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Encyption is the Key to Privacy Rights, Says New Open Letter



As Guardian columnist and Freedom of the Press co-founder Trevor Timm explained at the time, "Despite the huge security benefits to encryption and the fact that it has not played a significant role in any of the recent terrorist attacks, the FBI has been on a warpath to get tech companies to stop using end-to-end encryption in some of their communications tools, essentially asking tech giants to give the government a ‘backdoor’ to make sure there is not any communication platform that they cannot spy on."

The "security" establishment is under indirect command of the oligarchy whose greatest fear is democracy. Encryption gives us the unique opportunity to achieve democracy, direct and decentralized using encrypted voting. It is very likely to fight tooth and nail to maintain its plutocracy using every financial, criminal and despotic means at its disposal to defeat the secure online democracy encryption would allow.


Edward Snowden say's "Surveillance is not about Security or Safety is about power and its about control" I agree!


The next election in 2016 will determine if we have a real democracy or a false democracy that is fascist in nature and our rights will diminish under a tyrannical police state..If The GOP get in power we as a country will be no better than Russia...One party rule by the GOP will destroy everything we have gained in the last 50 yrs...The GOP does not believe in a true democracy with freedoms for all...Theirs is a rule by decree...Do as I say doctrine...we know whats good for you ..you dont..They will conjure up all these so called enemies of the state and that we need new laws to protect us..Of course religious theology will be used...Evil posing as good.