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Emergency Protests Planned to Stop Scott Walker and Wisconsin GOP's "Shocking and Naked Power Grab"

Emergency Protests Planned to Stop Scott Walker and Wisconsin GOP's "Shocking and Naked Power Grab"

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Wisconsin's GOP-controlled legislature and outgoing Republican Gov.

This is one CONspiracy that is much more than just a theory…


From what I understand, a lot of people are unaware of these after-the-fact power grabs occurring in Wisconsin, Michigan, and North Carolina, etc. This protest should bring some much needed attention to these antics.


In effect we are watching as anti-democracy forces make the early stages of fascism legal.


Johnson sez: “As Indivisible Wisconsin pointed out, the ‘public hearing’ on the GOP plan is scheduled to last precisely one minute.”

They’re still allowing two minutes for the daily hate, though, right?


This is part of the Republican strategy for a minority to gain permanent control over the majority. They did the same thing in North Carolina. The Republicans no longer care about democracy which frees them to carry out all sorts of undemocratic actions. The problem most have with democracy is that it allows the masses to vote to tax the rich to provide themselves with all sorts of benefits. To prevent this they are turning to fascism.


‘Mild-mannered’ describes an entire political party. Conversely, GOP legislators go for the jugular at the state level when they have power. To your north in MI, they run absolutely roughshod over the Ds.


“Straight OUT OF a banana republic” ?

US politics have been in full banana republic mode for at least two decades.

Things go better with Koch, LOL.


I’m not located in Wisconsin, but am curious about what exactly “leaders” could do? Republicans controlled all three branches of government. When the other party gets more votes and gets control, they get to write the laws, right? Sometimes the other side just wins, don’t they? Wasn’t there an attempt to recall Walker that failed too?

I’m honestly curious because I followed the Walker template (now national) closely from afar and it seemed Republicans were pretty open about what they were doing and were going to do it no matter what anyone said. Just look at what they are doing now.


When Republicans lose their political retreat resembles a " scorched earth " militarized operation. In every state where the Kochs, Bradleys, NRA Wayne and other ALEC supporters finally get a little progressive comeuppance, the default mode is always to destroy anything for the betterment of the 99s.
It’s pretty clear by now these Chamber of Commerce linked backers are really just fronts for the old John Birch Society. They’re sick, mostly.


… and then there is the state supreme court - for any who might be interested in a refresher from 2016 and Prosser, in colleague Bradleyś office, upon being asked pointedly to leave, ‘put his hands around her neck’. A weird-assed way of saying a senior judge acted out an impulse to physically, not legally, strangle a colleague.

and more recently:
Wisconsin no longer has democratic legislative elections thanks to the Supreme Cour
Residents of the Badger State have the retired Justice Anthony Kennedy to thank for this calamity.

C’mon Wisconsin!! kick out the koch addicts!!!


The early stages of making fascism in the US legal started with the implementation of the Patriot Act followed by the NDAA. Both pieces of legislation are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution and were pushed through Congress with the help of Democrats. Then several months ago the fascists seized the judiciary by installing Kavanaugh. If we go further back in history: Colonialism is a brother to fascism…


So 2-year-old Scotty brat and his terrorist enablers are throwing a collective temper tantrum b/c Scotty brat lost …


Ah yes, that was when that bright ray of hope Obama said about those protestors that he would put on a comfortable pair of shoes and stand in solidarity with them … so much for our elected liars!


Newly elected officials should take office IMMEDIATELY after being elected.


The voice of the people needs to be heard in our communities – and
the press is not going to tell the public about KOCH BROS/John Birch Society
and the family effort to overturn democracy in the US for more than 100 years –
it’s up to us to make the public aware of Koch/ALEC and their buying of government –
and as a primary reason for the gun violence in our societies creating havoc/chaos.

We need plans, however, beyond Governorships to control the two national parties
which are the basis of the betrayal of the American public and voters – the basis of
the ignoring of the will of the people. This is why we have a CIA/MIC creating war
across the planet and a NSA spying on the American public every day.


This seems like classic stab-in-the-back narrative that losing sides always push after they’ve lost. If not for the diminishing will of “leaders” or some such, surely the other side would have lost! Call me skeptical, but I remember Walker didn’t meet with protesters and was undaunted in his efforts. Democrats tried to deny a quorum, but Republicans passed the bill anyway. Just look:


At that point, what would you have “leaders” do? Walker and Republicans were not budging, they had the majority, and voters put them there. And, of course, there was a recall election and Walker won.

Sometimes, the other side just wins.

Notice that even if they passed the $15 Minimum wage right now, we’ve been for so long
working with a 6% and higher rate of inflation which will have reduced any value of it severely.

This came after “W” wars – and is, imo, the primary reason why Obama stopped the Social
Security COLA’s for two years – and then reduced them to a tiny fraction of what they had been.

Otherwise, the COLA’s would have had to have been pretty much doubled in 2009 – !!


Rubber stamp Sen. Johnson needs to go next in Wisconsin. Out next round.


At some point we just have to call voter suppression efforts and obvious gerrymandered states, like Wisconsin is now, racist, retrograde and rigged for white ( self-described Christian ) males.
Then; we have to say if " all roads lead back to Rome ", most of our problems lead back to a willful ignorance of the ways of the 21st Century, by our legislatures and courts. Who do the bidding of males more comfortable hanging out with Saudi Arabian princes than the people they share the country with. Which is a mental illness, of sorts. Because MBS is splashed all over the news 24/7 and he’s just a cold-blooded sociopath, nothing more. Worthless, mostly.
These Right Wing Libertarians and Arch Conservative Christian wannabe patriarchs do not have the raw #s to drag us all down, but they do own a good % of the political class, currently. Why ousting them all out is so difficult remains a question of $$$, their dark power weapon of choice can’t buy all our votes, so they give it to a few lousy politicians. There are remedies for that, too. Unrigging the legislatures and courts excepting SCOTUS, can be done prettty quickly, actually. The SCOTUS requires some pretty strong tactics, like FDRs’ attempts, most likely.

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