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'End This Charade': Top Dems Call for Ryan to #RemoveNunes as #ReleaseTheMemo Mayhem Grips DC


'End This Charade': Top Dems Call for Ryan to #RemoveNunes as #ReleaseTheMemo Mayhem Grips DC

Jon Queally, staff writer

As evidence grows that the White House will ignore objections from the FBI regarding the release of a controversial "cherry-picked" memo—currently sucking up nearly all the political oxygen in Washington, D.C.—top Democratic leaders on Thursday called for the immediate ouster of House Intelligence Chairman Rep.


Another attempt to stop the investigation


Am I the only one who feels queasy at having to depend on Schumer, Pelosi and the FBI to save the Union?


Perfect time for a false flag event…things couldn’t feel worse than they do now at High-Noon. Just where the Hell is Gary Cooper?


Me thinks the Democrats have something to hide. Like the misuse of power, FBI resources etc. If there is no there, there, then why all the angst about a memo that if untrue, should be demonstrably so?


Herr Trump should have been indicted and disqualified, when he publicly invited Russia to hack Killary. All downhill from there. Donald is a first class douche bag. Certainly not fit for the presidency.


Queally has always seemed to me like a good journalist. I don’t understand why he’s carrying water for the corrupt Dems. Let’s see the bloody memo, for chrissakes, and let the chips fall where they may. If it destroys the Dems, maybe a new, true left party can emerge from the ruins.


Washington DC has finally and completely gone off the deep end into the abyss of insanity.


Some claim the memo was materially altered by Nunes. If so, then making changes to implicate something that never happened would scare the hell out of the party it is against. In this day and age, all things fake are taken for reality in the USA. There is no longer any semblance of truth to be found, and when rarely is, it is then discredited. The USA has finally lost its collective mind.


Gee Nunes, ready to fall on that Obstruction Sword for ol Nero

I’m sure he would do the same for you

I’m with Tapper on this one.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these politicians were as determined so solve the big problems facing the country as they are this? Let’s take away the Russia stuff from the establishment Democrats. What’s left at this point? Platitudes, corruption, and fifth rate defense.

I have no clue how this will turn out, cause most of them are serial liars, but whatever politicians go down, they’ll get a nice lobbying job, or work at some broke ass think tank. Most of what they do now is just theater.


The premiss of this argument would seem to be that Nunes represents a position with overwhelming media support.
In fact the contrary is the case. Most of the media has been dismissing the importance and authenticity of this memo from the first. Once it is released (if it is) all the biggest media outlets will be committed to trivialising it and suppressing its implications.
The memo should be made public. the media should then encourage a sensible and useful discussion of its contents and their constitutional implications. I’m not holding my breath.


I’m no fan of Tapper; but, his suggestion is most appropriate:

The full-transparency argument would be, it seems:

          release the Nunes memo;
           release the Schiff memo;
   release the underlying intelligence;
release the FISA warrant applications and renewals.

None of the underlying intelligence can be of any higher classification than the Pentagon Papers. We, the public, should have the opportunity to come to our own decisions regarding this matter. We do not need Congress to “protect” us.


Here’s an interesting article that contains the minutes of the House Intelligence Committee’s contentious meeting held on Monday January 29, 2018:

Explosive FISA Memo set to be released on Thursday – Feb 1, 2018 – Alex Christoforou – TheDuran


i think Nunes has reasons of his own to block the investigation. He’s not doing all this out of love for Trump.


How about the release of Trumps tax returns for transparency sake.


For someone who supposedly “recused” himself, Nuñes is sure taking the lead.  What part of “recuse” does he not understand??

If The Lying Son-of-a-Bush can save us from Sadam Hussein and Krooked Hilliary can save us from Muammar Khadafi (aka Gaddafi), surely Schumer & Pelosi can save us from Vladimir Putin, can’t they?

Gary Cooper, Hell!   Where is trust-bustin’ Teddy Roosevelt now that we REALLY need him??


Okay, BW…for once, try staying on the sublject. Let’s see you explain this one:

  1. We know from the Peter Strzok / Lisa Page e-mails that then FBI Director Comey, with the blessing of Attorney General Lynch, made the decision, in the spring of 2016, well before Comey’s statement on July 2nd, not to prosecute Hillary.

  2. Starting at time 1:46 minutes, in the video, below, of Comey testifying before Congress, we see and hear Comey barefacedly lying to Rep Ratcliffe, stating that he made the decision not to recommend criminal charges related to the alleged mishandling of classified information after interviewing Hillary Clinton on July 2nd.

Explain to me why Comey shouldn’t be prosecuted for lying to Congress.

Congressman Ratcliffe Knows James Comey is Lying And DESTROYS Him for INSULTING His Intelligence – YouTube

This is the sort of criminal wrongdoing, on the part of the CIA, FBI, DOJ, and DNC that the #ReleeaseTheMemo memo addresses.


And, I should have included the Obama administration along with the CIA, FBI, DOJ, and DNC.

Looks like the memo goes live tomorrow morning:

Trump to Release Memo Friday Morning Without Redactions – Feb 1, 2018 – Elizabeth Lea Vos – ZeroHedge


Okay, Callme,

  1. We know nothing of the sort.
  2. Ratcliffe? Texas Tea partier, Dubya appointed immigrant hunting, anti terrorism thug?

You’re really on the job, aren’t you? And above you cite TheDuran and Gatewaypundit as your sources. How can anyone argue with you?