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Emmanuel Macron’s ‘Extreme Centrism’ Is a Threat to Democracy


Emmanuel Macron’s ‘Extreme Centrism’ Is a Threat to Democracy

Juliette Legendre

French President Emmanuel Macron has been crusading to all corners of the world, receiving applause for his impassioned pleas on behalf of the postwar liberal order in the face of rising authoritarianism and nationalism.


Macron, va te faire foutre.


Macron will be history, soon as the next election comes.


Before E. Macron France was governed by the Socialists under F. Hollande.

The Socialists had 5 years to get France out of the ‘tar pit’ of no growth it is stuck in, or to ‘rearrange the deck’ chairs, benefiting the workers and costing the rich, and persuading that this no-growth* is quite good for ordinary French persons. To judge by their non-re-election in the last major election, the Socialists failed.

Two questions: Do the French prefer arguing with each others, and protests and non-cooperation, arguing over who’s to blame and who gets what from today’s pie, or are they willing to work together to produce a pie for tomorrow. And 2. At what scale, what number of people, does their willingness to work together break down, and are they willing to keep things small (is beautiful) or try to make something bigger work in spite of the disputations?

*= Elsewhere on this forum you can find articles arguing for ‘degrowth’ and a GDP that we choose to make smaller each year.