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Emergency Lawsuit Highlights Voter Frustration with New York Primary Process


Emergency Lawsuit Highlights Voter Frustration with New York Primary Process

Nika Knight, staff writer

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As voters on Tuesday morning began casting ballots around New York in the state's Democratic and Republic primaries, a federal court in New York City was scheduled to hear an emergency class-action lawsuit that was filed against the state's Board of Elections alleging that thousands of New Yorkers will be heading to the polls only to discover they can't vote.


More Clinton campaign dirty tricks. Clearly, she thinks the only way to win NY is by hook and crook. This is why Bernie has been calling for a massive turnout - ALL of his supporters must try and vote, in order for him to overcome these anti-Democratic tactics by the Hillary campaign. Screw her. She deserves not only to lose, but probably to be indicted for something. You don’t make as much money as Bill and Hill have in the past 15 years honestly doing “public service”.


If Bernie loses the N.Y. primary it will probably be due to the voting laws, not the will of the people because many Independents like me, will have been unable to vote for Bernie.

" Brooklyn showed Hillary Clinton the least support out of New York’s five boroughs in the 2008 primary."


A few days ago I suggested that New York would be for Hillary what Florida was for Jeb Bush…

Let’s hope this judge rules FOR Democracy!

An open primary WOULD make Bernie the leader in votes!

Wouldn’t it be great if THIS time, the machinations of the craftiest agents of the 1% had their nefarious game plan tactics turned ON them?

Let us hope!


Wow this is so blatant and in your face corruption there should be little doubt with the electorate of the systemic rot in the system.

Hilary attempts her Coup even before Bernie has taken power.



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And we are supposed to vote for Hillary if Bernie loses? Ha, she’s so corrupt no one should vote for this neoliberal/neocon. These are the machinations of the establishment who feel they are somehow invisible and can get away with this cowardly cheating and not be tarred for it. This revolution comes for you and the elite you protect. The Democratic party has been taken over by them and though I have always voted a straight Democratic ticket, that’s over, I could never vote for someone that’s stealing the election. Trump is right, it’s all rigged.


Before this day is out there are going to be riots in NYC. Or at least there damn well better be.


“Closed” primaries as in NY seem to be a basic disenfranchisement of millions. People not registered in a party or as “independent” have no voice in who they will be able to vote for - and that by itself is not democratic. There must be an open, inclusive, primary process - with only one vote - available to ALL that will be affected by the presidential (or any) candidate!

NY of course is one of or THE most corrupt and politically manipulated going back to Tammany Hall and Boss Tweed!

This blatant voter roll manipulations is clear electoral fraud and something must be done to remedy it! When any party manipulates voters they rely on it being “too late” to do anything about it - the judge in this case must slam the door on the perps!


So Brooklyn turned on Hilldawg before. It’s not proof, but it’s awfully doggone smoky/coincidental.
With charity navigator refusing to list the Clinton Foundation on the basis that, in their opinion, it’s just a money laundering operation, the crimes are finally running faster than the crook.
Gives new meaning to, Run Hillary, Run!


… not the least bit surprised … sadly …
If you can’t win fair and square, cheat!
If it isn’t rigged enough, rig it some more!


As I had predicted Hilary is sinking deeper into her own mess. The foul play in New York of all places was the most stupid move on her part. The law suit is timely and prompt and hope it produces positive results.


Oh but what about young Chelsea “clington”, ain’t she pretty enough for ya? And the daughter of Diane Feinstein whom she is grooming her to inherit her California senate seat? Ha, ha how the elite bitches think we are stupid.


The sexism is inappropriate: “elite bitches.” It does nothing to raise the conversation or improve progressive values and outcomes.


Another example of why our election system is a mess. Every county in the nation, under the oversight of states and the federal government, should be reviewing and fixing problems in their election systems now before we have to go through another rigged election.

The problems in NY could be due to the election officials, hackers, or both. But these issues show how easily elections can be rigged.


Why keep posting ugly stupid things until the moderators ban you again? You could check yourself instead.


Illegal coups are Hillary’s trademark move.


Yeah, worldwide!


She’s gotta win. All that money she took from foreign nations for her American campaign - she’s accountable to them now.