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End 'Operation Streamline': How One Human Rights Disaster is Driving Several More


End 'Operation Streamline': How One Human Rights Disaster is Driving Several More

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The 10-year-old, controversial "Operation Streamline," through which immigrants who cross the border are targeted for criminal prosecution, is wasting taxpayer dollars, tearing apart families, and driving mass incarceration, according to a new report.


There is no overarching thing called "The Law," a verbal construct which pretends to refer to the sum total of all laws and is spoken of as a great and noble godlike thing on high that implies that the violation of anything that can be interpreted as any single law is actually "breaking The Law" with the implication that, as a "lawbreaker" any punishment those who claim to have authority wish to inflict is "rightful and due".

The people, especially those likely to come to the attention of those who interpret the laws and are authorized (by written "black letter" laws) to violently enforce them, would be well served by learning about the concept of "The Law." When told they were "breaking The Law" could reply that, no, they were disobeying a specific law as it is currently being interpreted. Of course, this could cause those supplied with the weapons used to compel compliance with the "The Law" to believe they are sanctioned "by The Law" which they claim you are in violation of to use "force up to and including" lethal force on you for your disobedience, civil or otherwise.

But then you can then knowledgeably take your "duly authorized enforcement consequences" knowing for a fact that, as Charles Dickens wrote in Oliver Twist, "The law is an ass."