That is a net $38,460 per job, and net indicates that the cost per job is reduced because of the reduction in social supports with each new job. see here –
http://www.demos.org/publication/back-work-public-jobs-proposal-economic-recovery — The njfac site shows that 34 million working age Americans need a full-time job paying a living wage, and that would be about 1 in 5 workers is either under-paid, under-employed or unemployed. The Social Security report on wage income shows that the lower-earning half of all U.S. workers earn in wage income just 7% of the national income, about 1/15 of all income. There is extensive evidence that workers have not had a raise since 1973, in fact the “average weekly earnings of production and nonsupervisory workers” some 80% of all workers, says the BLS, is about 11% lower today than it was in 1973, and the economy per capita (per person) has expanded by 80%. My blog is Economics Without Greed, http://benL8.blogspot.com, and my recent essay describes this condition.


Week after week, month after month Bernie Sanders Shows us what might be, not as (most) other politicians why they cannot do things for the Common Good! The dems who do have a functional moral compass must jetison the sellout Heitkamps and Manchins that can never be depended-on anyway - do not fund or support them and run/support progressive candidates in their stead.

Notably absent from any progressive issues conversation are the AWOL DINO sellout big-money whores, depending on so-called “strategists” (supposedly?) who propose a string of debacles reaching back to Clinton the first, then on to Obama, that should get them drawn and quartered! - Just who are the "democratic strategists anyhow, and how the Hell do they keep coming-up with the loosing rubbish they do and the establishment boot-lickers keep buying their garbage? Latest BS is the lawsuit against trump, the Russians and WikiLeaks - brilliant work there people…

While those idiots keep on keeping on, Bernie Sanders keeps on also - empowering Americans and attempting to forge a winning coalition - too bad he only has the corrupt and pathetic DP to work with…in the absence of any other viable party apparatus…GO BERNIE!


very well said


The wisdom that we have heard for the past two years is that if Bernie Sanders became President that he would be unable to do anything because he would not have the support needed in the House and Senate to push anything through. We were supposed to vote for Clinton because she would have the support needed to get things done. That is sort of true. Clinton could get things done, mostly that is as long as her elite supporters wanted them done, which means that the things that we wanted from Sanders would not get done by Clinton anyway.

However, what Sanders could be doing if he were President is to show us a vision and ask for a mandate in the 2018 elections for what he wants done. He would have been able to call for programs and legislation such as “to guarantee every American a job” and “to implement single payer healthcare” and “to reform the media”. And then, from the bully pulpit he would call for us to elect in 2018 the representatives and senators needed to back his vision. If done correctly the entire nation would feel and be ignited by the spark of the coming change, we are more and more ready for it. Victor Hugo said it quite well as “On résiste à l’invasion des armées; on ne résiste pas à l’invasion des idées”, one famous translation of which is “armies cannot stop an idea whose time his come”.


Well, I like local and community run programs because I’m lazy and thrifty. I don’t want to travel to Washington, D. C. to shoot someone who’s stealing from me and my neighbors.