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Emotional Student Victims Lash Out at 'Piece of Shit' Trump in Wake of Latest School Massacre

Emotional Student Victims Lash Out at 'Piece of Shit' Trump in Wake of Latest School Massacre

Julia Conley, staff writer

Students who survived Wednesday's shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida unequivocally rejected the "prayers and condolences" offered by President Donald Trump—calling on him to enact strict gun control laws instead.

"We're children. You guys are the adults." —David Hogg, student

One student, identified as Sarah on her Twitter account, angrily called the president a "fucking piece of shit" and said of the deaths of her classmates, "Prayers won't fix this. But gun control will prevent it from happening again."


Exactly what is needed. Don’t allow turds like Trump and Cruz and the NRA to politicize these tragedies. Punch these bullies in the face when they do.


And it is much more than Trump. It is his whole Party! We would be in the same situation with Cruz, Rubio or any of the others. They are all staunch defenders of the NRA. The Republican Party is, in the words of Noam Chomsky: " The most dangerous organization on Earth." The NRA, in my opinion, is second!


Yeah, Cruz, as long as the N.R.A. keeps paying you millions of $ in bribes, they will remain the answer!


I keep hearing that this is the worst school shooting since Sandy Hook in 2012. But I don’t remember headlines about people lashing out at Piece of Shit Obama. Maybe someone can remind me of all the things Barack did to try to prevent another mass murder.


"So many signs that the Florida shooter was mentally disturbed, even expelled from school for bad and erratic behavior. "

Priorities seem a little skewed here. We can expel a kid from school for bad and erratic behavior, but a president with the power of nuclear war? Nope, that’s “off the table”.


At last the students are taking the lead when their lives are on the line. Calling out the hypocritic prez and his republithugs is just what is called for. Maybe now the rest of the so-called adults will step forward and take the actions needed to bring a sane gun control standard that will make us all safer. Thank Sarah!


They’re not just lashing out at Trump; they’re lashing out at the whole government, and for that matter, all adults, and with good reason. The only way to protect our kids is to take money out of politics. It all goes back to this root. And the only candidate who has done this in their own campaigning is Bernie Sanders. That’s why it’s important. That’s why Bernie Sanders posts don’t go away. That’s why school shooting posts keep repeating. We have to take the money out of politics to fix anything and everything. This is the single issue from which everything else follows.


My god, how does anyone vote for Cruz. Is it not obvious how slimy and immoral the bastard is? Watch the debates he has with Sanders, and take a shot of beer every time her lies, and stop yourself about ten minutes in. I don’t want you to OD.

Gun manufactures are no different than war profiteers and we as a society are no longer able to deal with our biggest issues.


I am thinking Cruz lied through his little yellow teeth. What a repulsive swamp-dweller he is.


And here we go with the “Shut UP!!” from all the politicians being funded by the NRA and their troglodyte followers. They yell shut up so loud and so ceaselessly that people eventually just shut up, when they should be kicking these asses out of office and demanding meaningful change. How much longer can this go on??? I thought Sandy Hook would be the catalyst, but those monsters looked at the faces of innocent babies getting killed and shrugged it off. I even read one poster who snarled “My rights trump your babies’ deaths.” OMG.


It doesn’t seem reasonable that with nationwide criticism of the NRA that
they are still standing.

The CIA (imo) used the NRA to target both liberals and moderates in both parties,
because liberals and moderates were an obvious threat to their existence.

The nation wants gun control. Our Police Departments want gun control.
The nation has long thrived on control of guns versus this ongoing “Wild West America.”

Also quite clearly, citizens with mental help problems are not receiving the help they need.


Many of these kids will be voting this fall.

They possess a powerful voice that “may” influence those of us who are older to see and act upon what has been clear for decades that we had closed our eyes to, and accepted as “the way things are.”

I am referring to the two Corporate owned parties of the Duopoly.

I had hoped the Millennials would be the group to be the driving force against the Democrats who seem content to support Empire and the continued War footing that exists, however, it appears this new generation of young people are finding their voice, and perhaps, at a most opportune time.

I hope that you, my fellow Americans see and are willing to support these youngsters and their ideals of a country without guns, a world without War, and a Congress and President without an addiction to Money and corruption.


Sure, I personally would love to ban guns entirely (that’s just me). I also know that is not realistic. But the point is, this country needs gun CONTROL - not gun prohibition, or gun taking, or a dismantalling of the constitution, or anything else these paranoid NRA’ers scream out. Simply CONTROL, and OVERSIGHT. Control of who has them and what types are allowed, and a comprehensive database of sales and ownership. We have nothing less in the automotive industry (licensing and registration), so why can’t we have it in the weapons industry?

And anyone opposed to common sense control needs to look these kids (and the families of the deceased) in the eyes and explain to them why they refuse to do anything about it. And how their loved ones could have been alive today if only they had done something the last time (or any other previous time) something like this happened!


Sometimes the only difference between a mass murderer and a law abiding gun owner is the time it takes to pull the trigger.
Imagine taking seriously any mental health advise from Trump.


Amazing how fast the victim in this shooting has changed from students to the NRA.


Trump as a “Christian” is rather difficult to believe –

I doubt that Trump is recognized anywhere as anything but a sociopath/


So Trump will go to any length to protect the NRA since they did such an excellent job of laundering the Russian money that was donated to him. Stricter gun control laws, and shut down the NRA – they are doing nothing to protect any of us from being shot by a psycho!


this author is a devoted partisan. most of her pieces read like Alternet work.
I rarely read them. Usually drop straight down to comments to gauge the level of resistance…:slight_smile: Without the p*ssy hats, of course.


That is a damn good question, but one unfortunately, I cannot answer.