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Emmett, Trayvon, Freddie, and Sandra


Emmett, Trayvon, Freddie, and Sandra

Terrance Heath

Sixty years after Emmett Till was killed for daring to assert his humanity, African Americans are still being killed for doing the same.


I shared this to my Facebook page and this is what I wrote:

Black Lives Matter. Here's why making statements about "All Lives Matter" or "Police Lives Matter" or "Don't Let Them Divide Us By Race" are all racist.

No one is saying other lives than Blacks don't matter. If a white woman is killed by an illegal immigrant no one says it was justified and the suspect isn't set free by a corrupt justice system. If a police officer is murdered no one says that the perpetrator was justified and the system doesn't fail to indict the suspect.

But when police kill Black people (or Latino people or Native people) too many instantly defend the killing and celebrate that the killer isn't indicted. To say that saying Black Lives Matter is 'letting them divide us over race' is silly.

We already are divided by race because we live in a society with way too much institutional racism where people of color are mistreated and those who mistreat them are too often celebrated and too many say the mistreatment is justified. It is a good thing that many in the Black community are speaking out on this. They aren't dividing us. They are calling for us to end the divisions.


From Christian Parenti:

The vast majority of the American police state remains firmly within the public sector. But this does not mean the criminal justice buildup has nothing to do with capitalism. At its heart, the new American repression is very much about the restoration and maintenance of ruling class power.

The Making of the American Police State


We even had here a person claim that the reason why Police officers in the USA kills so many more citizens than in the UK was because "The UK does not have all those black people with an attitude who would not follow orders".

It ingrained and note the commentary that "me and my folks FOUGHT for this country we got some rights" when the man interviewed as to why he lynched the black boy Emmet Till. This speaks to Militarism and how it corrupts a country. People have to stop the worship of all things Military and those with "military service".


The American public have allowed the Southern degenerates to impose their disgusting racism throughout the nation. American society is not only completely dysfunctional, it is also violent, immoral and self destructive! I personally am so glad that I left the US over 45 years ago and never moved back. My children know nothing of racism, nothing of violence, nothing of poverty and nothing of immorality.


What bothers me is the way that similar killings of white people, such as that of Deven Guilford (http://www.nationofchange.org/2015/06/18/officer-not-charged-for-gunning-down-unarmed-17-year-old/) are largely ignored. For that matter, it has virtually been "open season" on our homeless poor since the 1980s, as they've been beaten, brutalized, even killed, by police and citizens alike. Most of these are white. There are no marches for justice, no liberal outrage, no concern whatsoever. "Just some homeless guy." We've been engaged in a hell of a class war against the poor, and the majority of very poor are white. Clearly, their lives don't matter today.


A little secret about the US: We created a poverty crisis, and this generation has waged a hell of a class war. Most of our poor are white. However, black people don't know that white poverty exists, and white people pretend it doesn't. A large number of our homeless poor are women, and you can imagine the hell that they are subjected to as they try to survive on the streets.