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Empire in Decline: When the Oligarchy Inherits the Wind


Empire in Decline: When the Oligarchy Inherits the Wind

John Atcheson

The unthinkable may well happen.

The US may elect as President a racist, xenophobic, narcissistic, con man with no knowledge of policy or governance.

As of now, Trump holds a slight lead over Clinton in the latest poll.


Mr. Atcheson seems finally willing to tell the 99% what he (being a plutocrat) has known all along.
Except that he's still pretending that he's unaware that Hillary will, without question, be the next president.

So what's up with Hillary's frequent and extended (some are 4+ minutes long) coughing fits.
Is Hillary a heavy smoker?
Or does she have some as yet publically undisclosed health issue? Is that why she spent the month of August resting?
Does her brand new, shiny airplane house a full-blown medical clinic on board?

(NOTE: According to some in the Democratic Party establishment because I raised the issue of Hilary's health I'm a "sexist.")


A few people have speculated that if someone like a Sanders or a Stein, that is someone unacceptably "left-wing", were to miraculously gain the WH, the elite, here called oligarchy, would resort to the Dallas solution of their JFK problem. That's not going to happen, but if it looks like Trump will or does win the election, perhaps it's not beyond all reason to speculate that he might be subject to that extreme "poll". If the military/intelligence/neocon complex decides that Trump is absolutely intolerable (IOW motive), do they not have the means? Obviously opportunity exists 24/7. Better watch your ass Donnyboy.


Two things:
1) Trump's assassination (not literal) by the oligarchy has been an ongoing process for months now. They want him nowhere near the oval office. Hillary will be the president.
2) The mob killed JFK using a team of Corsican hit men. The oligarchy sat by passively for this action.


.."...why Hillary’s emails showing favoritism to those donating to the Clinton Foundation.

Actually, there has been no proof of favoritism. If Atcheson knows of any proof he should spell it out. And what about Donald Trump's Foundation, and Colin Powell's. and the Bush family's. Why are we only hearing charges now about about favoritism involving a foundation when Hillary Clinton is running for president. Suddenly this is a big concern of Republicans? Give me a break.

The New York Times published some very interesting information today about what the Trump foundation may have been up to and if true it is not very nice.


With Tim Kaine in the co-pilot seat the oligarchs are not concerned about Clinton's health. Landing Clinton in the Oval Office will satisfy the oligarchs, and the media's and identity voters' need to get their historical coronation.


Your 1) doesn't contradict my post.
Your 2) is plain wrong. Did the mob pull JFK's protection back? Did the mob botch and forge the autopsy? Is the mob still withholding JFK-related information from the public citing "national security"? Did the mob substitute bullets that were in FBI custody? Were players like Clay Shaw and David Phillips mob or CIA (both knew Oswald)? Was the Mexico City frame-up done by the mob? (Did the mob instruct the Mexican security forces to arrest Sylvia Duran TWICE?) Has the ENTIRE American print and electronic media been protecting the mob since day-1? Did the mob infiltrate (New Orleans DA) Jim Garrison's investigation, steal his files, bug his offices, tap his phones and tamper with his witnesses? Did the mob refuse to extradite witnesses Garrison subpoened? Did the mob forge FBI witness statements (Julia Mercer)? Did the mob instruct the CIA to set up a special office in New Orleans to monitor Garrison's investigation? Was NBC protecting the mob when it sent a team to NO (with the express purpose of destroying Garrison) and then put on a so-called "White Paper" in prime time that was so defamatory and slanted that Garrison was granted 30 minutes to rebut it by the FCC? Did the mob influence Johnny Carson to relentlessly attack Garrison on his show? Lyndon Johnson could have started an all-out war on the mob if he believed they killed JFK. (After all, if they could kill one president they could kill another!) Why didn't he?

P.S. Did the mob arrange the motorcade route so that the limo would be forced to slow to between 5 and 11 mph in violation of all Secret Service protocols, giving shooters an easy target?

P.P.S. All this said, I think it's entirely possible that a Corsican hit man for hire could have been employed.


"The US may elect as President a racist, xenophobic, narcissistic, con man with no knowledge of policy or governance."

Let's stop the name calling and stick to the issues, shall we?


I'm thrilled that the polls have Trump slightly ahead. For two reasons: With a tight race (with the Donald, of all people) she can hardly take office believing she has a mandate, and because Trump voters will be angry enough and (probably) organized enough to make her life miserable when she does ascend the throne.

I totally agree with Imhotep that HRC will be inaugurated. Our election system is thick with fraud and is, probably deliberately, easily hacked. The PTB will assure her victory, one way or another.

I am optimistic that 'we the people' are so massively ticked off about the circus we've been inundated with over these past many months that massive uprisings will be inevitable as the system becomes even more rigged toward the 1%. I will be putting this old body on the front lines.


This piece of writing is the truth. The scene described is a train wreck in the making, which many people--including HUGE numbers of YOUNG people who care about the world of the future--saw coming and tried to avert but couldn't, thanks to the old guard oligarchs who so far have been determined to set up the wreck and then take the rest of the country/world right down the track with them.


None of your points of fact contradict my contention that the Mob killed Kennedy.
Was the Mob part of the cover up?
That's an entirely different question.
But the Mob did order the execution of Oswald because he was a US agent and knew too much which is part of the cover up.


The issue is that Trump IS all those things.


Do you know who John P. O'Neill was? He played a large part in 9-11.


The people that supported Sanders indicated that this would happen all along. They knew Clinton did not have the support that the mainstream media were claiming. The DNC worked to ensure the outcomes put their own chosen candidate ahead demonstrating they are much more interested in satisfying what the 1 percent and the Corporations wanted then what the people wanted.

Like a Basil in faulty towers, all of the lies told by Ms Clinton , built on other lies , become ever harder to keep from the people. No matter what people think of Sanders I think it important to realize he coalesced enough of a movement of peoples behind him that there a significant block of the same now more interested in the TRUTH than in maintaining the status quo and giving their blind support to a political party.

In the 1960s one of the phrases used was "it the establishment" and one of my teachers told me "Always question the official story and seek the answers for yourself". The people relearn that lesson and from that comes some amount of hope.


But we must keep her under 48% of the total vote.
Which is why voting for Stein is so important.




Although wild speculation is frowned upon, I have always thought Johnson was behind the assassination


His reason?


You need to riff on O'Neill some. He was an important cog in this Black Ops action.


Trump may be all those things, but how does he compare with Hillary on the issues of permanent war, electoral fraud, campaign reform, immigration, jobs, taxes, the environment, inequality and other issues that affect us directly.