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Empire of Madness: Tweeting While the World Burns


Empire of Madness: Tweeting While the World Burns

Tom Engelhardt

It’s January 2025, and within days of entering the Oval Office, a new president already faces his first full-scale crisis abroad. Twenty-four years after it began, the war on terror, from the Philippines to Nigeria, rages on. In 2024 alone, the U.S. launched repeated air strikes on 15 nations (or, in a number of cases, former nations), including the Philippines, Burma, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, the former Iraq, the former Syria, Kurdistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Mali, and Nigeria.


“Sometimes it’s hard to believe that my own country…”

  • Tom Englehardt

Realistically, Tom, it occurs to me that all of us who use this phrase have been kidding ourselves for a long time now.

Unless by some miracle, Mueller can rid the United States of Trump and his grisly horde - “Falling Skies” is here already.


Mr. Engelhardt, you say that the use of nukes in a local conflict is being considered for the first time since 1945. While nukes haven’t been used in warfare since that year, certainly you remember that they were seriously considered during the Korean War and there were some who advocated their use in Vietnam.


Whilst only the occasional thinker, through whatever aberration or propagandistic intoxication, may be convinced that man made climate is not a matter of concern, the rest of the deniers are destructive liars.

By default, we should dismiss deniers as liars or idiots, certainly not as someone worthy of leadership. When we treat them with respect on television, we send a false message, a harmful one.

Let’s expose and eradicate this fraud and the lowlifes that seek to benefit from it, and bring some sanity to government. For starters, when he is spouting nonsense, I’d prefer to reference him as Donald Trump, rather than President Trump – why tarnish the whole country?