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Emergency Lawsuit Filed To Fight FDA Approval of 'Frankenfish'

Emergency Lawsuit Filed To Fight FDA Approval of 'Frankenfish'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday approved the sale and consumption of genetically modified (GM or GMO) salmon, delivering a big win to the biotech industry and ignoring long-held concerns by environmental and public health advocates who say the "Frankenfish" pose too many ecological risks to authorize.


Again, thanks for nothing Obama.

In other news, Obama’s BLM is still killing wild horses to make way for cows on public land. Not only that, but reducing Oregon’s rare Spanish Kiger mustangs down to 100:

I am deeply sickened not only by the heartless cruelty of rounding up wild horses with helicopters, but also letting them end up slaughtered or held in pens until they die.


Can’t help remembering “Frankenfish” the 2004 movie where a GMO snakehead devours people, even jumping out of the water to attack and kill people. A real popcorn muncher/thrower. It shows up every once in a while. The real thing is a lot less fun. But it won’t be noticed much because they are not going to jump out of the water to devour humans.

i’ve said it before in these threads:

Center for Food Safety is one of the best, most honest advocacy organizations in the USA. Blessings to Andy Kimbrell, his brother George, and the entire organization.

That said:

Efforts such as this - a lawsuit against a single advance in the strategic agenda of corporate colonialist “ownership” of (quite literally) “Life, the Universe, and Everything” - and projects such as CFS - dedicated to fight this agenda in one specific arena (ownership and adulteration of food and nature, with resultant corporate empowerment, social control, and ecological disruption) - have become effectively irrelevant.

Without mass solidarity to carry out a holistic, systemic revolution that:

  • fundamentally disempowers the corporate colonialist sector;
  • transforms the foundation of the political economy to embody ecological and humanistic imperatives;
  • blocks the exercise of narrow, ego-driven, capitalist agendas of extraction, profiteering and aggrandizement;

… then we are endlessly fighting these individual battles on a hopelessly tilted field, “winning” occasional “victories” that amount to temporary hold-offs of small parts of the corporate colonialist agenda, while the ego-driven fools at the apex of the extractive profiteering economy continue to accelerate their overall “victory” over humanity and nature.

We need to promote widespread understanding in mass consciousness that ecology and humanity (in that order) MUST overrule ego, capital, and war. And we need to live lives of love, humility and solidarity to STOP this omnicidal system and its processes, and re-harmonize humanity with the living Earth.

We need a whole-system revolution.


“… the anti-GMO environmentalists still haven’t figured out a more sensible appeal than “there’s poison in the water!” or “we shouldn’t play God!”.”

As is so typical of your reactionary commenting here Matti, you simply expose your UTTER IGNORANCE of the Center for Food Safety and their agenda and their work. Not to mention your UTTER IGNORANCE of the actual agenda of the GMO corporations.


Imagine a future where GMO fish have escaped like GMO pollen contaminated non GMO corn etc.

After a point the anthropocene Earth will be so corrupted by GMO chimeras that the issue will no longer be an issue.

There are that many of us now and our technology is ultra invasive. The world we make may not be the world we expected when we started remaking the one we had.

The science fiction dystopia comes at us in a tidal wave.

The world we leave the young… will sure make them mad at our generation. Yikes!


As is pointed out regularly in this forum, we need to adhere strongly to the Precautionary Principle, and put the brakes on these “ultra invasive” technologies BEFORE they further disrupt the ecology of which we are part.

To quote certain despicable war-mongers in the aftermath of their own disasters: “Who could possibly have imagined…?”


Frankenfish are highly unlikely to survive in the wild. When millions of years of evolution and adaptation versus unadapted GM organisms, these fish probably don’t stand a chance.

So well said! Yes, a whole-system Revolucion, that is what must, and can, happen. Actually the People rising against the capitalist, corporate entity IS happening Now! Solidaridad, and mas y mas joining, The World Family Revolucion!

Yes and they assured everyone that GMO corn wouldn’t contaminate regular corn but it did.


While 99% of the escaped frankenfish WOULD perish, its the 1% that survive that we are concerned about.


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I think GMO corn can’t reproduce. One has to buy the seeds from Monsanto.

“… GMO corn can’t reproduce.”

No, although they did come up with that technology, the “terminator gene,” but that’s not what’s on the market. The vast majority of GMO corn on the market is engineered either to resist specific pesticides (Roundup Ready for example), or to produce its own pesticide (Bt corn for example), or is “stacked” with multiple traits of these kinds.

You can physically save and plant viable seed from these engineered corns. But legally (under the colonized legal system that presently reigns), to grow such saved seed is theft of intellectual property, and breaks the licensing agreement you had to sign when you bought the original engineered seed, which price included the “single use” licensing fee.

So one has to buy the seed from Monsanto or other GMO corporation anyway.

Frankenfish don’t have to survive to damage the Salmon gene pool. Once they interbreed, their unstable genome of unpredictable growth spurts will likely spread like wildfire through the biosphere. If it’s transgenetic, even humans are phucked. Some genes not weeded out by billions of years of evolution cause massive die-offs.

Massive die-offs are happening on the West Coast. The Salmon have just disappeared according to numerous sources. It’s completely possible that a Frankenfish or a mutant from Fukushima fallout has contaminated the entire species.

So all of Americans who share in the ownership of public lands must lose the pleasure in having the last few Mustangs or Spanishs Barbs descendants of the original 'Wild" Mustangs of the Old West just so one or two local cattle ranchers can graze their cattle for their own personal gain?

People like you would have shrugged as they watched the last few Buffalo disappear instead of preserving the species.

You attitude is reflective of why our planet is in such serious trouble environmentally.


It is of course possible that some contamination may have occurred (even transgenic) but the massive die offs of our salmon are primarily due to actual warming of their spawning rivers and likely warming of the oceans.

Massive die offs of hatchlings and fingerlings have been recorded as high temps plus low water levels due to drought were recorded this spring. Fry were transported by trucks in several states to areas of the rivers were the water was cooler lest there be a complete extinction. This has happened last year as well. Salmon runs (once recorded in millions of tons) are in serious danger of extinction.

The last ‘healthy’ runs up in Alaska were hit with a fungus which is believed to be caused by too warm waters which took a heavy toll on the catch.

Add in Fukishima radiation in the Pacific and the potential of Frankenfish contamination and …

we lose…

Hello? Can you read? Did you not see the quotes around the word ‘wild’? Should we not have Longhorn cattle either? How about that the majority of Americans want to have OUR Mustangs (American West Mustangs) on our public land and not have one or two selfish cattle ranchers act like it is their land (which they don’t own… the moochers… talk about welfare queens! They mooch off the public lands and want it all for themselves)

Mustangs bring tourism and add spirit to our souls. Americans like … the 'Wild" West. Cattle and sheep ranchers just want to exploit the resource for themselves alone.

Moochers… they should buy land if they want to use it just for their own benefit. This land belongs to all of us and we’d rather see Mustangs on it instead of somebody’s beef cattle.


Here is an article on GM salmon that appeared today on Gizmag. I hope you can open it:

To say nothing about a sense of history btw. Moreover you make a good point in talking about the value of such tried and true genes. We inbreed our stock whether cow, dog or horses. Having nature tested and perfected hardy genes may be insurance for the future but short sighted greedy folks wear their stetsons and talk that Old West Pioneer talk but feel none of the spirit of it just the cash.

These are the last of a breed as valuable as any other horse breed and probably among the better physically. Since we don’t have to do anything to preserve it except leave them alone, it is dispiriting to think that we can’t even do that. Just leave them roam out on the open range… public lands!

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