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Enabling Dems Targeted for Confirming Fossil Fuel-Friendly Zinke as Interior Secretary


Enabling Dems Targeted for Confirming Fossil Fuel-Friendly Zinke as Interior Secretary

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday voted to confirm Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.) to head the Department of the Interior.

The 68-31 vote included yeas from 16 Democrats and one Independent, Angus King of Maine.


Why would Democratic Senators Ron Wyden, Chris Murphy and Sherrod Brown vote for this anti-environment, non-steward of our public lands?
Is it just that they have gotten funding from fossil fuel interests in their states and nationally? (Have they?) Jeez--this is pitiful.


all these SOBs have children, DON'T THEY???
what the hell is going on??/
am I going to finally lose it, like they apparently have?

is this like Germany, where it seems most of those who had the means
to stop the madness, didn't have the guts to say
(I think I'm losing it)


i ONCE thought if Sherrod Brown ran for President, I would support him...

1) after backing Hillary Clinton, another very poor defender of the environment, and

    of course, other issues, (Brown that is )..., I was dumbfounded..

wrote him of my displeasure, of course, No Response at all,...
2) in recent days he seemed to show some resistance to Herr Trash Trump
so I thought, maybe I would reconfigure...

NO, obviously Sherrod Brown is a DemoRAT ...for sure...
I am through with any support of Brown and I will call him...
I will say I am an Ohio consituent...
and give an Ohio address...
they never bother to look anyone up...unless they get big $$$$ , obviously.


I thought Sherrod Brown was one of the most progressive members of the Senate.


I feel the same about him and Michael Bennet (Colo.). Very disappointing.


He is.


Zinke is possibly the best we are going to get in Trump's cabinet. An actual outdoors aficionado, who enjoys hunting and fishing, he's way better than the rest of the corporate stooges that are filling out Trump's cabinet. Is he my first or last choice? No. But in the sense he comes from a forested state and the outdoors is meaningful to him, I would rather have him in Interior than Trump's son, who wanted the position back in the summer. There are no good choices here, but as an outdoors person (avid backpacker/hiker) myself who read up on Zinke, I'll take him any day over what we'd likely get if he failed to get through.

Frankly, I have no doubt this is why Zinke got so many votes.


So, the "lesser of several evils" strategy wins and we and the natural world all lose, again.


And Tom Udall is no Stewart Udall!


Very likely true. Chris Hedges has also said that we need a non-violent revolution in this country. I find it very hard to believe that will ever happen. The process to "normalize" this piece of shit, Donald Trump, has already begun. Notice how the media called his teleprompter speech "presidential" (his off the cuff remarks have been anything but) and all the trained seals got up again and again to applaud this extreme narcissistic asshole.


Is he going to be the new international spokespearson for fracking? Vote Hillary vote Trump, just two balls from the same ballsack.


What can we expect when politicians are able to accept legal graft and revolving doors? That they will say no thanks and lose their cushy, celebrity jobs?

Online Direct Democratic Party


And neither is his colleague, Martin Heinrich, who also voted yea. I'm outraged!


Zinke would have been confirmed anyway without any Dem votes, so why do they do it?
As far as I'm concerned there is no reason for any Dem to vote for any of Trump's
cabinet nominees. It's the principal of the thing. At least it's a way to go on record as expressing "no confidence".


Can the 'Herr' stuff in connection with this sleazebag. He was born and "educated" (such as it is) in the US of A. Do not try to sully any other nation with this entirely US generated piece of filth.


As in Gandhian total non cooperation? Good idea.


On social issues perhaps. But apparently not on environmental issues, or more broadly not progressive in voting for corporate governance to direct this agency.


The power center of the Democratic Party is still aligned with corporate power, and will become even more so with Trump and Republicans clearing the way for that power center to move even further to the right.

The stealth of juxtaposing their furthering of corporate governance to the full frontal attack of Republicans empowered by a fascist Administration.

Think the power center of the Democratic party is against this corporate coup end game that Ryan/Trump represent? Think again. They could not be happier. They can just smell the money.


John never plugs corporate power, or the extreme measurements of historic inequality due to the rise of corporate governance into his equations.