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Enbridge Spreads Tentacles to Acquire Spectra, Creating 'Pipeline Enemy #1'


Enbridge Spreads Tentacles to Acquire Spectra, Creating 'Pipeline Enemy #1'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Two pipeline corporations have announced plans to merge, raising the hackles of climate activists who say the deal "would be bad news for energy consumers and terrible news for the clean energy revolution on which the future of our planet depends."


Where is our federal government to stop these monopolistic mergers?
With all of our politicians having been bought and paid for by the fossil fuel industry there is nobody left in Washington to represent "we the people."


Haven't the banks "acquired" most of those graduating in debt from college and put them into bondage?


As a practical matter, we are helpless before rogue corporations.
We created the corporation out of thin air.
They are operated by humans whose existence is as much a mystery as mine and yours.


Where is our federal government...? Same place they were last week, F_ _ king us.


Bow before Baal, Moloch, Mammon!


If they own the debt then they own the debtor. Legally.


Enbridge + Spectra = Specter of new Enron


Well, at least they're simplifying the task of selecting a target...


Part of the looming climate change disaster since...
Profits before humanity.


Nor Canada.