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Emergency Declared After Tunnel Collapse at Toxic Hanford Nuke Site


Emergency Declared After Tunnel Collapse at Toxic Hanford Nuke Site

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A tunnel used to store highly radioactively contaminated waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in southeast Washington state collapsed Tuesday, leading to a declaration of emergency.

According to the Washington state Department of Ecology, officials have not detected a release of radiation and no workers were injured. Radiological surveys are continuing.


If the current presidency wasn't scary enough for us U.S. citizens, who haven't given-up entirely, on living a happy life in an insane capitalism that eats its own! We have a rick perry, as secretary of the Department of Energy that is in charge of nukes!

Who 5-years ago, couldn't get his act together, enough, to recall the name of, paraphrasing Perry's immortal incompetency: "Three departments that I would get rid of are the EPA, Education and uh,uh, uh" He couldn't remember the Department of Energy in his presidential primary debate!

"The third agency Perry couldn’t think of was the Department of Energy" [http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2011/11/rick-perrys-debate-lapse-oops-cant-remember-department-of-energy/]

"4 more YEARS! 4 more YEARS?" - Gil Scott-Heron, kickass Blues Poet quote, referring to Dick Nixon back in the 60's.


The trainload of clowns running things these day just keeps getting funnier and more outrageous daily. I mean WTF, why doesn't that imbecile Rick Perry know that the DOE oversees all kinds of nuclear activity, cheeezee! Even Texas was a major hub of nuclear weaponry, they assembled nuclear weapons outside Amarillo, so he must know something?! Nuclear contamination/poisoning is a growing threat after 70+ years of nuclear proliferation and ultimately Earth's creatures will pay the price. Let's all hope the clowns in Trump's cabinet will assume some level of competence and responsibility.


Hanford is the site of Americas greatest display of ignorance. It was here we made atoms into chain reactions in hopes of killing massive numbers of planetary life. Well Americans you have done it but massive is not big enough.

This week a court in Japan ruled that the state of Japan and TEPCO a subsidiary of General Electric are guilty of polluting the Pacific Ocean. Thanks for that. Melting starfish, disappearing salmon, Dying birds you know all those life forms that have been dying in record numbers on the west coast. Its all dying from radiation that will be there 30 to thousands of years. http://www.globalresearch.ca/fukushima-japanese-government-guilty-of-destroying-pacific-ocean/5589155

Arne Gunderson went to Japan about three years ago to hear a Japanese scientist, supposedly the worlds most knowledgeable. After the speech Arne cornered him and asked what he thought the impact on the ocean was from Fukushima. The speaker said simply that Fukushima did not matter at all. That the amount of radiation released in the atmospheric tests was enough to eventually effect all genetic material on the earth.

Two years ago our only nuclear waste storage site, WIPPS in New Mexico, had an accident. Anything and everything that could go wrong has gone wrong with this industry. We should not have played with these atomic toys but then we did not know what we know now. So what is our excuse now? We know the dangers. We have seen the fish with oozing sores. The melting star fish in your face but you think some how you personally have super power protections from this shit? They say that everyone on the planet got a chest x-ray from Fukushima.

Okay there will be paid shitheads from the nuclear industry that will come to this site and dismiss everything I have posted. It is up to us intelligent people to look at the damage done by the nuclear mafia and the threats that we face because we allow atomic reactions to happen out side of the lab. President Kennedy so shocked by the damage done by open air nuclear tests in the US to our children started physical education in schools in hope it would help. It was found that children but I suppose everyone had strontium-90 in their teeth. If you were alive then it is still probably ticking away.

As some smart people have this clock which tells us how far away in time we are to our own death and its been only a few minutes to death for sometime because of nuclear everything. I mean we are even going to dump Cassini into the planet Saturn. Cassini has 72.5 lbs of plutonium-238 on board which will poison the planet for a very long time. Okay the planet is a gas planet with metal core and rings of space debris but really poisoning a planet? We do not even really know what's there but hey lets nuke it.

When will folks come to the conclusion that we,humans, can not handle nuclear chain reactions safely and as the materials used in chain reactions are extremely toxic to the life forms on this planet it is not wise to continue to produce them. The unleashed atomic chain reaction is a bomb. We use this bomb to threaten our enemies with horrible death. If you do not vanish in milliseconds then you will suffer with cancer and other curses till you die. It is an effective weapon to kill and threaten. Yet the nuclear power plant in your back yard is a bomb going off (chain reaction) supposedly under control. Well, we have seen how well that control thing works and its poisoned the Pacific.

Keep going in the same direction and you could save on your light bill as you start to glow in the dark.


Check out those railcars! "Railcars full of highly contaminated materials..."

PUREX "is a chemical method used to purify fuel for nuclear reactors or nuclear weapons. It is an acronym standing for Plutonium Uranium Redox EXtraction."

This Wikipedia PUREX article doesn't look good for us, at all.


We need the Secretary of Energy to make a complete on-site inspection of Hanford, and we need him there NOW (and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, etc.)


I think it was the air craft carrier Kennedy that was off the coast of Fukushima and was caught in the fall out. It was repaired in Washington State and the parts cut our and removed were loaded on trains and sent through people's neighborhoods to Hanford.


it was the uss ronald reagan. many of the crew are suffering serious health impacts.


A co-worker stationed on nuclear submarines during his navy career that ended two decades ago recently died from cancer in his mid fifties.

When I worked for a global engineering firm two decades ago I was finishing a project and was called in to meet with my boss who told me that the bad news was that Hanford was the only project in need of additional staff at the time and Hanford would be my next assignment. He said the good news was that job security at Hanford was 500 years.

I told my boss that I was planning to work no more than an additional 20 years, and had no desire to work at a radioactive, bottomless money pit. I landed a job with another company nowhere near Hanford and never looked back.


I'm going into speculation mode. It's clear that the government doesn't want to say anything.

The buried rail cars probably carry air-cooled casks that hold used-up nuclear fuel rods from nuclear reactors. These casks have fins so that residual nuclear fission heat may be vented into the nearby air for many years. If the entire Hanford site is frightened and in lockdown, it's possible that tons of radiation-shielding soil on top of the tunnel, falling down onto these casks, have cut off the air that was formerly cooling the casks.

If the tunnel drops a great deal of (dirt) insulation around a highly radioactive air-cooled cask, the temperature rises inside. Then, at some high temperature, metal melts, the casing around the nuclear fuel rod melts, and the cask's containment fails too. Any radioactive cesium-137 contained within the fuel rod starts vaporizing into the air at a high enough temperature, and then the radioactive air leaks out of the tunnel and heads downwind.

It's possible to send people and robots in to clear the dirt off before this disaster happens, but robots aren't built to handle high radiation levels. In any case, things move fast in nuclear disasters, and we don't know what's going on.

Local winds are almost calm tonight. Rain and thunder on Thursday night. By Friday the wind will be blowing at about 11 mph from west to east.

It's possible but quite unlikely that Hanford stored the fuel rods in some sort of a dense pack formation that, if violently disturbed, might possibly cause the fuel rods to form a critical nuclear mass. In such a case, we would see reports of radioactive iodine in nearby towns. Iodine is a short-lived radioactive element found only in the aftermath of a nuclear chain reaction..


".....officials have not detected a release of radiation....."
Why do I not trust "officials"?
See: "Hanford's Dirty Secrets" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0w__C1aflvA
Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock", Tick-Tock"................


Time for the sheep in Montana to glow again......


Thanks for the fine integration of the intellect and the heart's passion for life.

Yes, it is time we all looked what Jon Kabat-Zinn trenchantly named "the full catastrophe" in the face. How do we feel about having consented--by the way we lead our daily lives--to poisoning all our relations, for generations to come?

Only by opening into the horror--only by opening into remorse for our contribution to the horror--can we uncover the treasure within that can transform these insane outer conditions.

Until we know the one within who is capable of making and setting off deadly weapons, we can only contribute to further divisiveness, further violence, further destruction.

And every one of us carries a ruthless destroyer within.

I work in the field of trauma transformation. There I am compelled to observe: our unwillingness to surrender to and learn to metabolize our own pain and terror, despair and rage, leads us to put poison into our relationships with those we love the most. We then busy ourselves with denying our crimes, blaming others for them, or arguing that they weren't that bad.

Western trauma science finally accords with ancient wisdom: the violence we fail to transform DOES pass down to our children, and their children, and so on.

Worse than nuclear waste, the inner wastes become more toxic with each successive generation.

As the walls on the tunnels where we've stashed the secrets too nasty to tell collapse and the deadly materials are unleashed, what do we do?

Do we turn aside, do we look outside for the culprit?

Or do we do what we want the politicians to do: take a deep breath, and say, "Yep. This disaster is MY responsibility. My heart demands that I go beyond what I already know in order to clean it up. I'm going to need a lot of help, but I'm never giving up until my job is finished."

Grieving for those who are painfully dying this morning. And praying for us all to awaken to the One inside who can transform these agonizing conditions.

Thanks to all who are involved in that good work.


Holy wow, batman. Just when you think the news can't get worse. Don't know where your expertise originates, but it feels only too likely that some scenario such as you describe is unfolding.

I'm going to get off this screen now, go let my chickens out, and shed some more tears. Wait for the two year old asleep upstairs to wake, and shed some more tears. For every moment I failed to really show up here and love this Life. For my contributions to the poisoning of this little boy's Earth.


Thank you for the correction.


I think that Debbie Lusignan the Sane Progressive expressed it well when she said recently that we humans are just "monkeys with cars". And monkeys with nukes too. Very clever monkeys indeed.


A bit more information here. And a cut away drawing showing the "tunnel" as above ground with the mentioned 8 feet of dirt over the top and the whopping 14 inches on the sides. I guess there wasn't enough dirt available to make it wider and give the sides more protection? Over all definitely a 1950's third world banana republic looking operation they have there.


I am not sure I would agree with Debbie. I suspect after we are gone from nukes or climate or general stupid that Aliens visiting would find a fabulous archaeological dig. They will learn that for survival intelligence, cars or nukes are not necessary.


you illustrate the point. Cars and nukes demonstrate our cleverness, not our survival intelligence.