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Emptying the Cages


Emptying the Cages

Jacy Reese

U.S. factory farms, where an estimated 99 percent of farmed animals are kept, are almost as inaccessible to the public as they are inescapable for the animals locked inside. When I started getting more involved in discussions about animal farming, I knew I had to see the inside of one of these facilities for myself. I finally got my opportunity with a rescue team from a California farmed animal sanctuary.


The only meat I buy is organic and grass fed. Animals, like humans should only eat what is part of their natural diets. Utah & Idaho have ties to big corporations that only care about company profits. I’ve watched shows on Netflix about how farm animals are mistreated to produce food, milk & eggs humans can consume.


So you eat meat that is organic and “grass fed”? Do you know you are using the language of agribusiness that depersonalizes or even de-animalizes the individual, sentient beings you are eating? You also use another set of farm-speak terms when you say “broilers,” “layers,” “livestock,” “cattle,” “steers,” “veal,” “swine,” “poultry,” “meat birds,” and the like. Putting these terms in quotation marks is one way of signaling that this particular cow, for example, is more than just a “grass fed” cow.

Farm-speak discourages empathy in people who are already emotionally detached from “livestock” – another term that is drained of subjectivity and feeling, as if the “grass fed” individuals amounted to nothing more than an anonymous collection of “stock.” And the fact is, most people, like yourself, will never relate to an animal called “grass fed meat.” Using farm-speak terms like “grass-fed beef,” “pasture-raised eggs” or “cage-free eggs,” and “pasture-raised chicken” is also illogical, since only a living, breathing animal can be raised, not body parts and corpses. There’s a big difference between saying “pasture-raised chicken” versus “pasture-raised CHICKENS, and a “chicken leg” is one thing, a CHICKEN’S LEG is another. That said—

–The small, traditional “family” farms are the source from which industrialized farming originated. In other words: Industrial farming a/k/a factory farming is the traditional “family farm” of old on super-steroids. Small farms also grow and expand. If we wonder where factory farming comes from – the mentality, the farm-speak and brutality of it – think “traditional” farming.


You are against traditional farms too & you would like animals to be kept out of farms. You must be a vegan or vegetarian. If you think all humans should be vegetarian, do you think carnivorous animals should become extinct so they can’t eat meat.


It seems that torturing animals would make them less healthy. I don’t eat meat because it seems weird to want to eat something that was tortured. I don’t eat fish anymore either, and I don’t eat corn because supposedly it’s all GMO, and it’s difficult;lt to evade corn!
What do the animal torturers and the food poisoners eat? Sadly, even water is suspect nowadays. Maybe we don’t have 12 years to fix things, as maybe we will all be dead from bad food and water. Sometimes the world is too depressing—but then ,this sad story of how creatures were treated, but then saved by caring humans is a hopeful sign. : )


It’s difficult to read this article – and feel immense gratitude to the rescuers of the animals
the industry is basically “finished with” – but in the end to realize that what I’m doing even
as a Vegan and contributor to organizations trying to save animals isn’t anywhere near enough.

Males and females reading this article have to understand the similarities between what the
human female and male female have been pushed to do in “populating the earth” for some “god.”

In the animal world, it’s not only chickens which are forced to breed over and again – and many
contraptions are created to hold female animals without normal exercise in interests of reproduction -
while males are thrown onto garbage heaps.

It is not “Evangelicals” behind the destruction of Roe – it is Elites/capitalism and their greed for
excess populations and cheap labor. Their very purpose is to "harvest slave labor all over the world."

Abuse of animals has long been connected to the eventual abuse of human beings –

If you believe in signs – this is a really big one which can’t be ignored.

We can’t sit around waiting for our state legislators to stop the evil of factory farming –

That means we can look at pushing them on a thousand or more issues – or we can work to
end what is truly a system of corporate-fascism by Elites controlling us all.

We can try to stop all cooperation with Elites/Capitalism – and there are many ways to do it.

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here’s the difference between us and carnivores. We, with our great big brains and ability to be vegetarians can figure out a proper diet. Lions and tigers and bears cannot. Hunting cultures of the past ate less meat and more plant based diets.

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I have cut down on meat. Chinese open markets receive their chicken and ducks are healthy and in good condition or no one will buy them. But supermarkets are moving in and capturing a bigger market.

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I am trying to cut down on meat. I am usually still hungry after eating salad. For now, I’m eating more seafood & less red meat & poultry.


My American doc told me not to eat anything from the ocean…