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End the Greedy Silence – Enough Already!


End the Greedy Silence – Enough Already!

Ralph Nader

It is time Americans rise up against the corruption, inefficiency, and cruelty of our healthcare system and tell its corporate captors and Congress – Enough Already!

For decades other countries have guaranteed universal health insurance for all their people, at lower costs and better outcomes (President Truman proposed it 72 years ago in the US). When are we going to break out of this taxpayer-subsidized prison built by the giant insurance companies, drug goliaths and monopolizing hospital chains?


Yes Ralph, one thousand times----- yes!

With that said, I believe many people are mentally/physically exhausted and sick without access to affordable health care making it difficult to "rise up". There are so many problems today it is overwhelming as never before----- along with the biggest problem which is AGW and decimation of earth's life support, miraculous, beautiful ecosystems. I believe it is going to get more difficult for people to take action when so many are beaten down by so many factors.

The toxicity of the planet and the ratcheting up of weather chaos is not exactly energizing.

More and more people are suffering PTSD due to all these issues above----I believe some people aren't even aware they are living with with PTSD. The violent/extreme weather that occurred last summer that wiped out the woods in N. Wisconsin where my family lives was devastating. Invasive species are choking the lakes/rivers/forests and fields. There is a term that describes the feeling that many may have but don't even know it: solastalgia http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20151030-have-you-ever-felt-solastalgia

I am at a loss as to where/how to direct what energy I have left.
Have tried it all: activism at local level, politics at local level and more and watched in horror as we reach ecological tipping points that will bring down capitalism once and for all. Unless there is a miracle of a critical mass coming together with compassion and wisdom, all of this will be out of human's hands in short order.


Ecological tipping points will bring down more than just Capitalism but the entirety of electromechanical civilization bringing on a huge die off and pushing the survivors back into preindustrial survivalism.

But until that happens, Single Payor Health Care could make the time we have left a lot easier.


Universal health insurance, single payer, medicare for all and what other name is used? Can't we settle with one and not confuse the issue. I guess their is a little differences in each but the devil is in the details.

The public is confused.


Yes Ralph, the US health care system was designed in Hell, but even more atrocious is the number of people killed and maimed in the idiotic wars the US insists on precipitating.

The preeminence if the USA abides in one field only - the ability to terrorize weak, non-compliant nations with warfare.

Diplomatically, politically, socially and economically the US is losing ground.

When it is finally defeated (or is radically changed for the better from within), the dawn of a new era will probably arise where all international activities are conducted with sanity, logic and compassion, and the lunacy of warfare becomes a thing of the past.

World socialism, when finally established, will convert Planet Earth into a pleasant place to live for all - if the US doesn't destroy it first.


To paraphrase Harry Truman's saying, "Give 'em hell, Ralph!" Nader is very good at cutting through all the B.S., smoke, and mirrors which have been used to justify our insanely larcenous "health care system". Free market, indeed! What a joke! It isn't funny, however, when one considers all of the needless suffering and dying, and the social costs of wasted human potential. We must decide, and soon, which is more important, people or excessive profit. We have been scammed and brainwashed for too long! We must stop believing all all the arguments as to why it can't work here.
We've been duped long enough!


Cogent article by Ralph. I have nothing to add except: WHEN WILL THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS RISE UP AND FINALLY SAY....ENOUGH!


I read of a study that made it clear that using "Improved Medicare For All" gets much more recognition and support than simply saying, Single Payer Healthcare. But it is important to educate everyone on what Single Payer means too because, in essence, it means ONE payer of all medical bills for everybody and what we have now is a multi-payer system with thousands of smaller pools to draw from and, on top of that, these insures make profits by denying care and all the extras such as co-pays, premiums, deductibles.

Improved Medicare For All is a Single-Payer system of paying all medical bills as in publicly financed but privately delivered care.

Here in Vermont the PNHP and the League of Women Voters are sponsoring a state-wide effort to reach and educate as many people with the support of librarians and activists. You can do the same or more in your state.

Good Luck!!


Thanx, Ralph. What I find astonishing is that the military can get funds to torch the planet every year and healthcare costs too much and taxes need to reduced to the 1%er's. There's something seriously wrong when it;s better to kill millions than to save millions using the same funds. There even isn't a discussion about how wrong this sounds, none!! Congress used to haggle about military budgets; now they just green light any project they see come across their desks. Spend a trillion updating a nuclear arsenal a $trillion, fine; not realizing that to use any portion of the new improved arsenal will extinguish life for a million years or so. Or how about a $trillion for an F-35 jet that barely flies, why not? How about $350 million building an obsolete MOAB before it's even deployed,(they can only be deployed by a cargo plane and will be shot down way before reaching target) sure why not? Oh and give another tax break to the 1%er's and invest in Ratheon. the makers of the $1.87 million each cruise missile that only has a 40% hit probability at the target. I could go on, but why? It's all so pointless; unless of course you're one of the 1%er's and have lot's of Ratheon stock in your portfolio.


Caroline: Your post describes a condition you nailed real well. Another way of saying that we seem to be in a collective malaise much worse than that of the Carter years. You best believe that there was a lesson being learned when the muckrakers rebelled back around the 1890s which eventually paved the way for strong unions in labor. But, evidently, we did not pass the test this time around as Occupy and Fight for Fifteen were just drops in the bucket. I for one am surprised we haven't had a full-blown revolution in this country by now. I do feel that the one thing today's society wouldn't put up with would be a fallout similar or perhaps even worse than the 1930s Great Depression. That may be what it might take for the bulk of the world to wake up and realize we have been had.


Are you sensing a collapse similar to that of the Roman Empire which ushered in a period commonly known as the Dark Ages?


Just to think that it has now been a full century since we fought what was supposed to have been the war to end all wars. The famous Scrooge line is in order here: Bah Humbug!


Can't help but wonder what the surviving members of the rock band The Who are thinking concerning that one of their classic songs contained the line "We won't get fooled again". Very obvious that we have been fooled many times in the half century since that song was on the charts.


At least we don't have concentration camps. Not yet at least.


Yes, think it's highly likely.


The most sordid thing about the AHCA was that the House passed AFTER the first CBO warning! These 217 "Solons of Budgeting" (SOB's) Grim Reapers had resolved themselves into a death panel and threaten to lacerate our body politic. And if the Senate wrote new words but appropriated enough money to reduce the cuts by 50%, they'd still be devastating.

There CAN be enough money for both tax cuts and health care for America’s poor. Congress can again create “United States Notes” (legal tender) without taxation. It can spend them as needed, carefully, without more national debt or great inflation. Tell your Senators to BURY Ryancare and Trump’s budget and create money to fund both cuts and care.


Addition: and use the greenbacks for large scale direct federal employment for retro-technological (really shovel - ready infrastructure projects.)


How lucky for these companies that virtually all of their practices are legal.
Might could be because they donate so much to politicians.
How 'bout people who want to run for office do not have to raise obscene amounts of money?


I have used medical cannabis to treat everything from cancer (skin & throat) to viral infections (inverted plantar warts). but..it is very expensive. ($50 per gram in hawaii to 20 per gram in california)
But its not tax deductable!!! the gov't says I owe them twenty one thousand dollars because I treated myself with Hash oil instead of having the cancers treated medically( "they wanted to cut off my nose..then leave it open for 2 to 3 months to "clear the CA from cartilage)
On top of the taxes, many medical doctors sent me certified letters that they would never treat me again because I "didn't follow their medical protocol .Though I see those letters as a badge of honor!


Me too Brian----can't figure that out (no full blown revolution in the face of u.s. morphing into oligarchy) but you might be correct about a great depression type scenario that would serve as an impetus. Or severance of medicare/medicaid? Or SS?

You could go to Morris Berman's site and he would give you his take on the trajectory of the u.s. !