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End the Corporate-Sponsored Presidential Debates

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/05/end-corporate-sponsored-presidential-debates


Good points but unless we end corporate-sponsored government and the rule of 2 corporate sponsored '“parties,” the debates will not change nor will the quality of the officially sanctioned candidates.


Don’t watch the debates. It is a waste of your time.

Wrt the doupoly and the value of your vote, based on the responsiveness of representatives to the wishes of the populous, it is now also clear that this is a waste of your time. Merely theater. They do not represent your interests.

I’m starting to think the fastest route to change would be to create a political party of all those who do not vote - who would instead pledge not to vote, making our election illegitimate, until a platform of certain issues is fulfilled.

How would the grand “show” of democracy look if 80% of the people refused to play the rigged game? Already 50% do not vote.

Would they even bring up the issue in the useless rigged debates? I think not.


Gotta love it
Just like the Federal Reserve - most people believe and become snied scorners if you try to point out that … nope …its not

Wonder what kabuki politics in a failed state looks like


These “debates” are as theatric as the political process itself. Take the seriously to your own peril.


Thanks for this article. The so-called presidential debates are one more way the ruling class limits true debate and discussion to topics that don’t challenge their power. Here in the US it’s impressive that the “consumer society” with its multitude of buying choices (50 brands of potato chips, 75 brands of beer, 100 varieties of cars…) effectively limits our “choices” on the direction of our country to 2 corporate party brands. As the article points out, on some issues, like America’s belligerent and imperialist foreign policy and giving primacy to the MIC, there is no choice. Both the Green and Libertarian parties think differently but only a tiny fraction of Americans ever hear what they have to say.

BTW – The article could have pointed out just how far from non-partisan the debates are: one of the co-chairs is Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr., former chairman of the Republican National Committee. His former co-chair was Paul G. Kirk, Jr., once chairman of the Democratic National Committee. These so-called debates are part of the ruling class mythology that presents the US as a healthy democracy.


The CPD is doing exactly what it was designed to do. It was designed to keep alternative voices silent. The debates are a complete farce. There will never be questions of substance that address any issues of concern. The supposed “Town Halls” are as restricted as the moderator questions.

There is no logical or reasonable argument for anyone to waste their time watching.


Like usual, how can it be a national presidential debate when we don’t get to hear from every name on the ballot?

After 16 years of no public presidential debates, the League of Women Voters Education Fund sponsored the debates beginning with the Carter/Ford debate in 1976. Those debates were well run with straightforward rules, and no overtones of corporate influence. They still hold well run debates between candidates but withdrew from the presidential debates years ago after the DNC and GOP began trying to dictate nearly every aspect of the debates