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Emissions Impossible: How Big Meat and Dairy Are Heating Up the Planet


Emissions Impossible: How Big Meat and Dairy Are Heating Up the Planet

GRAIN and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP)

The world's biggest meat and dairy companies could surpass Exxon, Shell and BP as the world's biggest climate polluters within the next few decades. At a time when the planet must dramatically reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, these global animal protein giants are driving consumption by ramping up production and exports.


These put things in more of a correct perspective:


Particularly for USAns, car usage and home A/C and heating are a much larger part of their carbon footprint than meat eating.


Go Vegan: For one’s Personal Health, For the Health of the Planet and especially for the Health of the Animals.

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Yes, in the US transportation is now the number one source of emissions and the generation of electricity number two. But the easiest to address is electricity. That is regarded as the low hanging fruit. Transportation is much harder to a address and emissions from meat and dairy may even be harder still because the policies and technologies to achieve it are not established. When it comes to limiting emissions from meat and dairy we are pretty much in the experimental stage and have been for some time. There is not much encouraging information that I am aware of.


I remember about the connection of illness and crowded animals for meat farms. The one in LaGlorya Mexico, killed people from the disease produced by smashing all those healthy animals and sick animals together.

I also read about the poor people in North Carolina, where there is so much pig poo, that the large farms broadcast the poo and liquid with sprinkler systems. These sad people even have poo landing on the outside of their houses as the air becomes dense with pieces of liquid poop.

Then too, all these creatures smashed together and using up all the antibiotics------------disease epidemics are now so American. We also find that the huge size of these animal farms is also creating havoc with people’s health. And no, I don’t eat meat anymore because animals in crowded conditions live and suffer like people in crowded conditions. When food is that sad, it’s too sad to be eaten. : (


If you care about the planet – and maybe even the lives of your children – you’ve struck into the spiritual within yourself.

Carry on – and take that spirituality to the level of animals who are wired exactly as we are to feel PAIN, to suffer STRESS, and to want peace in their lives as we want in our lives.

STOP eating animals and dairy – join the VEGAN movement.

It’s one of the most important non-violent strikes you can make against predatory capitalism, cruelty - and the long chain of violence which supports animal-eating.