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End of an Empire? A View of Clinton's Loss and Trump's Triumph from Haiti


End of an Empire? A View of Clinton's Loss and Trump's Triumph from Haiti

Mark Schuller

Last week, at Northern Illinois University where I teach, there was a discussion aimed at addressing the issue of safety for our most vulnerable students: people of color, especially Black students and undocumented students (who, at NIU, mostly come from Mexico), as well as women and LGBTQI individuals.

Why now?


Nice piece. However, I question your assumption that where we go next is up to us.

It seems to me that Americans' pridefulness is part of our trouble. We can't imagine there could be any forces greater than us. We can't imagine that there's any problem we can't solve.

This lack of humility inhibits our ability to learn. From history, or from the present day experiences of others.

Perhaps it would be more beneficial for us to stay with the radical uncertainty of this moment, rather than being too quick to think we already know how to improve it...

What? Don't do anything, just sit there? Could be a healthful change from our national habit....


Whether this is the end of empire, and whether there are alternatives, is up for we the people to decide.

Also my take. Where we the people go and where either Trump goes or Clinton would have gone are, at best, only loosely related and that's been the problem for many, many years, now. A government of the 1%, by the 1% and for the 1% doesn't leave the rest of us many political alternatives. We'll need to seek other ways to resist.


"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" and there will be No "End of the Empire" until 3% of Americans WakeTF-up and fire a; loud, public, sustained (but non-violent) "Shout heard round the world" in the streets by calling it an Empire, and thus igniting the essential Second American Political Revolution against EMPIRE --- 240 years after the First (and only successful) American Revolution against EMPIRE (the British merely visible type of wannabe semi-global Empire).