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Emergency Petition Filed to Save Plummeting Red Wolf Population



The 'wild' spirit that had once characterized America has been replaced by the pseudo 'wild' spirit of concealed carry and off road vehicles. We want to dress up 'wild' wearing camouflage clothes ( even camouflage underwear which is an oxymoron ) and watching survival shows where people are marooned in the wilderness with camera crews and on site crew catering! We want to think 'wild' and stock up like Preppers and only eat food that we have kept on a shelf till the point of expiration when we then rotate!

But we don't want wildness when it is really wild. We want to feel wild and look wild and talk about eating off the land in chat rooms but we don't want wildness anymore in America. Wildness needs room. Wildness needs a lack of people. Wildness needs animals that need to be left to be wild. You'd think people would rejoice to know their state has a few wolves. But that would be too wild and what has that to do with dressing up?