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Enacting Sanders Agenda Would Catapult US Economy to New Levels of Prosperity


Enacting Sanders Agenda Would Catapult US Economy to New Levels of Prosperity

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With so many bold proposals, what might a Bernie Sanders presidency do to the national economy?

It turns out, great things.

In fact, according to the economist who performed the first independent, comprehensive analysis of the candidate's economic agenda, a Sanders win could usher in a modern-day "New Deal," under which Americans would see incomes rise, job markets grow, and an overall budget surplus by his second term.


Professor Gerald Friedman member of the Democratic Socialists of America principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International just did an independent analysis.


The truth is that "trickle up" economics works. The rich are so greedy and ignorant that they are actually cutting their own throats. Just look at how many Walmart's are being closed.


The study draws the logical conclusion., if the 99% get more wealth, they spend it, if the top gets more, they already have more than they can spend anyway. Good.


I googled him and did not see anything related to him and the Democratic Socialist of America. Please cite your source?


It is simple socio-economics 101: If you hand Trump a dollar, he just adds it to his hoard. It will not alter his spending habits one iota. Same thing, if you hand him a thousand or a million bucks.

But give a poor man with urgent needs a dollar, he will immediately carry it to the baker, who will carry it to the butcher, who will carry it to the cobbler... . That is how economic activity is created.


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Here's the first thing that comes up on my google search:


here's the second one:


Here's another one (see page 5)



Good for him, not biased by affiliation with a corporate think-tank or a corporation.


Don't you mean "Greed has TRUMPed common sense and the common good?" ; )




Of course Bernie's proposals spread the wealth around; that is why Establishment hacks & benefactees are flighting so hard-dirty,sleazy attacks. They do not want to share the weath. Hillary is one of them, a sociopath that cannot get enough, hoard enough, own enough. My God, each of us has the same 24/7 why do these greedy NEED so much?


Well, it looks like I am in good company and thanks for the cite.


So what. Do you have an analysis at hand you can show us that either confirms what the professor concluded or doesn't? I don't care what groups he is a member of, it is irrelevant as to the merits of the study or any study. All such studies fail or succeed on their merits.


It is nothing more or less than Childish one-up-man-ship. "Last year you were ahead of me of the Forbes List of 500, - now I am ahead of you - nana na nana!" So this greed caused a few millions more kids to go hungry, - My glee is wotrh more to ME!


Every generation, every 80 years or so with our modern lifespans, has a corruption and a Great Depression. In the bitterness of our tortured austerity sitting right next door to vast amounts of someone else's wealth, we see, just as our grandparents saw, that our civilization can easily produce enough food and enough housing for everyone. The eternal question is how to cut out the corruption.

Someone said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others. Democracy itself was an experiment in 1776. It kind of flopped until Congress rewrote the Constitution, and the country kept tinkering with the system. Therefore, please keep inventing new social prototypes and keep testing them on modest scales until they work.

I call for the reinvention of our decision-making system. I specifically disavow laissez-faire capitalism, a French word that means "you've just been poisoned".

For starters, we know that we need community values guiding all of our businesses, and so perhaps we need to weight everyone's retirement plan based on whether they were, in retrospect, good for their small community or whether they did nothing but cause trouble for the other citizens all the time.


Nonsense. More rainbows and unicorns. We're stuck with reality. In real life, not everyone can work, and there aren't jobs for all. The US shut down/shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s, leaving a chunk of the population with no means of providing for themselves. As long as we refuse to legitimately address poverty, putting the rungs back on the ladder out of poverty, nothing will change.

The last I heard, there are seven jobs for every ten people struggling to find one. Every wonder what happens to those who are left out? The rent comes due. Once you no longer have a home address, phone, bus fare -- you're just out. You can't get a job. Our own 20th Century history shows why it's impossible to save -- much less, to rebuild!-- the middle class without shoring up the poor, putting the rungs back on the proverbial ladder out of poverty. That's not going to happen.

The best case scenario is that Sanders will be elected, and the US will "stay the course," maintaining our slow downhill slide.


My knowledge of macroeconomics is limited at best but i am looking at it this way:

Median income will increase by 20%, free healthcare, free college, and maybe other free stuff. People's disposable income is gonna go up a lot. Economy will grow red hot at 5% annually. All that extra income people will use to purchase goods, services, etc. Corporate profit and stocks would go thru the roof. And yet... not one of them Washington lobbyists or CEO or whatever are pushing for this. Maybe i am missing something?


A change of generations is considered to happen every 30 years or so. Eras of change of less easy to predict. This isn't the first time that the richest few essentially took power over the country, to everyone's harm (Great Depression, etc.). Each time in the past, the "masses" ultimately united to successfully push back, to everyone's (and the nation's) benefit -- the poor and middle class, workers and the jobless. What's different this time is that years of work went into first successfully dividing the masses to prevent a united push-back -- middle class vs the poor, workers vs. the jobless. Divide and conquer.

I like your interpretation of laissez faire capitalism. What it means is that government steps back (heavy-duty deregulation) from oversight of business/the economic system, so the system itself becomes a "survival of the fittest" battle. Might makes right. Winner takes all.


What is Sen. Sanders' plan for addressing our poverty crisis? He used to speak out powerfully about poverty and the need for legitimate poverty relief programs. That doesn't sell to today's campaign donors, so I haven't heard Sanders say anything about it. I assume he would maintain the current "trickle down economics" agenda as our sole response to poverty, but again, I haven't heard him say. Either way, we remain stuck with the fact that not everyone is able to work (health, etc.) and that there simply aren't jobs for all. The number of homeless continues to accumulate, as much as we ignore this crisis (can't get a job once you no longer have a home address, phone, bus fare).