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End the Wars to Halt the Refugee Crisis


End the Wars to Halt the Refugee Crisis

Ramzy Baroud

Europe is facing the most significant refugee crisis since World War II. All attempts at resolving the issue have failed, mostly because they have ignored the root causes of the problem.

On June 11, Italy’s new Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, blocked the Aquarius rescue ship, carrying 629 refugees and economic migrants, from docking at its ports.


This an excellent article. Seeing the source of The Problem, for a change.

Check and correct your lead sentence. i.e. would NOT exist in the first place.

RE: Without military interventions, economic exploitation and political meddling, a refugee crisis - at least one of this magnitude - would exist in the first place.


About time someone stated the obvious.

Wake up Europe.

Trump derides Germany for its immigration policy. This coming from a man in charge of the country which caused the problem in the first place by bombing the hell out of the MidEast and Africa.

Only in America.


Not to excuse Europe since they joined in the campaign to destroy the MidEast, Libya, etc.


During the 2016 campaign Trump railed on the “$5 Trillion wasted on failed middle eastern wars.” He called NATO “a protection racket.”

Over the course of his disastrous presidency, he seems to have “grown into” The Office, now completely at home demanding other nations pay for their protection, or else. And criminalizing political refugees at the Texas border, in direct violation of international law. Criminalizing and caging them and separating children from parents. What next from these creeps?

What will come of the “climate refugees” in the future? What happened to the tens of thousands of climate refugees who were swallowed up in the Syrian war?

Will wars of aggression provide the necessary cover for the “removal” of climate refugees in the future?


Yet another purist who claims that lives outside the U.S. actually matter as much as ours and it is relevant to look at sources of problems. Sheesh…more pieces like this and I’m going to have to add another beer to my day to fuggitaboutit.


End the Wars to end the refugee crisis in Europe, more than in America.

End the Drug Wars to end the refugee crisis in America.


I’m sorry, but this is NOT an excellent article. While I’m glad to see someone other than the US get blamed for something, I’d like a little evidence rather than proof by blatant assertion. The only evidence provided to buttress the argument that the EU is in any way responsible for the migrant problem is an allusion to the NATO strike on Libya that finally toppled the cruel regime of Khadaffi. I’m still not clear on why the EU is to blame for the problem in Syria.

I do agree with the article, however, in that we are overlooking the most important aspect of this crisis. Why are people driven to leave their homeland? Let’s fix that problem for them, and they can stay at home.


Very good TomJ1.


DerekMaddox says “I’m still not clear on why the EU is to blame for the problem in Syria”

Easy Since the EU summit in Portugal in 04? membership of the Eu has automatically meant membership of the US Foreign legion aka NATO and this outfit was dead centre of the regime change in Libya and its members also actively support illegal actions in Syria. (ie occupations and funding of recognised terrorist groups) So yes they ARE to blame.

It will only be when Europe declares independence from the Empire that it will be able to avoid blame. I see no sign of it despite the endless humiliations foisted on them by the Washington Regime. For all their pathetic protests they cant seem to be able to wean themselves off Uncle Sam. Signs of an entrenched colony status.


Hey, insight!

Maybe we will see some NATO members pull back from rubberstamping everything the US plots.


Been saying this for years, but few listen and fewer act.


It’s all too obvious the wars are intended to fuel the refugee crisis. The US, in its frantic scramble to establish full spectrum dominance, needs to weaken potential rivals. The EU with its viable currency is a potential major rival. Instigating and supporting wars in the Middle East and Libya has created a refugee crisis which threatens to fragment to EU and so remove it as a rival to the US.


I agree, though you mentioned a major flaw in European sovereignty when you mentioned NATO. That organisation is the framework of European subordination to American ambition and aggression. With EU countries locked into it, they are constantly driven to act against their own best interests in pursuit of America’s best interest. It’s no coincidence that the most anti EU, pro NATO European country, Britain, has been the most disruptive and the most vocal in pursuing interests favoured by the US.


and climate change. That is a big cause.