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"Enabling President's Unhinged, Unstable, and Deranged Acts": GOP Blocks Measure Urging Pence to Invoke 25th Amendment

The D’s Three C’s: Complicit. Culpable. Complacent.

Well yes, there may be problems with understanding motives and events, but it must be faced in its entirety.

Once again Democrats show they are incapable of understanding what the Republican Party has become. They keep pretending Rs will suddenly become reasonable and rational after years of evidence they aren’t. Instead the Ds gladly fund trump’s military and surveillance budget requests as though they will be used responsibly in this disastrous administration. Cornel West called Joe Biden “Peter Pan” on Chauncey DeVega’s podcast yesterday and the word “TRUTH!” burst out of my mouth upon hearing it.

“Pelosi just wasted another day”

When are people here going to get it? She didn’t waste a day. She stalled for a day.

Democrats understand perfectly. The oligarchic corporate or gray Democrats are complicit and have no problem with any of the things they’ve voted for, and the progressives are too few and too ignored/ridiculed/scapegoated to have the power to stop it yet. It’s the public and people in places like CD and Grist who don’t ever seem to understand the complete psychopathy of the Republicans OR the complicity of the gray Democrats. I’ve been saying it for years with a few allies here and have been excoriated for it (even worse on Grist) by enemies and allies alike. Finally more people are starting to get it, although, astoundingly, some still don’t.

Here’s one who does: Jonathan Rich,
The Bipartisan Neoliberal Regime Is No Alternative to Trumpism and the Far-Right

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You’re most likely right. This is why I responded so physically to the Peter Pan comparison. DELIBERATE refusal to grow up and see the reality because the professional-managerial neoliberal class will do whatever it takes to save themselves. They care nothing for us.

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