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End US Complicity in Yemen's Humanitarian Disaster

End US Complicity in Yemen's Humanitarian Disaster

Elizabeth Warren, Ro Khanna

In August, the world watched in horror as a Saudi-led coalition airstrike in Yemen claimed the lives of 40 innocent children. The boys, many under the age of 10, were killed when their school bus was bombed during a class trip. The weapon used in that deadly bombing was made in America.

Was Warren this vocal when Obama was supplying the Saudi’s with a ton of weaponry? Or is this the “I hate Trump, so now I am against this war?”

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It is very possible it is just that it took her a while to truly grow into her new role as Senator. So focused was she on domestic economic matters that (even not so) nuanced international matters were outside of her comfort level. Perhaps she grew weary of waiting for her colleagues with more foreign affairs gravitas to intercede. I am going to cut her some more slack for now.


Yes. Commondreamers will always find a way to throw shit and negativity on every promising position a politician takes…

Who is “sufficiently left” for you? Ted Kazinski? Jim (or Alex) Jones?

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Try Paul Street, Chris Hedges and Mike Whitney, just to name a few. People who are true Progressives on the side of justice for all regardless of party; and who aren’t afraid to call out the hypocrisy of liberal Democrats.

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See my response below.

I don’t know who Mike Whitney is and though I enjoy reading the other two authors (sometimes I agree, sometimes not), there is no way in hell either of them is getting elected Senator in their lifetime (if they wanted to run, which I’m sure they don’t). As far as Senators go, Warren has her successes and her issues (her rhetoric on Iran and Israel is not my favorite), but I applaud anyone who will take a stance on Yemen now. Sure this mess should have never happened under Obama either, but we need momentum now. Khanna is on an uphill battle but he could get there. We might even get some Republicans besides Mike Lee.

Oh, I’ll take what I can get too to stop the bloodshed anywhere. One of the benefits of Trump in the WH. The hatred of him may stop this war. If Hillary were in, this article probably wouldn’t be written by Warren.

If Warren publicly comes out and condemns Israel’s killing of innocent protesters then I may even consider her for my vote for President (if she runs). But we both know that will never happen.


Good thing you elected Trump, eh? I’m sure Warren will be heartbroken.

Elizabeth Warren was one of the war hawk, corporate Dems who voted in favor of the military spending bill, giving Trump more money than he asked for!! To where did she think the money was going?? She’s one of a majority of elected officials who do not wholeheartedly represent the people - she represents corporate interests and those like her contributed to the rise of Trump.

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All CDers includes who?

Not I BW. That blame rests solely with the Democrats…